I finally did it!

Last Update: May 20, 2019

Per WA's request, i'm writing my first blog (literally).

I actually joined Wealthy Affiliate 4 years ago. I was not in a good place then. I was living in an RV. I had just turned 50. My prospects were not good, career-wise, and I really didn't want to keep pursuing my former career, which was as a mildly successful visual effects artist. I wanted something more! The problem was that at that time - and for quite a while after that - I really didn't know what I wanted. I had no actual vision of what success looked like for me personally. At that time I was very curious about how to make a living online. There were obvious upsides and alledgedly unlimited earning potential. I looked at everything!

But because of where I was in my life, I had no confidence. I was afraid. And I didn't have much in the way of financial resources. It didn't help that a staggering number of the online money making programs were being rated as scams, and nearly all of them required an initial investment of some kind, which I either didn't have, or could not afford to risk.

I found Wealthy Affiliate, and it all sounded pretty good. They were not asking for any money from me, and the focus seemed to be purely on training. I would have free access to help from knowledgeable members for seven days to get me started. Sounded pretty good. So what did I do?


My lack of confidence in myself kicked in hard. It told me that there was no way that I would learn enough in seven days to be able to do anything constructive. It told me that when the seven days was up, I was on my own - unless I wanted to pony-up the premium membership fee. It told me that right now $50 was a lot of money, and I just could not afford to risk it. And I listened to that voice of no confidence. I let my fear guide me. I walked away.

Four years later, my life has improved a bit. It's been a journey for sure. During that time I moved from California, to Oregon, and 3 years ago I landed here in Colorado Springs. I've worked really hard for those 3 years, improving my living conditions and lifestyle - but only a little bit. Also over that time period, I really began to formulate just what a successful life looks like to me. It's pretty clear now what I want for my life. The question is/was: How do I get that life?

I had a moment of clarity a few weeks back, and took a hard look at where i've been, what i've done and how it got me here now. I clearly saw the broken confidence, and most importantly, the fear behind it. I forced myself to look hard at the crushing reality that despite all that i've learned, despite all the effort expended...I had virtually nothing to show for it. Worse still, I knew that I only had myself to blame. It hurt, but it was sobering. My response this time was different. Instead of getting angry at myself for being such a failure, I chose instead to recognize that though I put myself in this position, it logically followed that I had the power to get myself out, and into the life I actually wanted! The moment shifted from painful to powerful! I made a commitment to myself to turn it around, and look outside my personal "box" for solutions that could work. I made a commitment to myself, and it felt good.

Walking the Earth for 50+ years my experiences have given me the ability to manage my expectations without talking myself out of my goals. I know that what I want to acheive is going to take some serious work. That's okay. I'm not afraid of work. I've done some very hard things, sometimes for very little in return. When I rediscoverd Wealthy Affiliate, I saw that they could provide the need direction, and I knew I was ready for it. I proved it to myself by coming up with a fairly extensive first list of passions and potential niches!

And so, today I reinforced that commitment to myself by becoming a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate. Because in order for me to do what I need to do, I need that access. I won't deny myself the opportunity to take advantage of everything this company has to offer! I will take the risk because I know that I am worthy of a better life! I made a promise to myself that I would do what ever it takes, and that any risk associated with my choice today is all within me! That's a managable risk!

I won't lie. I'm still a little scared. The personal demons within that have held me back are still in there somewhere, waiting to strike when I'm most vulnerable. All I can do is watch for them, and when they appear try to refocus on the commitment that i've made to myself and keep moving forward! I've done it before, and I know that if I don't feed them those demons will go back to whatever dark corners they emerged from. What really helps with that too is what I mentioned a few sentences back: managing expectations.

This is a long read, I know. But if you've stayed with me the whole way, I appreciate that you took the time to listen, and all I can say is, "Thank you". I'm feeling really good about being an actual part of this community, and it is my wish to be a valuable addition to it. I am really excited about all that WA has to offer in terms of training. I've promised myself that I will make the most of it. What I do with it is up to me, and I can do A LOT! I know that today I am starting a journey that might actually have a "pot of gold" filled with wealth in all its forms waiting for me just down the road!

How cool is that?!

Stay tuned, and thanks again for reading!

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Ahimbe Premium
What is cool is the fact that you are committed to WA that help you meet your targets. Best of wishes.
Hollshope Premium
I'm glad you're part of this community Pete!
jkgoldbeck64 Premium
Thanks! I'm glad to be here!
NewLaurie Premium
Hi Pete - I think sometimes things just happen at just the right time, and now you're really ready to embrace what this platform has to offer.

Good luck to you.

jkgoldbeck64 Premium
Thank you, Laurie. I definitely am.