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Last Update: September 01, 2020

Insert Headers and Footers

A very light plugin

Insert headers and Footers is a very simple , light weight plugin that will allow you to easily insert code for Amazon, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Pinterest and much more to your WordPress site header and footer.

You will nolonger need to alter your theme file.

The simple interface of the Insert Headers and Footers plugin takes the place of dozens of other plugins that you would have needed to use to insert script in the past.

The Following is a description of the plugin as provided by the makers.

Features of Insert Headers and Footers
  • Quick to set up
  • Simple to insert scripts
  • Insert header code and/or footer code
  • Add Google Analytics code to any theme
  • Add custom CSS across themes
  • Insert Facebook pixel code
  • Insert any code or script, including HTML and Java script.


Put Simply

When this plugin is installed, you can insert any script into the header and footer sections of your website without difficulty, which means that the plugin accommodates both JavaScript and Html

This plugin is free to download and use

All the best. Jim

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JariusE Premium
Thanks for the education Jim!
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Thank you for sharing this, Jim. I only use the plugin for Google AdSense code. Now I know there are other things I can do with this plugin. :)
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Thank you Ferra
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Great information Jim
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Thanks Joe
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That’s great news thanks for sharing Jim
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My pleasure Yvonne.
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Thank you very much for sharing Jim
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You are very welcome my friend