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September 11, 2019
9/11. We must never forget. Always remember the fallen. Remember those unfortunate who happened to be in those towers on that infamous day.Remember those who lost their lives needlessly in Flights 11, 175, and 77. The latter crashed in to the Pentagon. Remember the unwavering courage and heroism of the Passengers who took down United Airlines Flight 93 into a field in Pennsylvania, a plane that was targeted for the White House. Gently leave a rose at your doorstop, on a fountain, in a field.O
Folks, I suppose by now you’ve heard me say this ad nauseum.For the past 3 months I’ve been saying I would check my Site Rank rankings for my young website. But until today had not done so. At first I said I would check them when I reached between 50-60 posts.I didn’t want to obsess over my rankings. I simply wanted to focus only on my writing without being distracted by them.So by the time I reached my 60th post, I completely forgot about checking them. More like intentionall
September 07, 2019
Why would I ask you to take my Home Page A/B test? Read to the end of this post, and you will clearly see why. But first matters first. Let me give you the reason of this post. Although I am beginning to see some decent traffic and am getting some nice conversions for my new site, I noticed something that in my Google Search Console that was quite concerning: my bounce rate was way too high.Note: This is not my bounce rate, but is only a representative example. What could it be? Why was my bou
Hey Folks,Have you noticed the NEW design changes in your Personal profile here at WA?At first I had to do a "double take" but couldn't help but noticing these design changes, and they are on all the profiles now: Everyone's top right side personal profile pic area now has 2 or more photos arranged in squares side-by-side, in horizontal rows. This makes the pics you visually see at first smaller. There is also a small round profile photo above the main text area. And the "My Posts" anchor text
Friends who are familiar with the analytic definitions in Google Search Console , can you tell me what is GSC's real technical definition of a "Mobile-Friendly" Page?What I am saying here is what is the specific criteria a page or post MUST MEET to be considered "Mobile-Friendly" according to GSC?As you can see in my GSC, it is showing that I have 21 "Mobile-friendly" pages even though I have 110 Valid Pages.However, all 110 pages are mobile responsive, meaning that they ALL work perfectly on
September 02, 2019
I truly needed to take this here's a short post....Happy Labor Day!!With your continued Awesome Support with EVERYTHING I've been doing, a simple Thank You wouldn't suffice. My Friends, I really can’t even begin to Thank You enough.So we end the summer with some Color......Is it really the End of Summer? It might be…. but it’s also our FIRST day of Wonderful Adventures, Amazing Opportunities, and New SALES!Labor Day will soon be followed by ever Abundant Gifts!Wa
Lately, I've been receiving many new Jaaxy referral signups within a short time period. .In the past 14 days, I believe I've received 10 new Jaaxy signups. Wow! I didn't realize how attractive a keyword tool Jaaxy is to people on the outside!This could very well be due to the recent posts about keywords I have wriiten here at WA over the past month or so. I believe I've written 3 of them. Or maybe not....Either way, I am not complaining!Let them keep on comin'. Go Jaaxy! Have a Great Weekend,
As we embark upon a new month, which is Month 4 of our SAC Challenge, it’s time to refocus. Time to refocus for all of us, as we round the turn and enter the last quarter of 2019. Based on the comments I’ve read, many people got off track during the summer and fell behind. . It was a fun summer for many of us. The fun took us off track. For others, life and work simply got in the way. That’s all well and good. Glad you had a great summer my friends.But summer is just about ove
PUBLISHED!I doubted I could make it, but IT happened! 100th Post !!!! only 3 Months. DID IT!!Total word count in 3 months...163,084 words!!!SAC Month 3 Update: 40 posts, Nearly 60,000 WordsThat means for the SAC Challenge Part 3 from July 11 to Aug 25, I created and published 40 posts, breaking my previous record by 3 posts!My total word count from July 11- August 25 was 59,368. Actaully after I post my 101st tomorrow, it will be well over 60K words. As I said in my last update after
This has now become absolutely laughable! As you already know, yesterday I shared this post below on Facebook….and they Blocked it…Tonight I attempted to post once more on my Facebook Business Page to complete my SAC Challenge assignment due on August 26Once again, I shared valuable helpful content, with ZERO affiliate links and no URL showingCheck out what I shared, you decide for yourself……Immediately after sharing that post I received this notification…..Sh