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Today I am changing my G+ profile from a personal profile to a G+ Brand Page. This is done in to be ahead of events in case Google determines that my profile is in violation with their terms and conditions.I created the G+ profile as a separate personal profile, in addition to my long time personal G+ profile, for use with my endeavours here on WA. It is not against Google's terms and conditions to have multiple profiles, but when a personal profile appears more like a 'company' page then a per
December 20, 2016
Well, after going Premium a few weeks ago, I now have a website and a direction.In fact I have multiple directions, because new ideas turn up all the time. But for now I will stick to one, and make notes of the rest and pick them up later.In addition to learning a lot about the foundation for being an affiliate and having a website, I have learned a lot about time management. Of course I knew a lot before, but I also knew that time fly by fast when you fiddle with your website and try to learn
November 25, 2016
Well it's been 8 months since I started up on WA with the free plan. Then suddenly "real life" came along, I got an new job and I got quite busy with that.It was a "don't quit your day job" philosophy, a bit defensive maybe when you look on it from the WA point of view, but I kinda like to play it safe and WA was put aside for a while.Now, my job is stabilized and I am in control of both working hours and tasks, and time opens up to catch up on WA. In addition, the Black Friday offer made me g