What A Beautiful Autumn!

Last Update: October 27, 2019

Hello everyone, how are you?
As I said in my previous post, I changed my daily routine, and I feel great!

Ok, this is my new friend, and I enjoy riding a bike!

I am lucky that autumn is so lovely in this part of the world, so even it is the end of October here ( in Serbia) are beautiful days with more than 20 celsius.

Well, how this helped my online business?

As someone of you wrote to me, it helps your brain to take a rest, summarize all new info that you get and even give you new ideas.
My online business did not fail because I took a couple of hours a week to enjoy nature and ride a bike.

Totaly opposite! I am working on my new email automatization process, so when someone joins my email list, he will get ten very useful emails in 10 days.
Also, I changed my sign up box and my pop-up, and I already start to prepare my website for the most exciting time here on WA - November ( do you remember - Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals? :) ).

Also, I get more emails from people that are new in online business, and I really feel great to help them with their websites, affiliate programs, or social media.

If you want one piece of advice from me, work hard and enjoy life.
Better future is around the corner :)

Love, Jelena

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Joes946 Premium
Jelena, a very well written and useful blog.
JelenaBB Premium
Thank you so much, Joe :)
HeidiAnders3 Premium
You're doing great! I admire your progress!! Well done, my friend!!
JelenaBB Premium
Thank you, Heidi :) I think my next year will be amazing!
HeidiAnders3 Premium
Yes, it will with that shining attitude!!🥳💕
JelenaBB Premium
I give you a like because here's no "love" button. 💕
LenkaSophie Premium
Spending time outside always helps to get calm, I go for morning and evening walks with our dog and know how great that is.
Nice post, Jelena, enjoy your autumn in Serbia!
JelenaBB Premium
Oh yes, dogs are great. I'm a cat owner, so I didn't need to go outside for a walk. Ten years ago, the bicycle was my daily routine, but as I move to the city with three million people, I changed my bike for a car.
Now, I decide that I will ride the bike again, min 3 times a week.
Jules73 Premium
Love it Jelena, nothing like spending time in the great outdoors to still the mind and breathe in inspirations and wonderful new concepts.

I'm in Dublin and currently enjoying our 2nd glorious bright and sunny autumnal day in a row...delicious weather - long may it continue.

Thanks for a great post, Jules
JelenaBB Premium
Thank you, Jules, enjoy this beautiful autumn.
NickSkellern Premium
Great advice, Jelena!

So good to hear WA is working out for you.

Inspirational post.

JelenaBB Premium
Nick, it works. You just need to work hard and be persistent — regards from Serbia.