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What better place to go to #answerquestionsaskaquestion than on the Wealthy Affiliate platform, besides what one of the nurses in the frail care facility where my husband is, calls Mr Google.What would we do without either of these amazing resources?We have so many questions buzzing around in our heads, day in and day out, but don't always know exactly how to put them in words.When these are related to the work you are doing on Wealthy Affiliate there are so many people willing and able to give
January 14, 2021
How many of you still make New Year's resolutions? If you do, how long is it before they are forgotten about?We all start the year off with so many hopes and dreams. We even go so far as to write them down. Perhaps even tell someone what your resolutions are for the year.BUTLet us be honest about the reasons we don't achieve what we set out to accomplish, #iknowwhysodoyou. Yes, I have had time to contemplate the reasons I don't achieve the goals I set for myself. What happened to all my plans f
December 10, 2020
When you haven't done something for a while, it takes a lot of courage to get "#backinthesaddleagain". I found that out early in life when I belonged to the riding club as a child and had been thrown by my trusty steed. The feeling of dread and knowing it could happen again was paralyzing until I was encouraged by the trainer and hefted up into the saddle again.With adrenalin pumping, off the horse would gallop, with me hanging frantically on the reins, hoping against hope that I wouldn't hit t
August 03, 2020
Before getting up to work in the morning, I settle down under the covers, with a cup of coffee and plan my day. If it is Monday, I like to plan the week ahead. So with that in mind I decide #whatsontoday, how long will each task take?PLAN AND ACTIONWell, dear friends, all I can say is you can plan all you like, but putting them into action is another thing entirely.Today, began just like every other day. I had great plans mapped out. I had done my meditation and affirmations for the day. Good s
June 24, 2020
Hello to all my Wealthy Affiliate friends, I want to ask you #haveyouever experienced a miracle?Now I know that I should be PC, and I am not talking religion as I know that is taboo but the question is still the same.Have you ever???Years ago when we, as a family arrived in Pinelands, my daughter came home the one day and asked, Mom what is a P.K.Well, coming from the then Rhodesia, I was horrified as an outside toilet was called a P.K. One of her brothers informed us that it was Preacher's Ki
June 01, 2020
During this time of lock down we have become aware of how just #alittlebit of encouragement will go a long way.Can you imagine how little your business would grow if you didn't have fellow members of Wealthy Affiliate, your family and friends to urge you on to new heights?Reading other peoples posts and learning so much about how they are growing their business and confidence, is such a wonderful thing to witness. This in itself is encouraging especially to the newer members of Wealthy Affiliat
After reading Heidi's wonderful, thought-provoking blog, "What is your superpower" I was moved to look long, and hard at the reasoning behind me choosing my niche when I joined Wealthy Affiliate. As a total newbie with anything to do with the computer, and internet joining Wealthy Affiliate opened up a new world to me. When starting my training with so many things to learn, and try to absorb into my aged brain I chose the niche according to my love of art, craft and sewing.MOVING ALONGAs time
In the history of the world we have never known a time like this. If the question #whatisthefuturefortechnology was posed, even 50 years ago, the answer would be very different to the answer we would give today.The technology we have now has evolved and still is evolving in ways we can't even imagine.Did you know that Josephine Cochrane invented the dish washing machine in 1839? This fact I learned when I was doing research for a post on the definition of an entrepreneur.So much has happened s
Yes folks, I know the picture should have been of a Brunfelsia but could not find one. This predicament reminded me so of my late Dad who would not have it that these were called Marguerite s and not daisies. Oops, sorry Dad, while looking through my wonderful copy of "What Flower is That", I see that the botanical name is actually Chrysanthemum frutescens.We learn something new every day.PERHAPS???Are you also #thinkingofyesterdaytodayandtomorrow? I know I am. During this time of emotional t
April 12, 2020
THE BOTTOM LINE IS WHAT?Do you know that #thebottomlineiswhat you earn, minus all the ongoing expenses which usually get taken off for medical, rental, insurances, car payments and any other ongoing expenses.After all that has gone, what you are left with is, the bottom line.The money you are going to use in ways you choose.LEARN TO BE RESOURCEFUL WITH YOUR MONEY Learning the art of resourcefulness is essential is you want to create a way to increase the bottom line.Instead of living pay check