Site Comments. Love it, but it Drives me Crazy

Last Update: Oct 9, 2021

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We have been given an incredible tool.

Yes, you didn't misread what I said, site comments is a fantastic affiliate marketing tool. Used correctly it can not only legitimize your website, it can help to send your SEO sky-rocketing.

But I Said 'Used Correctly'.

The sad fact is that it is rarely, used correctly that is.

It's not the Usual issues that concern me.

I've read my many blogs at WA centered around Site Comments and the quality (or lack of) those given. I'm sure that somewhere in the past I even wrote a rant ( tongue twister) on this very subject.

You know the Gist.

There are far to many one to two line comments given that seem to have very little relevance to the post being evaluated.

I swear.. not really, I rarely swear, unless provoked, that two of my recent comment requests were written after the commentators had read the snippet on site comments.

They Never even entered the website to take a look.

Now that ires me. It makes me mad, and my wife says I'm mad enough as it is. But that's not what's got me upset this time

That's not what has really getting my goat up.

No way, that's definitely not the reason I'm ticked off. Do you want to know why I'm really, really upset. OK I'll tell you.

It's the (expletive) bounce rate.

I'm not talking about a trampoline or Basketball either. I'm talking about the damage that some of our fellow members are causing our websites. You know, those websites that we have painstakingly constructed over time.

They are damaging our reputation, our rankings, all for that elusive 50 cents.

So what the heck are they doing that has me so wound up?

It would be easier to tell you what they aren't doing.

1). Sometimes they don't even enter the website.

2). When they do enter they don't bother to actually read the blog, only the headlines .

3). They don't click on any internal links

4) They don't click on any external links

Expletive.... Expletive.... Expletive.... Expletive....

All these things effect the Bounce Rate.

This is the website tool used to measure your blog's worth.

As in.

Is it worth looking at

is it worth coming back to.

is it worth buying from

is it just a worthless piece of Junk

After all, if they can get in and out quickly they may be able to make a couple of dollars in an hour, never mind the damage to your website.

Expletive Rant Over..


Next time you go to Site comments to earn a buck, remember that we're here to help each other. That is what makes WA unique.

What do I do when reviewing a blog on site comments.

1). I read the whole article.

2). Then I read the headlines to remind me.

3). I take some notes, just enough to make sure I don't make any errors.

4). I click on any links, internal or external. Sometimes I even purchase the product, if I need it.

5). Then, and only then, I return to sure comments where I write a reasonable response that covers the major points of the article, and are asked for by the author .

It's really that simple.

By using the methods above it means that I always give a good response worthy of the time the author has spent constructing the blog.Just remember that we are very fortunate that Kyle and Carson have provided us with this incredible tool. Used correctly it can be a real benefit to all. It can take years to get your websites to a position where they are constantly getting organic traffic, some never reach that level.

Having a constant supply of good comments coming to your Website helps to build trust with both your audience and the search engines.


Want to learn more?

Head on over to my training on fixing bounce rates.

Here's the link.

All the Best. Jim

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Recent Comments


Excellent! I think you are right about site comments. I have not found some of them too helpful. I feel like they are relevant just enough to pass for reading and providing feedback. I wish there were a better way, maybe a rubric like a teacher uses to evaluate students' work?
Just a thought...

Good idea. I personally believe that an extra level needs to be added to the platform. Every comment should be scored 1 (low standard) to 3 ( high standard), If you don't reach at least a middle standard within a certain time frame, you must complete a course on how to complete comments correctly, and banned from commenting until you successfully pass this course.

I love it. That is exactly what I was hoping for. Can we make it happen? What does that take to make change?


Thanks for this! I hadn't realised that it was useful for us to click on the links for SEO purposes.

I do click on the links sometimes out of interest, and just occasionally have found a link that doesn't seem to work. If that happens, I message the person to let them know. People are always grateful. To be fair this probably happens more on Pinterest and people's websites who are not Wealthy Affiliate members, but it's just one more reason to click on the links.

All the best,


Thanks for reading Julia

Fully agree. Also what makes me crazy is when the comments are unintelligible because the person who wrote the comments is not fluent in English. But that is because I am an uptight English
Now I just go into edit mode and change so it is readable, hahaha sshhhh

I edit as well, but it's not something we should be required to do. Maybe Kyle and Carson need to look at a better system.

I gotten a site to comment on that had just a paragraph to be able to leave a comment about. Of course I had to skip it because there just wasn't enough there to comment about. I know that's off the subject of what you are talking about but it popped up in head while reading your post. I didn't know that our site could be so negatively impacted that way, either.

Yes, I've had that as well.

I know where you are coming from Jim. I always read the whole post and If I cant think of a suitable way to comment because I'm not familiar with the subject I don't comment and skip to the next post. But at least I read it all.
I must say I haven't clicked on any of the links but I will from now on! Lisa :-)

Thanks Lisa. Clicking those links are extremely important.

I will remember my friend :-)

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