Record Amazon Sales Using SEO!

Last Update: February 04, 2013
I just like to share with my fellow WA online marketers that I experienced a record day in sales on February 3, 2013. My wife and I only do SEO and we are an affiliate with Amazon. The revenue for one day was about $1,000 and we earned in commissions $51.27 for one day. If we did this every day, we would earn almost $19,000 for the year. I am very excited about this accomplishment.

So far for the year, we are running 3 months ahead of what we were doing last year. If you follow the training and use the tools that WA offers, you too can become successful.

I just wanted to share my success with my followers and all of WA.

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Nice job, if you keep repeating the process on other deep keywords you will likely attain some consistent income. This whole process is about quality informative sites very sharply focussed on what people are looking for. Once you get that just keep repeating it for related niches that is when quantity is required to even up the sales.
veronica.l Premium
Congratulations, keep up the great work!!
EnjoyLife Premium
Alright! Good Work.
Good stuff George! love hearing about successes people are having
MikeyT Premium
Congratulations - It's a great feeling!!