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Last Update: September 02, 2014

Are you looking for the most effective SEO software?

How about trying the best out FOR FREE?

Those of you who are members here at Wealthy Affiliate already know about Jaaxy.

But in case you have arrived here from a web search or social share, allow me to introduce Jaaxy to you.

Jaaxy is simply the most effective SEO software I have ever used.

I've been in the affiliate marketing business for 15 years now. I can't believe I was ever doing it without Jaaxy!

So, what is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy claims to be the world's most effective SEO software and keyword tool. I have yet to find anything better. If you have, please let me know in the comments below.

Have a look to see why Jaaxy is the most effective SEO software on the market:

As you can see, when you search for a particular keyword, Jaaxy returns a list of related keywords. For each keyword phrase, it tells you:

1. The average number of searches per month for that exact keyword phrase. We aim for at least 50.

2. The number of monthly hits you can expect if you rank #1 for that keyword phrase.

3. The "quoted search results". This means the number of websites that rank for that exact keyword phrase in quotes. This is your competition. We aim for less than 300.

As you can see, Jaaxy gives you a huge leg up on your competition, because it allows you to select "low-hanging fruit". That is, keywords that have a fair number of searches per month (over 50) but not too many quality results (less than 300).

The website you are on now, Wealthy Affiliate, teaches how to target this low-hanging fruit within its free teaser 10 lesson getting started course. And it includes a free trial of Jaaxy as well!

Seriously, I think Jaaxy is the most effective SEO software on the market.

But don't take my word for it, try it yourself for free.

Thanks for reading my blog. If you aren't already a member of Wealthy Affiliate, it's free to join! Just click the green "Create Free Account" button on the top right.

My Wealthy Affiliate profile can always be found at http://wa.jeremywest.net. Please follow me and I'll follow you back. My websites are also listed on the bottom right of my profile if you want to have a look.

Please leave any questions or comments you have about this article below. I'd love to hear from you!

Happy affiliating!

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garthjen Premium
You are quite right Jeremy, there is nothing on the internet that comes close to Jaaxy.
I have tried a few keyword tools and there is just no comparison.
josephtai Premium
Thanks for sharing it.
stn67 Premium
Im glad i have it just have to use it much more
JeremyWest Premium
That's right. It's actually no good if you don't use it. :-)
GazFinch Premium
Hi Jeremy,
I couldn't agree more with what necopam said.
Many thanks for your help

JeremyWest Premium
Thanks. It's nice of you two to mention it.
necopam Premium
You really are one consistent helpful member. Many thanks from more than just me I am sure
JeremyWest Premium
Gee thanks! It's great to be noticed.