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Last Update: May 03, 2018

I've just been reading a couple blogs here at WA, and I've been inspired to write this one. I want to say thank you to some of the major players here of WA, which are Eddy with Y, Nathaniell, IveTriedThat, Pribs, Kyle, Carson and I may have forgotten a couple.

But the main idea is that these guys have inspired me to continue my WA affiliate bootcamp website time and time again. At times when these are stagnant or at a plateau it can be discouraging. I hear these guys talked about a lot the community here and they are right. The community needs us. It is a great feeling to help each other.

The reason why I made this blog title as so is, I have 10 minutes before my wife gets home to write this out. And I'm kind of cheating right now because I'm using the voice typing tool on Google Docs to write it. But all is the same. Anyhow I wanted to inform and encourage everyone by speaking about my past year at a glance.

I actually sat down yesterday and calculated my earnings. I came up to about $2,200 from the monies that I've earned this past year from WA affiliate program. I've set aside $359 for my yearly membership which leaves me with a profit of around $1,800. I'm a bit fascinated that I was even able to make this much because I don't even work really hard at this.

I may have worked hard at it in the beginning but I've actually slow down at this a lot. Which is has probably only hindered me in the process. I'm sure that if I would have continued working as hard as I did in the beginning, I would be much further than what I am.

I just want everybody to continue their training, and continue to work hard on building out on their websites. Don't give up! Keep working hard! It is like our buddy Eddy with a Y said in his analogy with a farmer and the internet business. It is just like that!

Got to go, stay up!

PS. I want to say thank you to the community as well. You all are an inspiration for me to keep going, and striving for the best in my internet business. We all need each other.

PSS. Thank you so much! And if anyone ever needs a hand with something, feel free to reach out! :-)

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Dhind1 Premium
Thanks Jonathan
Loes Premium
Thanks Jonathan, very nice of you to offer your help too, have a great weekend
delroy2222 Premium
Congratulations on your success, Jonathan.
Thank you for sharing.
Best wishes.