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I received the following message from a fellow member of an affiliate marketing group I belong to,"Hello, I was wondering how you use Google, Bing, and Yahoo for affiliate links."When I first started to look for an affiliate marketing training course, I really didn't know anything. I knew I wanted to make money online, and I didn't want to have to invest much money upfront.I understood that I had a lot to learn, and like anything new you have to speak the language. Sometimes its just a matte
You know when I started this new adventure, I wanted to work from home and make money with the little bit of spare time that I have. I already have a full time job and work a little overtime. I also have a "side hustle" delivering on the weekend.When I started this I figured I might make a little side money, and I actually enjoyed learning something new. But I didn't realize I stumbled upon one of the best online buisinesses to start in. I really didn't know how exciting this new chapter wou
When I first started doing this just a few months ago, I would struggle wtih content. Now it seems like the words just fly out of my fingertips to be honest.I just finished a post to one of my websites, and I didn't really set out to make it that long, but before I knew it, it was exactly 2,100 words. I feel that it is quality content too.I really do enjoy doing this, and honestly, the money is just secondary. I don't even think about it. I guess I have found my niche.One thing I have been
I finished up the Online Entrepreneur Training earlier this week. I've been staying up late, till 1am and later, even though I get up at 6 am for work. I'm really glad I did, because I really am seeing more visitors each day. I have 4 websites that I'm working on, and that is probably 3 too many at my current level of skill.But pushing yourself is good, its nice to learn something new and apply it. Its been a while since I've been so focused on anything.I hope you share my level of enthusias
January 25, 2018
Slowly but steadily got through the training. I really like the way the classes are set up. These concepts are all new to me, and with a little help from the Wealthy Affiliate Community, I am actually started get some results.The late nights are sure to pay dividends for years to come, and I hope that one day I can put more hands in than hands out, and help new affiliates as much as people have helped me.Just going to get a quick cup of coffee, and press on.
December 19, 2017
I'm slowly progressing, actually working on 2 websites at once. Focus is on quality now.
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December 09, 2017
First sale on Amazon. Thank you God for the abundance in my life.
December 08, 2017
Hello, and welcome. So far it has been a very postitive experience here at Wealthy Affiliate. Just a few days after going premium, was ranked by Google. I am surprised how much I have learned so far. Hope to be surprised how much I EARN soon.
December 03, 2017
I'm super excited.
November 28, 2017
I used my side hustle money to build more side hustle. Wish me luck, I need it bad.