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Hi there. I've been interested in how to make money on the internet for a few years now and even saw Kyle and Carson in some YouTube type videos about 3 years ago. Back then the stuff they were talking about was sooooooo over my head that I kinda left it for a while. But the idea stuck. Again and again I came back and learned a little bit here and there. Bought one of PotPieGirl's ebooks and even though it too was way over my head, I learned some stuff. Heck, I learned a little bit here and there from all the infomercial type videos, blogs, and just plain crap that I've bought over the last two years.

Here's the trial of WA and I've been wanting to join for a while! Thanks Kyle and Carson. :)

In my personal life I work in restaurants on the front line and one of my goals is to go through the red tape of that corporation and have the company at LEAST on page one of Google. Seems like Local SEO is what I need to learn as well as the other stuff.

I live by the beach and love water sports (swimming, canoeing), photography, painting, reading, and getting stuff out of boxes that I've packed and has not seen the light of day since '06!

If you'd like to add me as a buddy, please feel free. I've got LOTS to learn :)
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Welcome to WA
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Thank you!
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Welcome to WA!
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hi there im new to
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Just started WA as well. Came accross PotPieGirl's works as well. Good luck to you.
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Good luck to you as well :)
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This here box said to "write something"....... So I did.