Don't Be Afraid To Change Your Blog Niche

Last Update: May 29, 2020

After reading Heidi's wonderful, thought-provoking blog, "What is your superpower" I was moved to look long, and hard at the reasoning behind me choosing my niche when I joined Wealthy Affiliate.

As a total newbie with anything to do with the computer, and internet joining Wealthy Affiliate opened up a new world to me. When starting my training with so many things to learn, and try to absorb into my aged brain I chose the niche according to my love of art, craft and sewing.


As time went by I added more and more interests to that niche but it was not giving me the same feeling of satisfaction and joy I had when I began it.

This blog that Heidi wrote piqued my interest and inspired me sit up and really think of the reasons I was becoming disenchanted with what I was doing. It was the wake-up call I needed. I may say the answer did not come to me overnight,

I thought long and hard about the reasons I had chosen this ever growing niche and why it did not satisfy me.

AT LONG LASTThe realization came to me like a lightning bolt, I felt that I was not helping people as has always been my passion.

Certainly I loved the things I wrote about. That would not change. The thing is, they were part and parcel of what interested me. They are not who I am or what inspires me to be who I am.

This realization has made me change my niche to "Home and Family".

It is the relationships with others that make me who I truly am.


Goodness me, Heidi, that was a tricky one for me. I have never thought of myself as having a super power. These are the things that made me choose my new niche. After reading them, I hope it becomes clear as to why I chose it.

  • Age - I am of an age where I have had many experiences, good and bad, have learned from them, and hopefully can share some that will help someone else.
  • Experience - of owning and running small businesses. Learned some of the joys and pitfalls.
  • Worked - in a number of companies - learned from them, and survived them all.
  • For my sins - I married a man who worked in a bank, but after many years was called to the ministry. We ministered together for almost 40 years to many people. This valuable experience taught me the importance of sharing with others in good and bad times. Through weddings, baptism, celebrations to loss of family members, illness, divorce, depression, suicide, anger, anxiety, financial ruin. To be entrusted with many confidences, shared experiences with people we loved was very special.
  • Caring for the elderly - my parents moved in with us when the children were still living at home. Dad was with us for 10 years, suffered dementia, and Mum was with us for 20 years before, at the age of 92 moving to New Zealand to my oldest sister. The loss of both of these dear people was difficult.
  • Dealing with change - the same man who cared so much for the people he was pastor to, has Lewy Body Disease, which has resulted in him being in a fail care home for four years. He does not know anyone, is not capable of doing anything for himself at all. Heartbreaking for his entire family.
  • Loving and caring - for the three wonderful children I am blessed with, seven obviously amazing grandchildren, the many four legged children we have had during our 56years of marriage has given me so much joy, experience and overwhelming love.

One can't turn off the caring switch so it can be shared with many who may need a little encouragement to get through their days.

Caring, may be my Super Power, Heidi. I do hope so.



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laurenjean Premium Plus
Aaah, caring could definitely be considered one of your superpowers, Ma. And enthusiasm and inspiration and creativity.

You taught all of us children the value of working towards your dreams, setting goals and achieving them.

You've accomplished so much in your life as a serial entrepreneur and as a wonderful Mom. To me, your superpower was being SuperMompreneur. You balanced it all with such seeming ease and so much passion.
JillAlexaVA Premium
Ah! Thank you my darling.
JosonInc Premium
Re-grouping at midstream when we realize we are crossing the wrong river is never a bad decision.

It takes strength and guts to carry out tough decisions.

Tough decisions take us to the right path and eventually back to the path of passion and success.

JillAlexaVA Premium
Thanks Joe. It does take courage.
All the best to you.
LindaBaxter Premium
Great Food 4 Thought, Jill. Thanks for sharing!
JillAlexaVA Premium
Hi Linda, It was time I changed direction.
Thank you for commenting on my post. All the best.
mmonterola Premium
Awesome decision Jill! Good luck on your new journey.

JillAlexaVA Premium
Thank you Maria. It is a big decision to make a change but I am sure it is right for me.
Life is full of possibilities.
All the best.
CStauber Premium
Hello Jill, what a full life you have had. I think your niche is perfect for you. You have so much knowledge and wisdom to give to the younger generation, which is what our Father teaches us to do.

Take care
JillAlexaVA Premium
Hi Charlotte, Thank you so much for your encouragement. It will be a challenge to open myself to a new niche but I am sure it is the right time to do this.
It really feels as though I am being led in this direction by the Lord.
With love,