Today I Am Smiling, Thank You Usiba!

Last Update: March 24, 2017

Hello WA Family

I am truly touched by Usiba ...

Why, you may ask? Take a look at his comments for me below ..

Comments from Usiba :

1) My pleasure. I'll support you to stay Ambassador.

2) Tomorrow you'll move up from 25 to at least 23.

3) 100+ likes for you.

4) I'm so happy for you.

Would you smile too if you have such a supportive and awesome follower? :)

If you have not followed Usiba, pls go now :

Thanks very much Usiba! You are awesome! :)

I am so appreciative of yr kindness and efforts!! :)

And to my beloved friends, thank you so much for making my online journey an enjoyable one!! :)

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kasage00 Premium
thanks for sharing!
JewelCarol Premium
My pleasure, thanks Karin.:)
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Jewel.
JewelCarol Premium
You are welcome, Roger, thanks.:)
AGOgden Premium
How reaffirming!
JewelCarol Premium
Yes, Arthur, thank you.:)
paulgoodwin Premium
Wonderful to read and wonderful to see his small king face and you are both wonderful WA team players
JewelCarol Premium
That is nice, thanks Paul.:)
iscool78 Premium
It's really awesome that we have people like that around us!

I'm really happy for you Jewel, you deserve it!

Have a great day!
JewelCarol Premium
Yes, we have awesome people here! Thanks Israel. Have a nice day.:)