Follow-Up SEO Record Amazon Sales!

Last Update: August 13, 2013

I was away for the week-end and when I returned I found out that I had record sales for one day on Amazon using SEO. Our websites sold 16 items, generating $1,631.02 in revenue and earned $106.02 for one day at 6.5%.

I just wanted to share this information with my WA family members.

By the way, we are on track to brake records for income generated, sales, and earnings for 2013 over 2012.

By following all of the rules for SEO that is being taught at Wealthy Affiliate University, which is having rich content, your site will generate visitors who will buy. Our sites have generated sales now for nine consecutive days which is a record for us. Our sites are averaging over 200 visitors per day in the month of April and on April 18th, we had over 600 visitors.

I wish each of you the same experience!

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David_S Premium
Nice work George! I bought an Amazon sales site but haven't done much work with it as of yet. What worked best for you?
wtbee2013 Premium
That is great news!!!! good work and congratulations
fol8 Premium
Hi George, congrats on the success of your sites! Good to hear that you are on track to break records in 2013 over 2012:). Love to read such posts, very inspiring:)
Salem Premium
Well done. I have trickle in sale via Amazon widgets but not that much in one day. Very happy for you. Congrats.
neilrc Premium
That's brilliant news and great to see you are seeing big results from your efforts George. Welldone! I too had massive results with Amazon from my Christmas squidoo lenses throughout November and December, and it does work :)