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Last Update: October 31, 2017

Have any of you guys thought about creating a course using the teachable platform? I read an article on here called the product development Product Development I used what I learned from there to help me improve my courses I teach. I created a YouTube Video of how I set up my course if you have 25 mins to spare, I know you are super busy working on your affiliate sites. My first course is doing awesome, much better this month than ever before. It has made me over $4300 in 4 months. I am now working on creating my next two courses. As you can see from the post my first course I ever created has made me $4386.38, my second course I just finished has already started bring me money in as well with $78 and I am almost done with my third course.

I learned how to market my training courses from wealthy affiliate which has been in valuable to me. Prior to WA I was just posting videos on YouTube and hoping to get people signed up. I hope you guys might consider starting your own training course. Also I link to products to buy with in my training course that brings in an additional $2100 a month in affiliate commissions from eBay, amazon and aliexpress which I didn't do before.

When it comes to creating your own online course the possibilities are endless. You can create a course on just about anything that someone would pay to learn.

You can check out my school I created in the lcd refurbishing niche and microsoldering niche my online school and let me know what you think.

My course was doing okay for the past 3 months I was only averaging about $600 a month in course sales. I joined WA just a few weeks back and implemented some of the stuff from the course and I have had my biggest month so far. This month I have done almost $1600 in course sales. So without a doubt I will continue to be a premium member for some time to come. Its like I just got a $1000 a month raise.

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AlanJE Premium Plus
This is a great post Mike, thank you for sharing, Best Alan
LouisaB Premium
I'm heading to your site right now!
Thank you! Louisa B
Lapuyb Premium
hi is it stil great with Teachable? I'm launching an online training next week and hesitate between teachable thinkific and learnybox..Any hints?
NackO Premium
Thanks for sharing. I am super interested in this. Will have a look at your links.
DeBoheme Premium
Fantastic! My first website here at WA was a teaching studio, it's a fantastic way to create more business for yourself in so many ways.

Teach and they will come.