4 Steps on How to Become an Influencer

Last Update: April 20, 2018

Whether we want to accept it or deny it, embrace an inconvenient truth or refute the specter of a new reality, we live in a world driven by virality.

In today's fast-changing modern world driven by massive views and likes, we live in the age of an influencer economy, where anyone motivated by an inspired idea and a pen chance to build a following can become overnight You Tube celebrities, armchair thought leaders, and ephemeral influencers.

Here are 4 Steps on How to Become an Influencer. These simple steps have been proven in front of my own eyes, and later I will demostrate how a good friend of mine achieved it.

The first thing you will need to understand, is that through it all when aspiring to become an overnight social media sensation, there is only one very simple formula to remember.

Attention Equals Money

When building a HUGE social media following to drive your fledgling brand, there is but one prevailing and all-encompassing guiding principle.

Attention Equals Money.

So you want to build up a HUGE social media following?

Or perhaps you may only want more followers on social media. All you need to do is to have come up with an original idea, find your voice, and make things happen!

Whatever your predilection is, building up and owning a massive following or a modest one on social media can command tremendous influence in your field or niche, from impressing job hunters to interview you, getting your book on major TV talk shows, or bringing sponsorship deals for you. The sky is truly the limit.

And there are millions of dollars to be made.

But how might you ask how could this be done? The solution is simple, and no longer some “pie in the sky” notion.

You Want Followers, Find Some Influencers

Find and connect with a major influencer in your field. Or better yet, 2 to 3 or more major influencers. And your followers will grow quickly!

Did you know anyone on Facebook with more than 50,000 followers is defined as a Public figure? This is now possible to be achieved by all, and here are some additional ideas I’d like to share with you

Dream Big and Make Things Happen

I’ve always been fascinated by the spirit of entrepreneurship, by the ideas of people who dream big and make things happen. This is what first brought me to entrepreneurship and eventually to Wealthy Affiliate.

I remember there was a time I personally followed well-known entrepreneurs, musicians, songwriters, and authors. When I was "following" a number of such thought leaders and influencers, I would read their writings, watch their videos, listen to their podcasts, and generally anything about them as I was interested in everything they were doing.

So here is my next question.

Did you ever think how useful it would be to look through the social media feeds of successful thought leaders and entrepreneurs you admire, to see which of their posts are the most popular and which hashtags they use?

As common sense would dictate, there are many thought leaders and influencers on social media with sizeable followings. Such followings run anywhere from tens of thousands, to hundreds of thousands, to half million, and into the millions.

There's definitely a so much more digging around to be done- by looking at the most popular posts done by Instagram influencers and their followers, particularly those related to your industry or area of expertise.

Also by looking at who's following the influencers in your industry, you'd see what others are doing that works, and you’d start to find your potential audience and get to know what they like.

Well, recently a dear friend of mine conducted an experiment on Instagram, but I am sure this experiment will work on other social media platforms as well to build up a social media following.

Social Media Blitz: 4 Actionable Steps

Here are the 4 Actionable Steps of the experiment she decided to conduct:

1) She made a list of all the entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and influencers she admired and followed in real life.

2) By searching and going through their profiles, she followed the entire list of major entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and influencers on Instagram who she actually had been following in real life.

3) When looking at each Instagram influencer’s profile, she didn’t forget to look at the "Followed by" section at the bottom of their bio to see who she might know that was also following the influencer.

4) Her last actionable step was as simple as clicking on each Instagram influencer’s profile and then clicking on ALL of each of the profile's followers.

Here are some of the people / Instagram accounts that she decided to follow

When looking at an Instagram profile, like Kim Garst's for example, she discovered there are a few more things that can be done.

If you click on the down arrow to the right of the “Following” button, this will give you a list of people that Instagram suggests you follow based on the fact that you're looking at Kim's profile.

When she scrolled through the suggestions, she came across Guy Kawasaki who she once heard speak and also read his book APE which stands for Author Publisher and Entrepreneur. Guy’s book is a great resource for people considering self-publishing, and so she decided to follow Guy Kawasaki on Instagram.

Connect, connect, connect!

All she did was simply follow several select entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and influencers on Instagram, and then following the 4 Actionable Steps above she found others to follow,

The result was that she saw a major increase of the number of people following her on Instagram – a huge following increase over the weekend!

In just a couple of days, from Friday to Monday her personal Instagram following increased by over 45%, so I'd say this method definitely works!

So if you want to build a massive social media following or even a modest one, try these 4 Actionable Steps and you will stand a good chance to be on your way!

And you will be on your way to making millions of dollars.

For in today's influencer economy....

Attention Equals Money.

Thank you so much for reading, and please feel free to share a comment.



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TonyHamilton Premium Plus
Absolutely Kaju,

I love Instagram my Friend.

Attention does indeed equal money and Social Media Networks like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc... are attracting major influencers and businesses as well.

Thank you for sharing this very informative post Kju,

jetrbby80316 Premium
Instagram is an excellent platform to gain attention and become an influencer Tony.

You already know this is an influencer economy, and major influencers attract most of the attention in social media, and attention = money $$$.

Thank you for sharing your comment my friend.
DianneBee Premium
Influential peeps can be intimidating. I listened to Tim Ferris for an hour yesterday - from 2009 - it was overwhelming but I still got some ideas.
Thanks for the useful post!
jetrbby80316 Premium
They certainly can be, and you can gain a great deal of useful intel from them. The most valuable info I gained from Tim Ferris was ,"Learn how to do something right before you do it."

I wish you the very Beston your quest DianeBee!
LTMLifestyle Premium
Interesting post with great ideas. Thanks for sharing
jetrbby80316 Premium
Glad you might get some good ideas from this post Lillian. Try these and wishing you the Best !
LTMLifestyle Premium
Thanks, I will.
jetrbby80316 Premium
Memorylaneuk Premium
Great post with great ideas. I’m going to try it for myself.
With Grace and Gratitude
jetrbby80316 Premium
Thank you and I wish you great success Karen, please try some of these techniques, and let us know in a future post how it works out for you!
Steven-A Premium
interesting, much to think about and do. maybe a path to follow.
jetrbby80316 Premium
All good food for thought Steve, and you Don';t have to use FB to do this either. I like using You Tube. It's probably the best social media platform for building influence.
Steven-A Premium
point well taken :)
jetrbby80316 Premium