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What does it really take to succeed online? To simplify, you need only 4 things.... Not 1,000 things but only 4 things.1 BIG DREAM2 Proven System3 Hardwork4 BeliefIt takes only those 4 things to succeed online.Easy? Not really.Why only those 4? - You need DREAMS to keep you going on and not get discouraged when nothing seems to happen after writing all those articles.- You need a system to guide you in the best way to success. Thanks to WA. Just follow the tutorials.- You need hard work to bui
Few weeks in wealthy affiliate, I make it my goal to compile success stories of members in the WA community. 3 Reasons Why It Almost Become My Obsession: To inspire meTo inspire you (yes I know somehow fate will bring you here and you will find this post)To ask you to share you own success story in the future when success starts rolling in.Funny but I found both success and failure contagious. When you hang-out with the complainers and whiners, you also learn to whine.When you hang-out with t
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate!If you are new to the site, you might be thinking which one should I take?Is it Get Started Here or Affiliate Bootcamp?Here is a very short advice... :) Go for Get Started Here if you want to promote a niche site.Go for Affiliate Bootcamp if you want to promote WA.Choose one. Stick with it until you finish it even if you're itching to do both training at the same time."A man who chases two rabbits gets none". - Confucuis.... Hope Confucius helps you lessen your conf
I got a new site about 18 days old. It has about 18 post and pages, 50 comments. Each post has social links in Google+, Pinterest account and FB fan page.I also verified it and added it in my Google search console and Google analytics.My homepage is indexed. My pages are indexed. But my posts (my articles and reviews) are nowhere to be found in the search engine. I know that my review pages will convert because it even converts traffic coming from WA.I'm looking forward what will be my sales wh
March 02, 2016
Let us play detective and find out the reason why people purchase online. If we know the answer, we know what to do to get more sales from online customers...So add your thoughts....Why do you buy online?
So how is it going for you?You might have read through the modules. You might have done the activities per lesson. And if you are a "go - getter" like someone out there (ouch, that's me....), it feels like you want to go on full throttle and push yourself to the limits.But you are not a machine. You are a human being. You need to rest and sleep. And yes, you have a work and family, too. You need to have a life, too.So how do you deal with being overwhelmed?1) Have a reasonable time frame. Accep
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