l have an Acupuncturist coming to my home.

Last Update: October 07, 2020

This is just a quick blog.

As many of my friends at WA know, I have been experiencing incredible pain lately.

I have a herniated disc in my upper back, lower back issues plus I suffer from osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.

These issues were sitting in my body like a bomb waiting to go off, and a few months back they finally did.

unfortunatelty I developed sciatica from the ruptured disc. Due to my other issues the treatment I can pursue is limited. For example, I can't undergo a spinal alignment, and any massage has to be extremely gentle.

The doctor has me on a waiting list for a spinal injection, but this might take many weeks as there's only one specialist servicing our region.

Pain killers only give me minimal relief and coupled with a heat and hold pack I can many to get some sleep in twenty to forty minute increments.

But I have strong hope.

My granddaughter has set up a home appointment with an acupuncturist. She swears by him as do many others.

Its worth a try.

My problem is that I can't sit. On a good day I can have a hot shower and spend a couple of hours walking in circles with the help of my cane.

I made the mistake of sitting in a chair yesterday and it left me in agony all night. This also means that the only way to get to hospital is via ambulance.

Mentally, I also have my good and bad days. Several times I have come close to quitting WA and all my other online activities.

If I can't find relief, then this might still have to happen.

At the moment the only activity I can undertake during the day is to lie on my back in bed and type away on my mobile phone on WA


The Acupuncturist is due here in under an hour, so I ask for your prayers that this will work.

Thank you my friends. Jim

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Johnpavich Premium
Jim sorry to hear about your pain. I have a lot of back pain also and have tried acupuncture and it has given me temporarily relief. It all depends on the acupuncturist some are better than others.
What it does is send a message to your brain to send endorphins to the afflicted area.
I hope this gives you some relief.
You can also check out Dr. Mercola's website and he may have some vitamins to recommend you take for the pain.
All the best Jim😎👌
JKulk1 Premium
Thanks John,. I'll check it out.
Johnpavich Premium
Get well soon Jim😎👌
PMindra Premium
Hi, Jim.
Sorry if you get this too late, but never too late than sorry.

Ask your acupuncturist about electro-acupuncture. It involves only two needles (sometimes very long ones) strategically placed not in the ares of discomfort. Then electrodes are placed to the needles the effectively target the areas that are of discomfort.

Most treatments last about 20 minutes.

My father was a DR of alternative medicne and brought this technology to Canada almost 25 years ago after learning it from Anton Jayasuria in Sri Lanka.

I thought my father was a 'Quack' in doing so, but the results were amazing that patients that walked into his clinic that could not walk, left his clinic walking.

Very effective for Sciatica and for those like me that had problems with sitting.

The needles are painless and the electricty pulses are extreme during the treatment. The results are boggling not only to the affected area but also to the mind and rest of the body.

Acupunture on its own is not the same as electro-acupunture.

Let us know how you fare.

Kindest regards from Canada.

Paul Mindra.
JKulk1 Premium
Thanks Paul, I will let everyone know how I went in a few days time. I want to be sure of the results.
PMindra Premium
Get well.
ASchultz1 Premium
I feel your pain and hope you get relief soon.

I had this problem with a disc protruding a nerve in my lower back and I was unable to walk most of the time. These are the treatments that I got (I got admitted to hospital after I went to a doctor who was doing some acupuncture on my back and i stiffened and could not move).

1. In hospital I was put on traction (attaching weights to a contraption which is connected to my lower back to liberate the nerve in my back) for about a week. It did not work.

2. I was put on a milogram which looked at your nerves and discs to ind out the situation

3.Eventually they decided to operate on my lower back to take out the offending disc, This worked a treat and there is no painThis was 31 years ago and I have no problems.

I hope your medical team find the right solution for you and you feel no pain thereafter.

Aubrey Schultz
JKulk1 Premium
Hi Aubrey. The surgery is an option however, since Covid started hospital waiting times has exploded. It could be a year or longer before they can do it
ASchultz1 Premium
Wow!!! I hope you get the treatment you deserve very quickly.
ChristineDu1 Premium
I hope that you will find relief. I swear by acupuncturists. I once had an accident that left part of my left calf a little deformed and with no feeling for over 15 years. I could touch or hit it, I felt nothing there, nerves were dead. Doctors could not help. An acupuncturist brought the feeling back to it and the deformation is also gone, just a slight dent remains.
So, I am telling you this, because I have faith in acupuncturists and what they can do. It won't bring relief immediately, but it will in time, and hopefully soon enough.
JKulk1 Premium
Thanks Christine.
szeeman Premium
That was very interesting.
bustamove Premium
So sorry for your pain you are suffering. I had a similar issue with my back but not as severe. I managed to get relief thru stretching exercises - prior to doing that I couldn't even walk to the mail box.
I had a miraculous recovery just by stretching. Start real slow - you don't want any set backs.
Good luck.