Yay! S$10,143.80 Sale - Another Google Adwords Campaign Success!

Last Update: Dec 15, 2016


Hello WA Family

Sometimes we just don't know how fortunate we are at Wealthy Affiliate ... I find myself learning so much during my 2-year stay here, lol. :)

In October, I shared my awesome success with my Google Adwords campaign :


Today, I would like to share my wonderful success again ... I have targeted 8 keywords with a budget of S$150 monthly and I am so pleased to report :

My December sales using google adwords campaign : S$10,143.80 (3 sales)

Total spending on google adwords for Dec 1- Dec 15 : S$82.93 for 72 clicks, CTR 2.43%

(I just received few days ago the 50% cheque of S$3,638 for the one of the sale of S$7,276.00)

Isn't this amazing? lol. :)

As I mentioned earlier, in reality, Wealthy Affiliate teaches us how to build a successful website and how to monetize our sites!! Awesome, isn't it? :)

So, my dear friends, don't take for granted what we can learn here and let us be hard working and apply it on our online business!!

Here are some awesome training here :




Am I excited? You bet!! lol. Maybe it is time for me to scale it up!! :)

Wealthy Affiliate training rocks!!

Thank you so much, Wealthy Affiliate!!

Let 2017 be an amazing and prosperous year for all of us!! :)

To Your Massive Success!

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Amazing! Congratulation JewelCarol!
You are real jewel, LOL
All The Best!

Haha... That is nice, thank you Leonard!:)

This is amazing! Congrats!

Yes, it is, thank you Aloha!:)

Oh yes thank you for WA and accomplishing two website And looking in to paid traffic wonderful news JewelCarol

Hey Edward, thank you, that is great, I wish you success in yr future paid traffic.:)

Wow! That is awesome Jewel. I hope early in the new year I'll be reporting a similar outcome. Thanks for sharing.

Nice, thank you Gaylene! Yes, I look forward to yr see yr success posts!!:)

Hi Jewel that's wonderful news. Maybe I will get there some day. You'rd an inspiration. Congratulations

Hey Yvonne, thank you, yes, you will, but have to diligently follow the training.:)

Thats pretty awesome Roi! Great job!

Yes, it is, thank you John!:)

Congrats Jewel! AWESOME job :-)

Nice, thank you Paul!:)

Wow, great! Really well done!
Congrats! :))


Awesome, thank you Gerlinde!:)

Congratulations, Jewel, well done to you :)

Thank you Tosh!:)

Wow, Jewel! That's awesome - well done!

Thank you Stephen!:)

Thank you Asir!:)

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