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Hi there!! I am a 20 year old from Malta. If you haven't heard about Malta you may need to know that it is a small island of just 400,000 persons in the middle of the mediterranean. Although you may think that 400,000 persons isn't much keep in mind that Malta is just over 16 miles long. This means that job opportunities are not common enough so while I am still studying I decided to do something else aswell. I have found WA while searching on the Internet and I have been thinking of joining for 2 or 3 months.

Well finally I joined. I am very happy that I did because after my first look I have concluded that the information available is almost infinite. I really hope to do well and I wish all other affiliates good luck in their journey.
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Hello and welcome to WA. There's lots of information here at WA. Don't let it get you overwhelmed. If you do the training from the training center and watch for specials like the 30 day training you will do fine. I also suggest that you go to potpiegirls blog and to the top of the page in the menu WAbinars. you will find videos on Potpiegirls blogs that will help you get started and in the Wabinars go to Affiliate Walk Through videos 1 & 2. Those will be very helpful. MUCH SUCCESS
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Welcome to WA
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Welcome to the WA family