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Last Update: November 18, 2012
I have gotten a few comments about the Amazon Affiliate Program and how can you tell if your state is exempted from the affiliate program. So, I decided to share it with all WA members and those that follow me.

The Amazon Affiliate program offers commissions on products their affiliates sell using their personal website. What is not known is if your state where you reside is exempted from this program. Here is the phone number that you can call to find out if your state is exempted from their affiliate program: 1-800-372-8066. Ask the rep on the phone if your state is on the exempted list.

They will tell you yes or no.

If yes, I highly recommend that you consider becoming a business owner in a state that is not exempted from their list.

My state of Illinois is on this list. I am a business owner in the state of Missouri as an LLC company. I would read all about how you can do this by using the web. Check out the LLC rules for the state that you are considering on becoming a business owner in before making any commitments. I would find out all of the fees and what is required. After you have found out this information, decide on which state is best for you. It helps to have a relative living in the state so you will not have to pay an agent fee.

I just wanted to share this information with the WA community.

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Jestherm Premium
Thank George....
Very good information, thank you, I was going to call Amazon tomorrow about their recently "excluded list for affiliates". I'll make two calls now. Thank you
firstburn Premium
but what if your country is not represented there can you still join their affiliates
I am a member of the US Amazon site and reside in Canada, they still pay me and there are no issues with that. So I believe you can be a member from outside of the country, but check the Amazon Rules on this as not all countries may allow you to receive commissions from an outside country. It would be as well to ask a lawyer and/or accountant from your own country too to be sure before you put too much effort into this.
firstburn Premium
Thanks the Dressage Husband
mama2karsten Premium
Thanks George
Sir William Premium
Hi, and thanks, I had looked into it at one time but have not used amazon it yet, so I looked into it again, this is probably something that is going to be constantly changing. Definitely something worth checking out. take care