Update on my Acupuncture.

Last Update: October 09, 2020

Just a quick update for my many friends here.

I had the acupuncturist treat me two days ago.

Did it help?

Yes, for about 24'hours.

I managed to get up and walk with only a little pain.

Unfortunately the pain came back yesterday afternoon and last night was almost unbearable.

I'm a bit more settled at the moment because I have a heat bag and taken pain killers.

The pain killers are supposed to last up to eight hours but they only give me some relief for two hours.

I have no alternative but to try the acupuncturist again today. At least he's willing to come to our home. But our medical costs are mounting up and my wife is resorting to selling items on local buy and sell sites to pay for them.

The only other treatment that might help is a spinal injection, . But I've been waiting for weeks now for notification from the specialist that he is in our area to do this.

They don't seem to care that you are in pain in the meantime.

It annoys me that they can't hospitalize me for a few days. This would give my poor wife a break. She's getting very little sleep.

I have always been a person with a strong will power but I'm running out of hope.

Thank you All for your prayers

All the best. Jim

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Swangirl Premium
It is wonderful to hear you are getting relief from your second appointment! I am sooo happy to hear that! Have you tried arnica gel or cream? I use Hyland's Muscle Therapy with Arnica and Arnicare brand arnica gel. Arnica is an anti-inflammatory and helps with my bursitis and tendonitis. I don't know how well it works on your conditions but if you need a anti-inflammatory I would give it a try.

I hope you continue to improve!
EdwinBernard Premium
Sorry to hear about your pain Jim. I had a spinal injection about six months ago. My physician informed me that the effects would last about three months. And then I could have another one if I needed it. He also prescribed a series of physical therapy sessions.

This incorporated a combination of physical exercises, electric shock treatment and the application of hot and cold pads.

The sequence went like this. Electrode pads were placed strategically around my spine. The electric current was applied for about 10 minutes while I lay on the heated pad.

Next came a series of physical exercises. Followed my a massage. The session wrapped up by lying on a cold pad.

It has been a few months since I stopped treatment and my back is feeling much better. I guess that your back pain is more severe than mine. Hence, your results may not be the same as mine. But it is worth a try.

I also had knee pain and went through the same regimen and feel much better now.

Then there are amazing things that CBD products claim to do.

Whatever happens I wish you longer relief with your back pain than the one to two days you are currently getting just from the acupuncture.

All the best to you.

JKulk1 Premium
Thank you Edwin. I'm not sure we'd get that sort of support here. As far as I'm aware you only get the needle and then it's up to you to get further support elsewhere.
My acupuncturist has been a life saver. I have more confidence after his second session. He doesn't just do acupuncture, he also does a gentle massage and follows up with exercises. He comes again tomorrow morning , I'll let you know how it goes. Last night I managed to get 6 hrs sleep, so things are slowly improving. ( Still having pain killers as well).
NicholaJames Premium
Hi Jim,

I can not know the pain that you are in but I know that you must be in great pain. I pray and hope that will soon find something that will ease your pain for long periods of time but most of all that you finally find a way to be relieved of the pain entirely.

I will continue to pray for you so that you will find a resolution to get rid of your pain. I pray that God will relieve you of your pain and bring you comfort. Wishing you the very best!

Kind regards,
JKulk1 Premium
Thank you Nichola.
NicholaJames Premium
You are welcome.
Johnpavich Premium
Jim sometimes it takes more than one or 2 treatments.
Also try some cold on the painful area for 5 to 10 minutes at a time with a cloth between the ice and your skin and a bag of frozen peas is hood for this followed by the same time with heat from a heating pad if you have one or a been bag. This may help.
All the best Jim😎👌
JKulk1 Premium
Thanks John
I have a cold and heat pack.
GuineaPig Premium
Sorry to hear it is not working out for you, I have not been able to see my acupuncturist since February and I really miss it. It is so relaxing for me and immediately I have a spring in my step afterward. I hope and pray you get the pain relief you are looking for soon.
JKulk1 Premium
I hope I have a spring in my step after he comes again this afternoon.