Success At Wealthy Affiliate. Is it even possible?

Last Update: September 11, 2018

Is it possible to find 'success at Wealthy Affiliate'?

I guess all of us have asked ourselves this question since joining Wealthy Affiliate. I know I have.

After years of searching the net for a legitimate home based business, I had nearly given up when I stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate. My first reaction was 'What's the catch?'. I was positive there simply had to be a negative to this online business. Why?

Why Was I so Negative?

About ten years ago I left a well-paid management role in finance due to constant stress (that's another story for another time). I decided at that point in my life that I no longer wanted to work for companies that required you to sign a work contract that had a 24/7 availability clause. After all, I had children and grandchildren.

So I search the web for a job I could undertake from home and preferably on the computer, as this is what I felt most comfortable doing.

I tried out various MLM companies and soon learned that you received very little income for lots of expenditure.

I was also sick of having to try to sell these over inflated, pricey, products to my family and friends. All the companies I dealt with were the same. The usual order of things was that you had to sell a product that nearly always cost around $200 a month. You would need to buy that product yourself on auto ship. Then you had to convince others to do the same thing.

Needless to say that very few people ever made money doing this. I remember Amway bringing out a statement that said their average distributor earned $207 a year in 2015.

They took me for a ride.

Eventually I gave up on the MLM companies. Now, I must add here that I didn't consider any of them to be scammers. They were all legit. It was just impossible to succeed financially with them.

So I went on to my next adventure, which was centered around affiliate marketing. Stupid me fell for the wrong company. I won't mention there name here because I don't want to be sued. But I do consider them to be scammers.

What were they all about? Well you could build your own website for next to nothing. You just had to pay a small joining fee, which I did. I think it was around $100.

Then I was given my very own coach who would help me set up a lucrative website that was geared towards selling affiliate products.

After several weeks I received a phone call from my coach who informed me that if I wanted the site to be successful I should pay another $500 and they could take me to the next level. I don't remember all the details but when I hesitated he said it was important that I speak to someone higher up in the chain.

I waited on hold for about twenty minutes, after all the man higher up was very important. When he came on the phone he was very pleasant and very convincing. He convinced me that I was special, and had a gift for this industry. I forked out another $500.

Several months later and some $3000 dollars out-of-pocket, I finally realized I'd been conned.

Success At Wealthy Affiliate.

Several years later I had almost given up of my dreams about working from home. I believed that the net was full of scammers. Believe me it really is.

Then I came across a post that mentioned Wealthy Affiliate. You could start for free. You would receive 2 free sites. Training was also available for free.

So What's The Catch?

Good question, I asked myself that for many days. Then one day I decided to have another look at the post. It also stated that you could choose to become a premium member for $19.99 the first month and then $49.00 each month after that. This allows you to have

1). 25 Free Web sites using your own domain names.

2). 25 free rub ix sites with free domain names.

3). Heaps and Heaps of Training.

4). Free Email Accounts.

5). An interactive social platform. Where you can make friends and receive more training... and ask as many questions as you like.

6). a choice of hundreds of different Website themes.

Everything sounded too good to be true. I was still very cautious and decided that I would join up and have a good look at the free sites.

When my account was set up I made sure I explored every part of it thoroughly before proceeding. I really wanted this to work and be the answer to all my dreams, but I was still hesitant.

So I started the training. They give you the first level of training free, and it's divided into 10 segments.

They Convinced Me.

When I was completing my first lot of lessons I learned that there exists a very interactive membership within WA. They were all willing to help me with my many questions, and many even provided further training. WOW!! I loved this place.

By the time I had finished the 10th segment of level 1, I was convinced. This is exactly what I'm looking for.

At this point I no longer had any reservations. I made the decision to go Premium.

WOW!!! WOW!! WOW!!! Did I say I love this place?

Nearly three months later I am working on my second website and already contemplating a third in conjunction with my daughter.. My site is up and running, looks great, and now has about 15 articles added.

I have made many friends at WA. All have been very helpful. I'm at the stage now where I love meeting new members and helping them in return.


Go ahead and give WA a try. You have absolutely nothing to lose and lots to gain.

==>Click this link to have a look<==

All the Best. Jim

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CoraMitchell Premium
So happy for you!

Here’s to success!

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Thanks Cora
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Am grateful for wealthy affiliate
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So am I Angie.
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We have all been there Jim. Glad we found WA,.
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Thanks Emmanual.
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Well said Jim. I hope it all works out for you.
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Thanks Glenys. I know it will.
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Great review Jim. You should definitely be using this to get new referrals.
Wishing you every success
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Thanks Jonathan.