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Today in history gives birth to the concepts of internet messaging and internet surveillance. This is something that is really relevant.Internet Messaging Is Born on February 16, 1977On this day in history, Ward Christensen and Randy Suess launched the first public dialup bulletin board system (BBS). In theory one could call BBSes from anywhere in the world, but since the connection was chargeable, BBSers tended to limit communication to local BBSers. The Precursor To Twitter and Live ChatBut B
February 15, 2021
On February 15 we find something from the past and recognize something in the present. Yes, YouTube is in the news on this day in history.From The Distant PastOn this date in 1934, Niklaus Wirth, the inventor of the programming language Pascal, is born in Winterhur, Switzerland. From 1975 to 1999, Wirth was a professor of computer science at the Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich. Of course professors like to challenge themselves and their students, so he created Pascal as a tool for teach
On this date in 1946, John Mauchly and J. Presper Eckert unveiled the much-anticipated ENIAC, Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer, at the University of Pennsylvania. Actually the US military used it from 1943-1945 but it was not available for the general public until February 14, 1946, It boasted tremendous power compared to its contemporaries by calculating 5,000 operations per second. That’s 1,000 times faster than its contemporaries. Its speed boost came about because it used
On this date in computer history, Apollo Computer becomes an incorporated entity in 1980 in Chelmsford, Massachusetts.They had their hay day in history from 1980 to 1987 manufacturing network workstations used in engineering with 1986 being their best sales year ever exceeding quarterly sales of $100 million worldwide. At the end of 1987, Apollo ranked third in market share after Digital Equipment Corporation and Sun, but ahead of Hewlett-Packard and IBM. By 1989 the Hewlett-Packard Company acq
The Younger Generation Makes A DifferenceThings may start slow but momentum builds. And you don’t have to be classified as an adult to make a difference. At the age of 13 Jonathan Young cofounded the Boston Computer Society in his high school library. The group was determined to demystify personal computers. Their early topics of discussion included Community Use of Personal Computers and Taking a Minicomputer to the Racetrack. The group started small with only four in attendance, but eve
On this day in computer history we see the RAND Corporation take the Johnniac Open Shop System (JOSS) out of service.Was JOSS No Good?In 1959 W.H. Ware suggested that the future of information was in the ability for multiple people to be located at different locations and yet interact with one BIG computer processor. JOSS was touted as allowing up to 10 users at “hardware stations” to access the machine interactively with a simplified programming language and allowing programmers to
What In The World Is ASCC To SSEC?In 1948 news hit the streets slowly. They had no internet like we know it today to speed up delivery of important information for the common man. On February 10, 1948 it was announced that Thomas J. Watson, of IBM, achieved his goal of doing something for the common business man. It took 15 days for the news to be published broadly. On January 27, 1948 Thomas achieved his goal of taking the Harvard Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator (ASCC) and converted i
Actually it’s an inventor’s birth that marks this day in history: David Wheeler was born February 9, 1927. In 1951 he introduced this new concept.So What In The World Is The Wheeler JumpWell its inventor had efficiency in mind. Rather than repeat the same code over and over in different programs that needed to use the same program lines, he created subroutines. The subroutine, which contained reused program lines was stored in a programming library. It could be called into any progr
The following happening is crucial for the financial world, but not so much for content marketers.Why do I say the financial world?This is the day, February 8, 1945 that a Patent is Filed for the Harvard Mark I. by C.D Lake, H.H. Aiken, F.E. Hamilton, and B.M. Durfee. The Mark I was a large automatic digital computer that could perform the four basic arithmetic functions and handle 23 decimal places. Doing multiplication took about five seconds. I remember working with Mark4 and it was filling
Since we all work with computers and depend upon their technology, I thought it might be interesting to learn what happened today in computer technology history.February 7th Computer Technology HappeningFebruary 7, 1956 Doug Ross presented a paper on Gestalt Programming at the Western Joint Computer Conference in Los Angeles. His presentation highlighted the concept of taking the 3 phases of human endeavor: concept, expression and execution and associating them with the use of a special machine