I'm Quitting.

Last Update: November 15, 2019


I'm very tired.

Excessive temperatures, extremely dry weather, strong winds, drought and fires have taken toll.

I currently have 4 websites and a sideline business as well as my 'bricks and mortar' one.

I have a wife, adult children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren to think about.

It's All to Much

That's why I'm Quitting..

But it's not what you think!

I'm not quitting Affiliate marketing.

Or WA.

I'm quitting my ambassadorship.

As I said, something had to give. I can nolonger afford to spend several hours each day writing blogs, commenting, welcoming and answering people's questions.

For this reason I have decided to let my ranking slide by taking a rest from these activities for at least six months.

It's time for someone else to step up.

I had hoped to stay in the top 25 for at least 100 days. That was my goal and I'm only 12 days short if reaching this.

I may still reach it but after this weekend I will stop trying.

All the best My friends . Jim

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lesabre Premium
Hi Jim,
There comes a time where we have to get our priorities aligned with what is happening in our life, it seems that you are doing that.

I just want you to know you have been an inspiration to me and congratulate you on your accomplishments.

I have relatives in Australia, and I am quite aware of the situation there.

I respect your choice, and wish you and your family all the best.

Take care my friend,
JKulk1 Premium
Thank you Michael.
drjec Premium
I am glad you are going to keep up on your websites. I stepped down from being an Ambassador a year or so ago basically for the same reasons. It was intensely interesting but very tiring. I was called back to work so I could not do both. Thanks for the time you have put in.
JKulk1 Premium
Thanks Jim
kenhawley Premium
I'm a white belt. I'm a black belt. what does that mater?

I started taking martial arts (off and on) from the age of 16 until age 57. But because I moved around a lot, each time I would move I would start a new different style of martial art. Not because I wanted to take a different style but because that was all that was available in the new location. Each new style would have me start over as a white belt regardless of my ability. I used to love sparing black belts in my new school while wearing a white belt. So it's not the color of the belt that makes a good practitioner. That being said, on the other hand it is nice to be proud of the belt as it measures your accomplishments and gains.

Like the ranking system that is used here in WA to measure the contributions that you have made to the community. The helping and caring and friendship that you have given is the real value. And for that we are all grateful.

Thank you!! Ken
JKulk1 Premium
Thanks Ken. That's a fantastic Analogy.
enriquetrips Premium
Hi, Jim,

Like others already said, rankings aren't that important. It's true it feels good to be on the top members list, but at the end of the day it's just a number. Focusing on rankings can actually hinder us from working on our sites.

Enjoy your family, go out, relax and don't stress over rankings. Life is too short.

JKulk1 Premium
Thank you Enrique
JohnnyJ4 Premium
I agree with everyone here concerning your situation. I get it, I'm in a similar situation working my tail off though not exactly the same just trying to grind for any type of passive income commission I'm able to perform in this last remaining week I have left with no success and I'm concern I may not be able to continue my actual payment of $49 next month due to the holidays.

Still, you're a lucky Man, one of the few to have come this far, DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO FOR YOU FAMILY! You maybe in your golden years now but like You said, You have 4 websites plus an "Affiliate Marketing Business" thanks to WA making You the Grand Bread Provider. Your family could not be more proud of You, I know your wife is so thank you for everything and take care.

JKulk1 Premium
Thank you Johnny. I wish you all the best my friend.