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I am writing this blog today to inform those of you who are affiliates of Amazon. I received a notice today informing me that if I should live in the state of Minnesota, as of July 1st, you will be terminated as an affiliate with Amazon.I believe that their are many WA members that are Amazon Affiliates.Currently there are six states that are closed to becoming an Amazon Affiliate and they are:Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota, North Caroling & Rhode Island.If you should live in any of the
I was away for the week-end and when I returned I found out that I had record sales for one day on Amazon using SEO. Our websites sold 16 items, generating $1,631.02 in revenue and earned $106.02 for one day at 6.5%. I just wanted to share this information with my WA family members. By the way, we are on track to brake records for income generated, sales, and earnings for 2013 over 2012. By following all of the rules for SEO that is being taught at Wealthy Affiliate University, which is hav
February 04, 2013
I just like to share with my fellow WA online marketers that I experienced a record day in sales on February 3, 2013. My wife and I only do SEO and we are an affiliate with Amazon. The revenue for one day was about $1,000 and we earned in commissions $51.27 for one day. If we did this every day, we would earn almost $19,000 for the year. I am very excited about this accomplishment.So far for the year, we are running 3 months ahead of what we were doing last year. If you follow the training and u
Hi everyone!I just wanted to share with you that I made my first sale of a product using the free domain. I was quite excited. So, I wanted to inform WA members that following the SEO principles being taught at WA you can make money using the free SiteRubix domain sites.Good luck to everyone and have a great holiday season.
November 18, 2012
I have gotten a few comments about the Amazon Affiliate Program and how can you tell if your state is exempted from the affiliate program. So, I decided to share it with all WA members and those that follow me.The Amazon Affiliate program offers commissions on products their affiliates sell using their personal website. What is not known is if your state where you reside is exempted from this program. Here is the phone number that you can call to find out if your state is exempted from their aff
November 01, 2012
I am an affiliate of Amazon where I sell products for Amazon and they pay me a fee for each product sold. I would like to share with those of you who have not joined the Amazon Affiliate program as to what is the fee structure when a product is sold using your unique code.Here is the breakdown for the Amazon fee structure for items shipped in a month:Items Shipped Rate (Commission)1-6 4%7-30 6%31-110
October 02, 2012
I am writing this blog as I have noticed and may be you have also, that my websites are getting less traffic. My wife received an email and I want to share it with the WA community.This email talks about Google announcing a new algorithm change in which it will reduce low-quality "exact match" domains in the search results. This is according to Matt Cutts of Google's talk at PubCon.Basically, what happened over the week-end was sites with low-quality that ranked high in the search engines, n
If you are an avid user of FileZilla like I am, you may have experienced a situation when you began to FTP a file from a server and then stopped it. When you did this, you queued up files in the FileZilla queue. If you log out without removing them, they will stay in the queue until they are removed or deleted.This blog is written to assist new users of FileZilla on how to delete (remove) queued up files already in the FileZilla queue.Follow the steps below:1. Launch the Filezilla program.2. Cli
As a recent new member of Pinterest, I am writing this blog for those of you who may be thinking is it worth the effort to establish an Pinterest account. My answer is yes!I just took a class on this new sociable media this week. I was fooling around in the Pinterest dashboard and found some images on my niche. Check out the keyword phrase on Google and found that the Pinterest "board" was ranked on the first page. Started me to think about my niche and I am now working on promoting it using Pin
Some of you in WA may have received an email from Amazon informing you that you can no longer be an affiliate because of your state instituting an online sales tax and at a certain date they will discontinue you as an affiliate and can no longer receive any commissions.I received an email from Amazon informing me of this in my state of Illinois. This blog I am writing to help those who have websites that were earning good commissions but can no longer sell anything because of the Amazon restrict