Why Do We React, The Way We React?

Last Update: July 13, 2019

Why do we react, the way we react?

To react is a very basic need of human being, positive or negative.

We want to express ourselves, and that's the main reason we react.

But if you notice, people can interpret situations differently,

so a situation that makes you feels angry,

may not make someone else feels angry at all.

To manage our emotions,

to remain balanced in our life,

is the most important thing.

All emotions are important and to express them, is equally important

I do understand that all days are not same,

and human life is all about circle,

day and night is a circle,

we can not say we only want day time or

only want nighttime,

if we are born on earth,

we have to go though this circle of day and night,

good days and bad days,

I can not say I only want good days.

We need to have in an acceptance mode,

Yoga helped me a lot

to balance my thinking,

which other technique will you recommend

to balance our thoughts?


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SStubbins1 Premium
This is a very good concept to remember. Thank you for your post.

Ms. Sharon
JKaobata1 Premium
Thank you for this great post.Balance is very important in our everyday living at Wealthy Affiliate.
Babou3 Premium
Mastering emotions can be a real challenge for some people. We have to know how to take a day after another when we are having a difficult time and know how to take pleasant moments as gifts and bad times as gifts too. Yes, for me, bad times are challenges and they help me to improve, to surpass myself. But I understand that sometimes, they are complicated moments to support and we are only human beings and the control of the emotions is not always possible.

Have a nice day!
Linda103 Premium
I find meditation helps a lot plus I can get answers and insights from meditation.
I also talk things through with a close friend, she always gives me a different perspective.
jivitajay Premium
Thanks Linda,

No doubt meditation helps a lot, discussing things with your close ones is a great way too:))

BrendaMZ Premium
Good question. I mostly discuss my thoughts with a close friend. Life is full of ups and downs. On down days, its best to avoid making decisions as that can be a bad idea depending on the situation. Even writing down my thoughts also helps. Many different techniques to use. I am glad yoga helps you.
jivitajay Premium
Thanks Brenda for stopping by,

Discussing with close ones always helps me a lot. writing down things, also a great way.
Yoga definitely helps a lot, because it maintains the homeostasis of the body.