Do You Wish The Scooter would Scoot?

Last Update: October 18, 2019

I had today off.

Because work is slow at the moment, thanks to our on going drought, I decided that I'd spend today working on my online business.

At the same time I thought 'Here is a chance for me to get some credit going with site comments'.

You Must Be Kidding.

I started on the computer this morning at around 5:00am and , apart from going shopping with my wife for about two hours in the middle of the day, this is where I remained most of the time.

Of course, I had the occasional Coffee and food break.

While I was working on various areas of my business I decided to check into site comments every half hour or so to check for comment availability.

It is now nearly 10:00 pm and I have just completed my last check for the day.

So What did I achieve?

I managed to get one comment through.

Yes!!! Just One.

I am so over seeing that little fellow on the yellow scooter.. Should he appear again I swear I'll knock him off his bike.

How many of you have experienced the same issues?

Please leave leave a little rant in the comments, it would help me to feel a lot better.

All the Best. Jim

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Jordypl Premium
I needed to read this post 3 time's before i did understand watt you where telling. Once i got it, my mind took me to the question:

Isn't 1 better than non?

And also, if you get this irritated do you still like just doing watt you are doing?

Sow here is a possible stupid and funny comment, for you.
i hoop my simplicity made you smile.

Have a nice day, Greets

JKulk1 Premium
Don't worry, I don't really get annoyed.
greensail Premium
It isn't an area of WA I frequent. previously I had trouble with my avatar, so I gave up on it.
Recently though, I have gone there about once every other day, and over the past two weeks I have managed to leave (drum roll ), One comment.
I am grateful it was accepted, and hopefully it helps that sites SEO. Really I wonder about the quality of the comments being given, as there was some discussion recently about rejections.
don1rock Premium
I feel your pain it's a fairly common occurrence for me.
JKulk1 Premium
It's a worry Don.
mattmike Premium
Yes, me too. I guess members don't think it's important enough. I know I was reluctant to use comments, but now I realize how important it can be, thanks for your comments,Deanna
JKulk1 Premium
Thank you Deanna
Joes946 Premium
Jim, I have far too many of those days...yesterday was one of them. I won’t bother you with the dreary details, but I didn’t get much done on my website!
Always love your posts and hope you get some rain!
JKulk1 Premium
Thanks Joe.