From the Dim Recesses of the Mind

Last Update: January 20, 2022

Remembering from the Days of Antiquity

From the deep recesses of our minds come some of the ideas that set us apart from other people. We may have an insight to a problem or situation that most have not thought of and use that information to help others as much as ourselves.

There are times we can use that idea to enrich ourselves or to help other people overcome an obstacle they were facing. In either case, there was a distant light, sound, smell, feel, taste or sight that brought that inspiration to us.

Recognizing that flash of insight is becoming more rare today. We are just too busy to stop and let our mind reflect upon what we have been taught since birth.

Once we stop and allow ourselves to become part of a greater being then we start to understand that we only understand part of what was passed down from antiquity.

The Past Becomes the Present

You may believe that the past has no place in the present. Without the knowledge of the past, we could not understand the present. Part of who we are and what we become is rooted in the past.

The lessons learned in the past serve as a cornerstone from which our actions or inaction come from. For example, you learned fire was hot when you touched something hot. Your parents would warn you that something was hot or cold but until you experienced it there was little meaning.

Your past influences some of your choices in the future. It could be that you have an overwhelming desire to overcome some of what you learned and become more.

Your emotions will often cause you to take one path or another. This is fine. Your have a desire to make things better for yourself and possibly for any young ones in your life. Your have this fire, this dream for more.

Learning From Your Past

We all have situations in our past that we would like to forget. Don't dwell on how some things did not turn out favorably! Learn from that experience and try not to put yourself in that situation again. Learn from the negatives and change those negatives into positives.

It will not be easy to change habits that you have developed over the years. It takes time, effort, persistence and hard work. Much like what we do at Wealthy Affiliate.

Starting out at Wealthy Affiliate we have no past, only the present. It is all new to us and we have to LEARN from the information presented. How we use that information is up to us. We are the ones in charge. We DEVELOP our own HABITS.

The way we develop those habits will determine our level of success. Kyle has stated time and again that we must develop habits that will lead us to success. He states that it takes time and effort. Your may fail in the beginning but with continued effort and support from the community you can become successful.

The amount of effort you put into learning from the classes and trial and error depends upon YOU. Those habits you developed from childhood come into play at this time. Are you willing to learn and change your life.

Some of our most successful partners at one time were counted as failures, but with time, effort, persistence and having a goal they overcame their past. They had a burning desire to become successful, for themselves and no one else.

Will Your Past Become Your Future

Will you allow yourself to overcome your past or will you let your past become your future. A friend once stated that even the smallest of successes means making a plan, sticking to the plan, sometimes changing the plan.

When you make your plan for success do not be afraid to plan big! This is your plan! Your are the only one who can make it happen. Stick to your plan and work it everyday, even if it is only for an hour or two. Your plan is like a small child, it depends upon you for life.

If you see that your plan is not working then change it but not before you gave it time. Save this plan for a later date, it may become useful in the future.

Use your past as a stepping-stone for changing your direction. If you were headed into depression because you thought you could not achieve your goal, change your path. Wealthy Affiliate gives YOU the OPPORTUNITY to change your path and become as successful as you dare.

Your Future Lies Ahead

Your future has not been determined. Your future lies ahead of you if you want to grab it tight. Take action toward making your dreams become reality. Each day you take a class, respond to an email, give someone encouragement you are changing who you are and what you can become.

There is no magic formula for you to be successful. It will take hard work. At times, you may fall flat upon your face( I certainly have), that can be a good thing for you. Your have made a decision that obstacles big and small are meant to challenge you to find a solution to that challenge.

Challenges are what our websites are about. We are challenged each day to find a solution for our audience, sometimes to a question they did not know to ask. It is your job and mine to be alert to those questions and have the answer before it is even asked. That is part of what reviews are for.

The answer you seek can be found within, if you take the time to just stop and reflect upon your goals, your passion and your plan. Learn from others, they have been there and the wisdom they have can't be equaled. The experience they have gained could help you from making some of the same mistakes.

YOUR FUTURE IS UP TO YOU!!!!!!! Your past is gone, just like yesterday. A song that was popular some years ago applies to the past. "Dust in the Wind". That is our past, blown away by the wind.

From the dim recesses of our minds come some of the most insightful thoughts we ever have. Do not dismiss these thoughts since they can provide you with a different way of looking at things. We are all creatures of habit and environment. Do not lose sight that you are the one in control of your destiny. The amount of learning new ways will determine how quickly or slowly you start to realize your dreams.

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SamiWilliams Premium Plus
Interesting how in Wealthy Affiliate we can be of the same mindset. It is true that this platform attracts others who think like us. However, it is often a challenge to express why we think as we do.
Thanks for the share in understanding ourselves better, in able to offer more help for others,
JerryMcCoy Premium Plus
It is indeed a challenge to express ourselves to others who do not have the same point of view as ourselves. The challenge is to bring both sides to an understanding of what is a true reality versus a reality we hope for.
Understanding a different point of view often takes us to a place which may be uncomfortable but necessary in order to make an informed decision.
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Excellent thoughts here, Jerry! This is why I am so disgusted with this new generation trying to either re-write or erase our past! It simply does not compute, because this is how we learn, so that those past mistakes will never be repeated!

JerryMcCoy Premium Plus
Rewriting our past or erasing it will not get anyone closer to understand the dynamics of what caused certain things to unfold the way they did. You need the past in order to learn how to NOT make the same mistake in the future. Our past is a guide for making good decisions in the future. Learn from the past and share the wisdom of those lessons with others so a brighter future can be held by all.
Kav Premium
In today’s world, we have to constantly adapt, can’t afford to be stagnant.
JerryMcCoy Premium Plus
Today we are faced with challenges like never before. We have to put aside some of our experiences that were negative and focus on what is positive in our lives. By changing our focus, we allow ourselves to be open to new ideas and ways of viewing the world that are good for everyone. It is indeed a challenge to find positive outcomes but with the training at Wealthy Affiliate we have a chance to change our lives and the lives of those closest to us.
FKelso Premium Plus
Good post, Jerry -- lots of food for thought there.

My time to reflect and learn from the past is the hour or two right after I go to bed. I never can go to sleep right away, so my mind becomes quite creative when it's suddenly in "rest" mode. There's not the million and one things bombarding it, like in the daytime.

I come up with so many good ideas during those times...sometimes I even map out a post. It's my "brain time." I keep a notebook close by and write down ideas so I'll remember them. If you're gonna write in bed, use a pencil! Otherwise, you have to get up, because the pen does not like writing at that angle.

Anyway, that's my brain's chance to churn up new ideas.
JerryMcCoy Premium Plus
Ideas can come at any time and any place. It is always good to have a way to keep those ideas recorded for future use. Those ideas often come about in the form of a new way of looking at an old issue. Those ideas give us a chance to explore ourselves and our surroundings in a way we had never looked before. Keep dreaming.
Dhind1 Premium Plus
It has taken me a long time to reach similar conclusions.
My "career" ended in 2016 and for a long time I expected it to resume. However, that has not been the case. Now I have come to the realization that I need to re-invent myself and while I am definitely a work in progress, I am at least making progress.

JerryMcCoy Premium Plus
I understand. My "career" ended in 2017. I, too, thought it would only be temporary. I have learned to adapt and improve on the promise I had oh so many years ago.