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Last Update: October 05, 2020

Affiliate marketing Possibilities

This is a new weekly post I am introducing to help fellow members looking for profitable affiliate marketing niches.

To access most of these Niches you will need to join CJ affiliates or Rakuten

Todays Niche is Finance.

Here are 5 Finance related affiliate marketing programs for you to research.

USA based

1. BBVA Banks

Affiliate commissions between $50 to $75

2. Lifelocks affiliate marketing program

Up to $110 commission per sale

3. Lending Tree affiliate program

$70 per lead

4. Personal capital affiliate program.

$50 to $144 per sign up

5. LeadNetwork affiliate program.

Up to $230 per lead.

Maybe you've never thought about finance as a niche before. The rewards for choosing this industry can be high.

Why not Google the names I've provided and do some research.

You never know, start a finance niche and you to might find success at Wealthy Affiliate.

All The Best. Jim

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TapangP Premium
Thanks very much Sir.
JKulk1 Premium
My pleasure
keishalina Premium
Interesting, Jim .... thanks for highlighting this big niche! ... :)
JKulk1 Premium
Thanks Keisha.
SamuelI2 Premium
Hey Jim Thanks for the update on a finance Niche will give it some thought, when I have a website built with that niche will add those sites after doing the research, great Idea!!!!

JKulk1 Premium
Thanks Samuel
JeannineC Premium
There are also some programs listed in the Affiliate Programs tab, including:

Getting a high payout lead requires lots of qualified information. It can be pretty tough! Leads which require less information may pay less, but can be SO much easier to secure.
JKulk1 Premium
True. But it would be great for those that have finance experience.
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Jim, this is an excellent initiative!
I look forward to your series.

Thank you.
JKulk1 Premium
Thanks Cassi