$1 to Add to My Piggy Bank

Last Update: June 09, 2016

I just made my first $1 the other day after someone joined and filled in their account. I was super excited! :-) People were not lying about it taking time to get yourself established in this business.

I really feel fulfilled when people join WA because I know it is a wonderful place. I was amazed when I first started here and I continue to benefit from the platform.

I love working on my website and writing article. Reviews aren't my strong suit but I know that they are a big help when it comes to conversions and making money.

Making money online is not easy at all. It is fun, but not easy! With time I believe I will start making more and more money and when that day arrives I will be a happy camper. I try not to say that because I do not want to put conditions on my happiness, so let me say that it will only make me happier. I want to be happy with just participating in the community and constantly working on my business.

I take great pride in my business, and I know that I am truly helping others. I have other ideas for niches down the road so I want to put in at least a year within the make money niche and then build another website concentrating on something else.

I know good things will come, and if there's any advice that I can give to newbies or others it is that faith is everything. Have faith in what you do. Believe in what you're doing. Pouring your time and money into this investment is only setting ourselves up for a major return. Don't quit before you get to the finish line. It would be a shame to throw away all your hard work.

If you have any questions or need any help with your website or business please feel free to reach out. I would love to help!



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dianegailit Premium
That's great and it is one step closer to the top! :-)
JudeP Premium
Every little helps :)
jmatos Premium
Lol, u know it Jude!
HutchNZ Premium
Jonathan that is awesome you have been working hard and now you know it does work. Awesome
jmatos Premium
:-) You got it HutchNZ!
paulgoodwin Premium
Hi Jonathan and love to hear your words and I would say that if you love what you do and believe in what you do then the only way
Is up!
jmatos Premium
Thanks Paul!
Dreamer56 Premium
Exciting news Jonathon! Great post thanks
jmatos Premium
Hey thanks for reading Tim!