Watch those Pop-Ups.

Last Update: November 04, 2019

How Many Pop-Ups are Too Many?

Disclaimer:. The following information is based on my own personnel belief, and not necessarily what others might teach.

One Pop-Up is too many if it comes up immediately the visitor to your website clicks on your blog.

I have brought this up in a previous blog, so why am I bringing it up again?

Recently I entered a website that I was looking at through site comments. My intention was to read the blog, click on any links, and then go back to Site Comments to make a comment.


Guess what happened?

I had one large pop up immediately jump up at me and cover the whole page within a split-second of me entering the blog. I didn't even get to see the first word.


While I was trying to get rid of this Pop-up, so that I could continue reading the article, a second pop up sprang out at me. This one wasn't as wide as the other, it only covered half the page. But it still prevented me from reading anything important.

So I got Rid Of It...


A Third Pop up appeared. This one was in the form of a chat forum. The person started asking me questions. Each time I answered " NO" another Question Sprang up. I couldn't get rid of the box.

What did I do next?

I read what ever little bit of information I could, and then went back to Site Content to leave a comment.

I have never left a comment before without knowing entirely what the article was about, but I considered that this person owed me. I had been on the site for 15 minutes, just trying to decipher it's content.

Yes, They Definitely Owed Me.

I remained diplomatic when commenting, gave him a good comment, but explained that the pop ups had made it difficult for me to fully read his blog.

So .. What Do I consider To Be Too Many Pop-ups.

As I said earlier, One, if it is placed in the wrong place at the wrong time.

But if it's done well, is not totally overwhelming, doesn't completely cover vital information and doesn't occur until I've had a chance to at least read the first third of the Blog, then I can accept one... and no more.

But That's Just Me.

The first thing that came to my mind when I had this nightmare happen was "Is this person that ashamed of their blog that they need to cover it up so nobody can see it".

Where would I place a Pop-Up?

At the moment I don't use them, but I'm sure I will eventually.. When I do add a Pop-Up to one of my websites it will be either on the side, where it won't be interfering with the visitors ability to read an article, or I will place it closer to the end of the article, giving the reader time to digest the information supplied.

What are your thoughts on Pop Ups?

Do You use any on your website?

All The Best Jim.

PS: Don't forget to click on the Like button and make a comment.

All The Best My Friends. Jim

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NeilBrown Premium
I have never added pop-ups to my blogs or do I intend to, I have always found them to be annoying and turn me off from reading it.

If I was reading a paperback book and something popped up it would freak me out, lol 🤓🧐
JKulk1 Premium
That's very true Neil.
Aussiemuso Premium
I totally agree with you Jim. I find pop ups so annoying that I will leave a page immediately it starts. If I can't read the article than it's pointless me being there, they are wasting my time. I think you were very patient.

Never say never but if I do ever add a popup it will be small, near the end and easy to click off. Your customers are there for your content, not to be flashed at.

So glad you wrote about it Jim.
Needs to be said.

Have a lovely day
Lily 😊🎶
JKulk1 Premium
Thank you Lily. They do have a good function in capturing people's information and attention, but overdoing them can be suicidal to your site.
cris1018 Premium
Definitely agree with you, Jim. I'm not a fan of pop-ups, but if I use them, it's typically the "exit" pop-up - when the user is going to leave and you nicely ask them to join your email list, or something to that effect.
I think pop-ups upon entering a site are a big no no. In fact, it annoys me so much that I usually leave immediately. I give you credit for sticking in there to provide your comment.
JKulk1 Premium
Thank you Cris
BVince Premium
I find Pop ups are the norm and ok if you can clear them quickly .Some times they are needed to direct you to information but mostly annoying and as you suggest get worse the more you encounter. A bit like a pushy salesman can lose a sale rather than for e a conversion.

Less is more in my book
JKulk1 Premium
Yes, I don't mind a pop up done in the right way. But making them so that you can't actually read the blog is ridiculous.
JohnFricker Premium
With you on that Jim...definitely off to the side and not immediately upon landing on the site. And my sense is that it should be triggered as being relevant to a particular page or post that I'm on at that time.

You really persevered on that comment Jim - good job!

John 😁👍
JKulk1 Premium
Thank you John