Amazon Affiliate Fee Structure

Last Update: November 01, 2012
I am an affiliate of Amazon where I sell products for Amazon and they pay me a fee for each product sold. I would like to share with those of you who have not joined the Amazon Affiliate program as to what is the fee structure when a product is sold using your unique code.

Here is the breakdown for the Amazon fee structure for items shipped in a month:

Items Shipped Rate (Commission)
1-6 4%
7-30 6%
31-110 6.5%
111-320 7%
321-630 7.5%
631-1570 8%
1571-3130 8.25%
3131+ 8.5%

Referral fees for desktops, laptops and notebooks are limited to a maximum of $25 per unit sold.

There you have it, the fee structure. I highly recommend that you join Amazon Affiliate program and start earning some extra income. By following WA's courses, you should be selling Amazon products very successfully.

What is nice about this program is you do not have to house any of the products or take care of shipping and dealing with returns. If someone should return an item sold using your code, Amazon just subtracts the amount from your commission to be paid to you 60 days later.
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Shawn Martin Premium
Thanks for the info
Cool tip !
jkellernm Premium
George, what might be the not-so-obvious pitfalls of the Amazon Affiliate program in your experience?
Many thanks,
Salem Premium
Thanks, George. I wonder if anyone has tried their PPC yet and, if so, their opinion.
Hudson Premium
Good recommendation - joined the Amazon Affiliate Program myself about two weeks ago. There is such a wide spectrum of items at Amazon, that it enables you to monetize many different aspects of your site which previously I was struggling to do,