Yay! My Sale S$9,465.22 Yesterday - Google Adwords Campaign Success!

Last Update: July 20, 2017

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I have failed many times in the past trying very hard to do Google Adwords campaign ...I could have given up, but I didn't ... I thought, why not try again? And I am glad I did!! :)

I started trying Google Adwords campaign again last month September and I am very excited and extremely happy with my results!! :)

Yesterday, my customer paid a 50% deposit for the two items below. I am so excited!

I hope to share this to encourage you, Wealthy Affiliate has the best platform to learn all about internet marketing ...

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to build a successful website and how to monetize yr sites, and how to attract traffic with low competition keywords to put on yr sites!!

And the ultimate "guarantee" result is you will make sales and commissions from yr websites!!

We are a small local manufacturer for LED lights intelligent systems, energy savers, media and product creation, etc. :)

Case Study:

1) LED light bulb, Searches 5645, Traffic 960, QSR 203, Article 8.8, PPC Power 7.25

2) LED T8 tube lights, Searches 120, Traffic 21, QSR 188, Article Power 7.6, PPC 7.05

Results : Sept'16 :

1) LED light bulb, 63 clicks, Cost S$57.11, CTR 5%, Av CPC S$0.91, Av. Pos. 1.7

2) LED T8 tube lights, 5 clicks, Cost S$3.33, CTR 6.02%, Av CPC S$0.67, Av Pos. 1.2

Sept : 1 sale (S$1,280.00)

Results: Oct'16

1) LED light bulb, 16 clicks, Cost S$18.90, CTR 4.78%, Av. CPC S$1.18, Av. Pos. 2.1

2) LED T8 tube lights, 1 click, Costs S$0.59, CTR 8.33%, Av Pos. 1.0

October: My sale using google adwords campaign : S$9,465.22 (1 sale)

Total spending on google adwords for Sept/Oct : S$152.72 + S$36.94 = S$189.66

Total sales for this adwords campaign : S$1280.00 + S$9465.22 = S$10,745.22

(Only the above 2 products produced sales, I advertised for 10 products, daily cost: S$5/daily)

Training on Google Adwords below, it will definitely work if done correctly. :)



Am I over the moon? You bet!! lol. :)

Never underestimate the power of Wealthy Affiliate's awesome teaching!

So, my beloved friends, never ever give up, okay? :)

Thank you very much everyone!!

I appreciate this community very much!!

Thanks a million, Wealthy Affiliate!!

Wealthy Affiliate Rocks!! Yay!!

Be Patient, Persistent & Positive!!

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ShallyK Premium
Congratulations!!! Shally
JewelCarol Premium
Hey Shally, thank you!! ;)
Toshmack Premium
Hi Jewel,
Absolutely fantastic news and I wish you the very best in all you're endeavours :)
Cheers Tosh.
JewelCarol Premium
Hey Tosh, you are kind, thank you!! ;)
NathalieJG Premium
Wow! Such an achievement!
I am very happy for you.
I know WA is the best place to be.
Thank you for sharing.
JewelCarol Premium
Hey Nathalie, thanks very much for yr kind words! You are right, WA has the best platform to learn and earn, lol. :)
johnwai Premium
Hi Jewel,

It's amazing to see how the teachings of WA work for those that start from scratch and those who have a business already.

Excellent results, thanks for sharing :)

JewelCarol Premium
Exactly! Now, I can scale it up if I want to, lol. Thank you John!! :)
Loes Premium
I do like posts like this:)
JewelCarol Premium
Thanks so much, my dear Loes!! :)