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On this day in history in 1951, the US Census Bureau received the first UNIVAC 1 Computer, with a signed contract, to process its data. This immensely helped the tabulation process because the UNIVAC was capable of processing 4,000 items per minute. Necessity Is The Mother Of InventionBut to get to this point the US Census Bureau experienced a rocky road. Before the 1870’s the counting was done by hand and experienced much inaccuracy and over run budgets. By 1890 the Bureau realized doin
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On this day in history in 1986, Microsoft began trading stock on the NASDAQ stock exchange. The initial public offering was set at $28 dollars a share. Bill Gates and his genius were already well known by then so Microsoft raised almost 61 million dollars on that first day. $1000 Now Worth $1.6 MillionCNBC did the calculations and announced that if you had invested $1,000 in Microsoft’s IPO, today it would be worth more than $1.6 million today with the inclusion of price appreciation and
Today I had a 5523 word WordPress Post to edit and needed to find a specific word. I didn't like spending time trying to find it so looked for a faster way.Here's what I foundUsing CRTL with key " F" brings up a search box (watch for the flashing cursor at the top) while editing a WordPress post or page.After typing in my chosen word in the search box, the word was hightlighted in the edited document.This makes finding words so much easier in LONG WordPress documents. Check out
Before this date in 1992, predictions were buzzing in the computer world because the Michelangelo virus was predicted to reach enormous proportions. It was predicted it would affect all personal computers that relied on a disk to boot the DOS system. Guess Who Led The PredictionsOf course if you saw a forecasted problem and you had a solution, what would you do? Antivirus pioneer John McAfee certainly helped get the word out by estimating the virus could infect as many as 5 million computers. T
March 08, 2021
On this day in 1993 the talking Toshiba T1000 laptop computer helps a blind college student earn his degree. Before the laptop’s emergence Robert Antunez struggled mightily to complete his course requirements at UCLA. Finally after 15 years the Toshiba T1000 laptop computer helped him complete his bachelor's degree in political science. It worked for him as a blind person because it ran with Artic Vision hardware (known as the Braille monitor).It wasn’t cheap ($800) or light (6.4 po
Today in history, 1956, An Wang sold his core memory patent to IBM for $500,000. The price tag was low because the magnetic core was used for 20 years before something new was invented. In the mid 1970's, the magnetic core memory was replaced by integrated transistor based semiconductor RAM. Semiconductors are also known as a computer chip or integrated circuit. Was The Change To A Computer Chip Good?Yes, in some ways it was good, but in other ways it was not. The magnetic core magnetic core do
Today in history, 1975, the Homebrew Computer Club had its first official meeting in a garage in Menlo Park, California. The club started with a noble purpose: increase interest in and practice building a home computer, known as the Altair 8800, from a kit. Thirty microcomputer hobbyists met with the founders Fred Moore and Gordon French the first meeting. The club and others like it led to a burgeoning popularity of the personal computer. A generation of techies were inspired to explore compu
Back on this day in computer history in 1993, the Japanese Supercomputer, competes with the Cray Supercomputer, and surpasses it in speed. Cray found it difficult to accept the fact that his claim to the faster computer since 1986, was being challenged. He volunteered to test the Japanese Supercomputer to see if the claims were true, but never received an invite. The Fugaku, Another Kanji Alternative For Mount FujiThis brings back memories because I lived in Japan for five years and learned ho
On this day in history 1996, Silicon Graphics Incorporated buys Cray Research for $767 million. The low price tag was due to Cray’s need to file bankruptcy. A Mastermind With A PassionThe Cray Computer Corporation was incorporated in 1989 because its mastermind saw success with the Cray Y-MP, the super computer capable of 2.67 billion calculations per second. This was significant for defense, meteorological, and scientific investigations during the Cold War. Cray’s passion for utili