$40K in 4 Hours! Craziest Night Ever!

Last Update: March 16, 2019

Hey guys,

I just had the craziest night of my life so far. I made over $40K in 4 Hours...So here's what happened...

These sales didn't come from affiliate marketing directly. But it's because of everything I learnt here in Wealthy Affiliate that enabled me to achieve this.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate since May 2016 and I made it to Vegas 2019.

Since Dec 2018, I started working on creating a Mandarin Affiliate Marketing Course because there are many Mandarin speaking audience asking me to teach them.

So I invested lots of time and money to learn how to create and sell a course.

Just now (on 16 March 2019 9PM), I hosted a 2-hour webinar and Pre-Launched my Mandarin Affiliate Marketing Course which is just around 40% complete.

I sold it for $199.50 and I got over 200 students asking to pay me money. And that's how my $40K night was accomplished.

This was the stats for my pre-launch webinar:

I'm super happy right now. It's 3AM here and I'm still up typing this stuff.

So I just want to share that there are lots of ways to make money online as long as you've mastered certain skills. In this case, I built a strong foundation in affiliate marketing, thanks to Wealthy Affiliate. And I invested in myself with various other resources to make this $40K night possible.

I worked hard, persist through and it just paid off HUGE.

If you're still struggling at certain point right now, just remember that we all have various obstacles to overcome in our lives. As long as you're patient and determined enough, you'll get what you want, and sometimes even more.

Good luck guys. I really can't sleep tonight😜

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KayOSmith Premium
Thank you. I really needed to read this. There's something I'm wanting to do, but I keep having doubts about it, even though I know it will take some time to get it rolling. I'm gonna keep pushing for it. Thanks for sharing. I needed to see it can be accomplished :)
paulied214 Premium
Wow. You were one of the first people I followed here. Little did I know how much of an inspiration you would become for me. I actually followed another course of yours that you amazingly offered for free to Wealthy Affiliate members about hiring Filipino workers. That is actually going great for me.
So thanks for all you do that inspires me (and I'm sure many others) and congratulations.
toddmatthews Premium
Hi, Jerry. I joined in October 2018 and have since seen some moderate success after the first few months being trial and error, but never anything like 40k in a single evening. That's amazing, and definitely shows what happens when one works hard and persists through thick and thin. I can't wait to continue following your success, as it's definitely inspiring to see what WA can do for all of us.
scook04 Premium
Many congratulations. This is a great motivation for anyone who’s struggling, that persistence and a will to succeed always pays off.

$40k in 4 hours is amazing and you deserve all of your success. Keep sending your stories as it’s always great to hear of your success

Well done.
ASullivan1 Premium
Jerry, Job well done! You have peaked my interest. Please share with me how to do this. I am very interested. I'm a natural teacher and can come up with a course. Just need the main tips you followed. A few more specifics would help. I'm very happy for you. Your work paid off!
sherlock77 Premium
You're definitely riding a purple patch at the moment, Jerry. You are also taking opportunities as they present themselves, such as that Mandarin interview you agreed to late last year.

I'm assuming the idea for the affiliate marketing course in Mandarin came about after doing that interview, so again you're recognising an opportunity and going for it, despite having to learn how to create a course from scratch.

Not everything in life will work or pay off, but without trying and finding out, we'll never know. Everything that exists in the world today is the result of somebody deciding to take a chance and take action.

You're a prime example of somebody who does exactly that.

Well done on your most recent success!
JerryHuang Premium
Yea you're right. It's because of that interview, I started creating a Mandarin course. There are many times along the way that I doubted myself or faced difficulties. But I just took massive actions and overcame them one by one. And it eventually paid off HUGE.

You're right. Grab the opportunity when it presents itself despite all the fears!
AffMktgRt Premium

At some point you know that we will just run out of accolades.

That time is truly now.

Congratulations tenfold and beyond!

For the average WA member, depending on the progress level, we will be happy to get a few visitors to our sites and even basic referrals in the hope of converting some of them, however few, to premium members.

The great takeaway from your post, aside from cheering you on your great success, is that, although your earnings were not from WA promotions, you do credit it to the training that you got here and just like littlemama (Grace) you are all too kind to encourage us to follow the same path or steps to also seek and achieve such goals.

Once again well deserved congrats but most of all a sincere thank you for your caring and giving spirit towards the global WA community.

GregKononenk Premium
Fantastic results, massive congratulations! Webinars are a great way to sell higher-ticket items. You probably know about mailing the replay already :) But you should be able to 2x - 3x these results now by mailing the replay with some scarcity / timer to your list. Hope you get this to $150k+ :) Best of luck!
LKick Premium
WOW!!!! I can't begin to tell you how excited I am for you. Most of all, I am excited that I am on the same track you are and that this training really amounts to something worthwhile. Just amazing what you have done.
Thank you for sharing. It is so incredible. Linda
phil1944 Premium
Fabulous, Jerry. It takes a lot of courage to conduct a webinar. Did you run it by yourself or with others?

And were you speaking Mandarin or English?

I'm working on a course at the moment and wondering if a pre-launch webinar is the way to go.

What webinar platform did you use?

Sorry about all the questions, but I'm intensely curious about this.

Congratulations for your success.
Tirolith Premium
Your life of success is just starting so remember a quality life is simple, "Everything in moderation." is the way forward to a Long Life.
Being the richest man 6 Foot under is not a quality of life.
Health is quality of life.
Keep an open mind. Do not develop tunnel vision like the majority of successful people do.
We in Australia realize that the people of China are positive and want to go forward so you have a big future now.
They are buying out our country fast.
I now live in the bush and went back to where I use to work as a manager in a Ford dealership and found the shopping center was mostly now Chinese.
All the shop names are now in Chinese with the English underneath in small letters.
You are on a winner, so with moderation take your time as you build on your success.
BecomingDesa Premium
This is so wonderful! I can only imagine how much work and thought you had to put into the program you built, but now you will be like the Mandarin Kyle & Carson LOL! Think of all the people whose lives you will change. This is really good stuff. This is business done right, when everyone wins.
JasonJF Premium
I am so happy for you Jerry. Congrats 🙌🏽

You know you deserve all you get because of the immense value that you give to so many people and the work you put in.

You are a great inspiration to the entire WA community.

More success as you continue with your online marketing endeavors.
JerryHuang Premium
Thanks. Appreciate that Jason!
bleumoon Premium
WOW !!! How amazing is that!! You are truly an inspiration to me Jerry!! Good to know that all the hard work will pay off!! You are also living proof this works.

Will now, without a doubt continue as well to find my own success. There is no doubt you are going to achieve yours!!
Congratulations !!

Vasiliy Premium
Man Jerry, dont know what to tell you. You are such a motivation for everyone! I have no doubt you will become a millionaire sooner than you projected. Your hard work is paying off huge now! In fact you inspired me to redo everything on my website and start much stronger
JerryHuang Premium
Thanks Vasiliy! It’s my pleasure really. All the best :)
Debs66 Premium
Jerry that is brilliant.

Wow you are amazing and it just goes to show what we can do and the achievements we can make all because of W.A.

You are brilliant and damn I wished I could speak Mandarin. That is one language that is super hard.

Your the best and for such a young man you are amazing.

Woo hoo.

Debs :)
Zarina Premium
WOOOOOOWWWWW. Dude, you're definitely going to be a millionaire before you hit 25.

"If you're still struggle at certain point right now, just remember that we all have various obstacles to overcome in our lives. As long as you're patient and determined enough, you'll get what you want, and sometimes even more."

I just needed to hear this. Off to continuing to build my website now!

Congrats Jerry and thanks so much for sharing with us!!
JerryHuang Premium
My pleasure Zarina! All the best :)
SondraM Premium
That is AWESOME!!!

You obviously found something that people wanted - an affiliate marketing course in Mandarin.

I am glad that your hard work paid off. You made more in one night than many people do in an entire year.

Maybe one of our Spanish speakers will follow your lead and do the same thing. I see lots of requests for a Spanish course and Spanish videos.

MiaL Premium
I don't blame you for not sleeping! How could you sleep after that?!! Jerry I'm so thrilled for you. Woooohoooooooooo!
JerryHuang Premium
Hahaha thanks Melissa!
NoMo9-5Grind Premium
So happy for you Jerry, You are one of the pillars here at WA!
You've made great accomplishments and so graciously share them to inspire us all to go the distance with our own respective dreams!

Well deserved Jerry keep us updated going forward!

ceplang Premium
DavidKellas Premium
Yeah, nice work. I will be launching a sub $200 mmo/biz op product soon as well, congratulations Jerry!
DBlanchard Premium
OMG! $40K!!!! Congratulations here would be an understatement!!! There are people that don't make that kind of money in a full year and you managed to make it in 4 hours!

This is sooo cool! I am very happy for you Jerry!
JonLake Premium
Jerry, you are an absolute legend. You deserve every penny my friend. You found a hot market that were hungry and served them up with a wonderful meal!!!

All the very best to you

Jon and Debbie
CandP Premium
OMG Jerry! This is absolutely fantastic! Thanks for sharing this news.
What kind of private jet are you going to buy in the near future?
C & P
Traveller75 Premium
TheCatherine Premium
Product creation is still where the money is.Also if you are delivering by webinar you don't have to have it all completed before the webinar.
rosieM Premium