Thinking of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Last Update: May 19, 2020

Yes folks, I know the picture should have been of a Brunfelsia but could not find one. This predicament reminded me so of my late Dad who would not have it that these were called Marguerite s and not daisies. Oops, sorry Dad, while looking through my wonderful copy of "What Flower is That", I see that the botanical name is actually Chrysanthemum frutescens.

We learn something new every day.


Are you also #thinkingofyesterdaytodayandtomorrow? I know I am.

During this time of emotional turmoil, while the world seems to be spinning off its axis with the worry of the Covid19 virus, and all the lives affected by loss and hardship, it is hard not to think of the past, present and future.


Many people think that it is not good to dwell on the past but we can learn so much from what has gone before.


We can right past wrongs.

  • Apologize for misunderstandings
  • Realize that although we made mistakes, we can learn lessons from them.
  • Think back on the dreams we had for our future, and see how our ideas changed over the years.
  • Did we allow our lives to get out of kilter?
  • Sometimes we believed hype about how we look, and how we dress, what we own or don't own, made us who we are today.
  • Did this allowed us to lose self-confidence?
  • See how the world has changed since then, and how we changed with the ideas that we allowed into our lives. Where they good or bad?
  • What were our core values? How have they changed?
  • Where are the friends we held so dear? Are we still in touch?

We are living through a crisis which will affect each one of us in some way or the other.

Certainly, the way we live now, in lock down, will affect the way we see the natural world.

Make us aware of the importance of family and friends.

Realize that it is not things that makes us happy but the people we allow into our lives.

That we shall have to be more prudent with our finances in the future as the world goes through financial upheaval.

We shall, hopefully, put our affairs in order so that when the time of our demise comes, our family will not have more worries to deal with while in the throes of coping with loss.

Do you have a will in place?

Are you insured against death and dread disease? Make sure you know what your policies cover.

While you have the time, during lock down, you could use it to check on all these essential things which may have been on the back-burner for a while.

We know that many people have either lost their jobs or business, have reduced income or none at all. This is the time to speak to them of the wonderful opportunity of learning an online business. Wealthy Affiliate helped me to open my eyes to opportunities I never knew existed.

There must be thousands of people just like me all over this wonderful world of ours who could use the encouragement to join Wealthy Affiliate, and to take control of their future, and that of their family members.

Make contact with friends, and family, you may have neglected. Be concerned about their welfare. Everyone likes to know they are cared about.

Plan for the future you really want. Is there something you have always wanted to do?

Make this an exciting time of living in the present, enjoy being with your family, but also looking forward to new experiences.


After living through this time, we are sure to value each moment of every day.

Certainly, there will be challenges.

We will have lived through the greatest challenge I hope we shall ever have, and hopefully come through with so many plans, and ambitions for happiness in the future

Hopefully, it won't be long before we are able to walk in a forest (without a mask).

Be free to visit family and friends.

When I listen to the radio in the morning and hear the things people are missing, the thing that comes up most often is human contact.

To be able to see a smile on another face isn't easy to see when wearing a mask.

We have amazing times ahead of us.

Being able to hug your loved ones is more important than one can imagine.

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CStauber Premium
Thank you for your wonderful words of wisdom. I agree that we take so much for granted, even our Father in heaven who blesses us with so much. I look forward to building my new website and being able to travel to the places that I am posting about without masks or gloves.

Take care
JillAlexaVA Premium
Hi Charlotte,
Absolutely. We really are very blessed.
It will be a while before we can go anywhere without masks but imagine how wonderful it is going to be.
All the best with your new website.
Vickic3 Premium
I'm currently building my new Coaching site, Jill and I am so excited for the future.
More and more people are reaching out becasue of their emotional turbulence and I hope to be there for at least some of them along the way
Good to see you as always and thank you for such a warm and interesting post
Hugs rock!!
JillAlexaVA Premium
Hi Vicki, That sounds absolutely awesome and I wish you all the best for the new website. I am sure you will rock it.
Thanks for reading my post, and for the positive comments.
You rock, x Jill
JeffreyBrown Premium
I'm reorganizing my physical business for when things eventually get better, Jill!

Great post, my friend! I hope you are well and safe!

JillAlexaVA Premium
Hi Jeff, It is great to hear what everyone is doing at this time of enforced isolation. We really are given extra strength of character when we need it.
With the reorganization of your business, it is bound to be even better after this.
I am fine and trust that you are too.
Keep safe and healthy.
x Jill
JeffreyBrown Premium
Much appreciated, Jill! You certainly have the proper attitude with which to weather any storm!

Keep safe and enjoy the rest of your week!

MiaL Premium
Thanks Jill. I always enjoy reading your posts. I hope you’re keeping well.
JillAlexaVA Premium
Hi Mia, Thank you for being so positive about my posts. I have been a bit slack lately. Getting on with much-needed household things.
I pray that you will keep well and happy during this difficult time.
With love,
Kav Premium
There are indeed lots of challenges but there's hope for the best.
JillAlexaVA Premium
Hi Kav, You are right about that. There is always hope. We are so blessed to have the strength to get through challenging times and come out smiling.
Wishing you all the best,