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Hello fellow WAers,
My name is Dimitris and i am from Athens Greece.
I am married with Liza and we have one baby boy . I am currently unemployed after 15 years and soon to be a succefull businessman!!
I am new to IM with no experience at all. If i can help new members or old in any way please dont hesitate to send me a message. We are always open :-)
Add me to your buddy list for quick refference.

I love playing soccer, go fishing and going out with my wife and friends on sunny days at the beach. I listen to classical music and my favorite composer is Bach. I play classical quitar and my teacher says that i am very good with only 2 years of studies and no prior experience.

P.S. This is my beautiffull dog. Her name is Kirki The other two photos were taken at Naxos island 3 years ago. Its a great island, one of the many best of Greece. Top destination for holidays!!! And at last my photo from our wedding after the ceremony!! For those who are not married yet i can tell you that wedding has a lot things in common with WA. It needs passion, learning, listening, understanding, taking action etc and you must have a lot of patience too :-)

P.S.1 Please take a look at my lens and rate them. I am far from being an expert but if someone wants me to take a look and rate your articles send me a message.
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Kirst Premium
Cool to have a new face here from a very different part of the world
I still think its amazing how people from all over the world can be so connected right here on WA.
just shows the potential we have to market it as affiliates.!
IT is a great place to learn and WA is a great place to be.
There is heaps of FREE info here.
Check out the MY SHARE for extra free tutorials and then the forum is a great place to hang out. Look at the sticky posts. They are the ones with the exclamation marks next to them! It took me a while to figure that out.
To reply to these posts, you have to click on the picture of the person you want to speak to!
see on the forum.
JimStrantz Premium
Thanks for your nice and warm welcome!! And also for your help to us newbies. Have a good day!!
Curtisnh Premium
Hi Dimitris: Welcome aboard. Nice pics. Curtis
Curtisnh Premium
Hi Dimitris...fiancee's name is Terry. Glad to meet you and also Glad to take a look at your lens after the weekend is over. curtis
JimStrantz Premium
Hi Curtis and fiance thanks and nice to meet you here!! I have addded you as my buddy and in case you need anything i would love to help. Also thanks for your comment about those photos. Naxos is really a wonderfull island and these photos can only capture just a piece of that. You have to swim at this beach and all the other fantastic beaches on this island to really understand what i am talking about. But enough now lets get back to work.... site Rubix is waiting :-) ........
Best regards.
JimStrantz Premium
Thanks Curtis and nice to meet you Terry . I wish you have a nice weekend and thank you in advance for going to take a look at my lenses :-) !!!
dandk Premium
Hello.... David & Katsue From Japan!

How are you doing? One step at a time...

Welcome to W.A. . "Newbies" no need to panic any more!

I work in W.A part time and I work it at my own pace, get the understanding, then I apply what I have learned here...
Then I work it until it works for me...

Few things to help you
1.Do not feel pressured or be in a hurry.

2.Take it one day at a time.

3.Use the forum and ask questions if you need help.

4.Go through the 8 week action plan and take your time and apply what you learn

5.Remember: This is a real business, do not try to make the quick cah Mentality and then Quit when it does not seem to work out.

6. Remember: People have to work the programs, people have to work their business.

7.You Can Make It Happen.

8.Stop program hopping.

9.Smile it will work out for you.


Drop me a line!

Pressing Forward & Not Looking Back!
David & Katsue
JimStrantz Premium
Dear Katsue and David thanks for your nice and warm welcome!! I really appreciate your 10 tips as well they are great and its exactly my kind of approach to WA too. If it was that easy to make money then everyone whould do it. I wish you both the best of success. Dimitris.
JimStrantz Premium
Dear d&k thanks for the gold!! I really appreciate it. I just looked at your lens and rated them. They look great. I became a fan too. If you like have a look at my lens. If you need help or anything please send me a message. Best Regards. Dimitris.
lrh1966 Premium
Hi Dimitris, and welcome to WA, I wish you the best here, and look forward to meeting you sometime at WA rallies.
JimStrantz Premium
Thanks for your nice welcome and i too hope we can find our ways through this maze and make it big time!!! If i can assist you somehow along the way please let me know and i ll do my best.. Best Regards.
kamaltaduri Premium
Welcome to WA. You made a rite choice. I am making good money promoting some top rated residual income systems under 1 single URL. If you are serious in making money online, I can send you the info. Its free to join. Thanks
JimStrantz Premium
Nice to meet you Kamal! I am not making any money here so far. if you have any valuable info and willing to share it that will be great. Send me the link to check them. I wish you the best of success. Dimitris.