$40K in 4 Hours! Craziest Night Ever!

Last Update: March 16, 2019

Hey guys,

I just had the craziest night of my life so far. I made over $40K in 4 Hours...So here's what happened...

These sales didn't come from affiliate marketing directly. But it's because of everything I learnt here in Wealthy Affiliate that enabled me to achieve this.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate since May 2016 and I made it to Vegas 2019.

Since Dec 2018, I started working on creating a Mandarin Affiliate Marketing Course because there are many Mandarin speaking audience asking me to teach them.

So I invested lots of time and money to learn how to create and sell a course.

Just now (on 16 March 2019 9PM), I hosted a 2-hour webinar and Pre-Launched my Mandarin Affiliate Marketing Course which is just around 40% complete.

I sold it for $199.50 and I got over 200 students asking to pay me money. And that's how my $40K night was accomplished.

This was the stats for my pre-launch webinar:

I'm super happy right now. It's 3AM here and I'm still up typing this stuff.

So I just want to share that there are lots of ways to make money online as long as you've mastered certain skills. In this case, I built a strong foundation in affiliate marketing, thanks to Wealthy Affiliate. And I invested in myself with various other resources to make this $40K night possible.

I worked hard, persist through and it just paid off HUGE.

If you're still struggling at certain point right now, just remember that we all have various obstacles to overcome in our lives. As long as you're patient and determined enough, you'll get what you want, and sometimes even more.

Good luck guys. I really can't sleep tonight😜

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DBlanchard Premium Plus
OMG! $40K!!!! Congratulations here would be an understatement!!! There are people that don't make that kind of money in a full year and you managed to make it in 4 hours!

This is sooo cool! I am very happy for you Jerry!
JonLake Premium
Jerry, you are an absolute legend. You deserve every penny my friend. You found a hot market that were hungry and served them up with a wonderful meal!!!

All the very best to you

Jon and Debbie
CandP Premium
OMG Jerry! This is absolutely fantastic! Thanks for sharing this news.
What kind of private jet are you going to buy in the near future?
C & P
Traveller75 Premium
TheCatherine Premium Plus
Product creation is still where the money is.Also if you are delivering by webinar you don't have to have it all completed before the webinar.