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Another month has just passed by and we're approaching the end of 2018!😊Here's my October report...Take note! To be successful, focus on the lessons and learning points that other people shared. Not just being jealous at other people's results but never put into any real actions for yourself!October ReportI had another record breaking month in October despite my website got hit severely by Google's algorithm update in late September and early October😢I'll share more about that i
A couple of hours ago, I've just posted a question asking if anyone is interested to hire a writer and want to discover the secrets of how I hired a quality Full-Time writer at just $400/month: received lots of response so I'll go ahead to prepare the course for you guys.I already have a course outline but I'm just curious to know if there are any particular questions you have regarding outsourcing content/hiring a writer...So, let
Kyle, Carson! WA Affiliate Links are Not Working Again!!This is annoying!Affiliate links breakdown two times within a month!
An amazing month has just ended. September 2018 was a very exciting month full of ups and downs for me, which I'll explain in just a second.Here's my affiliate income for September 2018:As many of you know, I made it to Vegas earlier in September. In fact, it was on 4 Sept...VEGAS Baby! Here I Come!And, I've also bought my very first laptop fully-paid by myself which is a Customized MacBook Pro 2018:NEW MacBook Pro 2018 - My Vegas Gift!So, things are going really great.In my Vegas update, I sai
September 28, 2018
Wealthy Affiliate didn't support Emoji last time.But recently I started seeing some emojis coming up in people's comment here in Wealthy Affiliate.Let's try...😊😂😍👍💪heheJust a random post. Good news for people who like to use Emojis 😊
So, I made it to Vegas a couple of days ago: prior to that, I actually ordered a customized MacBook Pro 2018 a week before as a gift for myself making it to Vegas.And, I just received it!This thing is gorgeous man!This is the first ever laptop that I bought myself. Prior to that, I was using an ASUS laptop my parents bought for me.But, thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, I now have the ability to purchase my own Apple laptop.Without WA,
September 04, 2018
WOOHOOO~~~Finally!!I've been checking my phone the whole day for the "New WA Commission" noification.The waiting for the last few is always the toughest as you are too excited and really can't wait for it. So everything feels damn slow!But anyway, I just finished my lunch and checked my phone once again.There it is..."Congratulations! A New WA Commission!"BANG!I can offically say that I'm the youngest to make it to Vegas!I'm going to Vegas next year with my girlfriend whom I plan to marry next
This is just gonna be a very quick monthly update as there's another BIG one coming soon and that is...7 More Sales to VEGAS!!So, here's just a quick update on my August achievements :)99 Premium Referrals704 Free Starter ReferralsTotal Affiliate Commissions in August: $3,951.50Highest Traffic: 1,850/dayMost Free Starter Referrals/day: 37Most Premium Referrals/day: 8Posts Published in August: 24August was a really exciting month because I ended July with 106 more sales to Vegas. I didn't expec
For those of you who are struggling to get approved by Google AdSense, let me tell you this...I got rejected 4 times before I finally got approved today!Let me share with you what really happened first before sharing with you what are the things you need to know when applying for Google AdSense, alright?So, Here's What Happened...Back in 2017 or 2016 I couldn't remember, when I was going through Wealthy Affiliate's training, there's a part where Kyle talked about Google AdSense and how you can
Sorry for the late update!I know many of you have been waiting for my July Monthly Update.And here it is. Let's go straight to the point...Achievements in JulyIn June, I managed to hit $2.5K in total commission (June report here). With hard work, I set a new personal record in July:WA Commission: $2,688.50Total Commission (plus other affiliate programs): $3,282.51Number of posts published: 33Total number of posts on my site: 185New Premium Referrals: 57Free Starter Referrals: 472Conversion rate