Googles Sandbox

Last Update: January 22, 2018

I am just curious if a lot of you guys had to weather what is called the "Google Sandbox"?

Basically its that almost all new sites get put into this thing called the sandbox in which there sites hardly rank for keywords until they have proven to not just be a click bait site.

Google almost penalizes your site until it has been around long enough like 6 months of longer. That is why a lot of veteran affiliate marketers buys domains that are expiring and have already had some ranking pages.

It almost allows them to skip the sandbox period because the site has already been around for a while.

I personally experienced this my self with my latest aliexpress affiliate site,

As you can see my site was indexed in Aug. All of august I had no traffic and no keywords ranked.

Sept I had a total of 7 keywords that ranked all in the 51-100 range which mean I was on page 5 through 10.

Oct I had a total of 10 keywords that again ranked above 51 or past page 5.

Nov my site started to leave the sandbox. My site jumped to 67 keywords being ranked 20 keywords ranked from page 2 to 5 and 47 keywords still on page 5 through 10.

Dec I had another huge jump of 188 keywords now ranking.

I had 1 keyword in the top 3 search results, 1 in the top 10 search results, 21 keywords in positions 11 through 20, 68 keywords in positions 21-50 and 116 keywords in positions 51 through 100.

The Jan on 2018 I now rank for over 316 keywords. I now have over 18 keywords that rank on the first page of Google.

So just know you will have to be patient then at the 6 months mark you will see a huge jump and start ranking. You income will skyrocket too.

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Hey Mike,

8 months with WA and I am still waiting for my income to skyrocket.

I have around 9 to 10 page 1 articles and 70% Google trust on the health site.

Very little conversions so far, not giving up though!

Best regards
AlanJE Premium Plus
Thanks for sharing Mike, Best Alan
LouisaB Premium
The keywords search is very important in this business, and once you can challenge it you will rank high as you said.

Thanks for sharing this blog.
Louisa B
Bob-1 Premium
And, that is why I am working diligently on my quality keyword content now! Thanks Mike.
Zarina Premium Plus
Now it makes sense why people say it takes about 6 months to really see the results :)