Wealthy Affiliate Member Testimonials 2016

Last Update: September 29, 2016

Wealthy Affiliate has to be the best online business training university in the world and I'm sure that all members here would agree.

Wealthy Affiliate Member Testimonials 2016

But what about those that have never heard of Wealthy Affiliate? They don't know if it's a scam or if it's legit. So, with lots of testimonials from real Wealthy Affiliate members it would be hard for anyone to doubt WA as the best place to learn marketing.

A reminder of what Wealthy Affiliate gives to all of the members.

  • Domain Registration
  • WordPress Websites
  • Free Hosting
  • Free Training to monetize a website in any niche
  • Free Keyword Tool
  • Access to the best online business community of like-minded individuals all helping out and being helped out.

Did I miss something on that list?

I'd like to ask for everyone reading to post a 1 paragraph testimonial below in the comments so that they can be used on other members' sites.

Wealthy Affiliate Member Testimonials 2016

Remember, if you leave a testimonial here keep it at about a paragraph. Also, keep in mind that anyone here at WA is able to copy and paste your testimonial and use it in a testimonial on their own website so you can't later turn around and say "hey, so and so used my testimonial on his website but I thought it was only going to be within Wealthy Affiliate.

So, if you believe in WA go ahead and leave a nice 1 paragraph testimonial on what WA is to you and how it's helped you.



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barbaraA Premium
What a blessing Wealthy Affiliates is! There are so many programs out there on the internet that do not have the integrity or the quality of Wealthy Affiliates.

The training is top notch.
The community is like a close-knit family. They are always there to answer your questions and support you.
You get 2 free websites when you sign up with opportunity for a total of 50 sites if you upgrade.
Hosting your sites comes with your membership.
Everything is done on a state of the art platform.

This is an organization that cares for its members.

angelam12368 Premium
Out of about 20 to 25 different work from home programs I have tried and flopped, I was out patience and money to no avail. In doing some intensive research, in May 2016, I came across Wealthy Affiliate program. Of course, I was very skeptical about this too, but what I notice in doing some research this program was totally different from the others, this is why:

• It is free to sign up
• Easy lessons to help walk you through setting up a website to making it work.
• It is very community oriented. You have countless of a person who cares about your success and keeping you motivated. The atmosphere is so welcoming.
• There are so many different ways to get information that you need from asking a forum, asking someone directly, live videos, and much more.

I've been a premium member since May 2016 and have two websites up and going. I'M STOKED!
JohnA78 Premium
It only took about two days as a free member of Wealthy Affiliate for me to decide to upgrade to Premium. Once I got to see just how much value there is here, it was a no brainer for me.
The two things that set this apart from any other course of study are the quality of the training and the community support.
I'd highly recommend this program to anybody looking to build a lasting online business centered around website creation and affiliate marketing.
KeithMaki Premium
Great idea!

I was searching the internet for a potential work at home way to make some money. I searched reviews and found a couple of options I was going to try - neither was Wealthy Affiliate yet - and so went out and looked at their sites. The first one was fishy and the second one would have cost me over $3000 with no guarantees of anything. I did one more check and came across Wealthy Affiliates. The seven day free trial with the free website setup, great training and awesome people had me sold on my third day here! It is an amazing place where you will learn all you need to know to get your business up and running!

Take care,

Jim-Bo Premium
Cheers Keith, go ahead and use any testimonials here on your site. I think best to do a screenshot to avoid plagiarism concerns, that way, no duplicate content.

just a thought.
Bryced19 Premium
I came upon Wealthy Affiliate 15 months ago while searching the internet for online opportunities. And this is after being involved with other online marketers for a long time. What impressed me about WA are the very things listed above plus all the help available from members of the community. Once I joined and realized that this was something special I quickly became a premium member. The two most important things about WA, in my mind, are; the training which covers everything necessary to make money online, and the interaction with other members in the community via the chat line, comments, feedback, etc.I feel confident that all the pieces are here to create a successful online business because there are so many members who have been enjoying success here for many years.
drjec Premium
While searching the internet for something new and interesting to study, I found an ad for WA and decided to try the starter membership. After completing the free lessons and successfully applying what I learned to creating a website, I moved to the premium membership for more access to training and membership expertise. I am excited about what I am learning daily at WA and thrilled to be able to apply what I learn to developing internet business.
angelam12368 Premium
Hi drjec, I was searching for testimonials for my landing page. I like how you describe your experience here also like that you have on a suit and look very professional. Do you mind if I screen shot your post to use as proof of WA? This is for my WA promotion landing page.

vanbot Premium
Wonderful idea Jimbo,

I started this training as a total technophobe, I really wanted to learn how to become an affiliate marketer but did not have any confidence when it came to building websites, collecting affiliate links, and the rest. Yes, I am still learning, do we ever stop?

I have got to say that I am really enjoying the training, and there are not many jobs I can say that about.:-))Steph
Jim-Bo Premium
feel free to use any testimonials u see below, Steph
vanbot Premium
Thank you, my darling man, that is so helpful-Steph
Sdaviscs1250 Premium
I have been very impressed with the training here at WA. I find it being very user-friendly. I don't have to read between the lines, no more jumping into a lesson and feel like I am drowning. The peer community is very helpful...by pointing you in the right direction, relating their experiences in what you may be wanting to do. I highly recommend any person who would like to build an online income, join WA asap.

Thankful WA member
Jim-Bo Premium
Before joining Wealthy Affiliate I was struggling with my first attempts at building a website. Since becoming a member I have learned WordPress, Keyword Research, On-Page SEO, and how to monetize my website. Joining as a free member is a no-brainer. Stop struggling to make money online and learn the right way.

James (Ambassador at Wealthy Affiliate)
timsproducts Premium
Since being with Wealthy Affiliate I have now got three websites two of which are now starting to see traffic.I could never have achieved this without the fantastic training and resources provided by the awesome owners and members at WA.
My optimism about making a living from online marketing grows daily and I would highly recommend that you come and join us,
VMahony Premium
Wealthy Affiliate provides the ultimate in tools, training and support. The training is continuously updated and reviewed as are the tools and extras. The Community support is unmatched. No other Affiliate Marketing group can compete with these most important advantages. Come to Wealthy Affiliate to create your own, personal websites and on line business. You will have all the help and support you need.