Wondrous Wednesday Wanderings!

Last Update: Aug 3, 2022

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

I slept okay last night--just okay. I was up earlier than usual and have been working in the Wealthy Affiliate Community and on other tasks since about 6 am.

Surprisingly, Kitty followed me in when I did this! She didn't stay too long, but her presence was refreshing.

I might lay down later and catch a nap if there is a lull in my activity, but first, I wanted to step outside where we have had a little light rain today, so far, to capture a few images of the morning. These include the top two images too.

When I went back inside, I decided to go ahead and get the Blog Dogs fed too! Not too much though, they'll get more later.

Shortly after that, Monica video called me. We chatted on video for about an hour! She is still under the weather, but seems to be doing okay.

I will likely take her some things that she needs later on in the day. I was just happy to hear that she is still okay!

Finally, I got to a little more of my Wealthy Affiliate research, which, lately, has largely involved the posts on my book promotion website!

I started off real fast, but now have slowed down just a bit, but that doesn't mean that I am still not doing things behind the scenes! This is still something that has become a daily part of my habits (you're very welcome, Vasile!).

I worked on this for a while, and then decided that it was time for another break!

Of course, I went and took another break at my beloved picnic table--the best replacement that I currently have for my "thinking deck" back home. Nothing will truly replace that! I had prepared a hamburger--yes, I still have the soup, but that will be for later.

So here I am eating the burger, the drippings from which, went on the Blog Dogs' main meal for the day. Below, is them eating that!

The rest of the day, they will simply get treats for going outside, etc.

The sun did manage to peek out a couple of times while I was enjoying the burger outside at the picnic table!

For the most part, though, the sun has remained hidden by the cloud cover! Which, at this point, is totally fine with me! In fact, as I am back inside working on this post, it almost sounds like we might be having a storm soon! YAY!!! I say, "Bring it on!" It will definitely keep things cooler!

I suddenly felt tired enough to grab that nap late in the afternoon. I had already talked to Monica on the phone again, and she was still resting too! I must have dozed on and for an hour perhaps, and then decided to get up.

I went outside to check the status of the early evening Hump Day.

Nothing seems to have changed, so that's good!

The sun still seems to be battling with the clouds today for supremacy of the skies. Thankfully, it never got very hot. I wasn't up too long before I got a call to rekey one lock on a house tomorrow. It is listed for sale and the owner has misplaced it. She even gave me the name of the Realtor to drop it off too, as well.

I know the Realtor. I'm just debating on doing it this evening, but my body is just tired. We'll see what I work out! Either way, it will be done by tomorrow!

The rest of the evening, barring me going on the job, will be spent on and off the computer, and most likely the telephone too!


Recent Comments


Your Wednesday sounded a bit slower than usual. Mine was fairly active...did some outside stuff, as it was actually a warm day. Got my new post published.

Mocha was mad at me last night. He wants out really bad, but I won't let him out without harness and leash. So far, he won't let me put the harness on him. His loss! I sure wish he understood English better.

His other bit of misbehaving: He's figured out how to get up to the high window behind my desk. On the shelf under the window I have a spider plant and an aloe. He decided it would be fun to chew on the spider plant. It's not toxic to cats, though it could give them some digestive problems. The bad thing is, it contains some kind of chemical that affects cats similar to catnip...So now training him to stay out of that window...so far, with limited success.

Right now he's sleeping. That's good.

It's always good to be active, Fran. Good on you.

He'll eventually become accustomed ot the harness, I am sure.πŸ™€

You'll eventually address all of those issues, I am sure.

Hang in there, It will all work out.


Sounds like another nice relaxing and pleasant weather HUMP day Jeff, send some of that cloud cover and rain in my direction please!!

I hope you are having a fantastic Frisatsu eve my friend!


We didn't get too much, rain, Nick, but I'll see about the cloud clover.

It has been a bit busy, but I've had a nagging headache today, and it is a bit warmer too!


Thanks my friend, a little cloud cover has arrived but it is certainly not enough for any wet stuff!

Sounds like you had better take things easy then Jeff, and I hope you feel better soon!


I'm glad that something arrived there anyway, Nick!

I am taking it as easy as I can. I'm sure I'll be better soon!


I'm sure that you will be as well my friend!


Thanks for the affirmation, Nick!


Anytime buddy!


Always appreciated!


Hope Monica feels better soon, Jeff.

Maybe it's my eyes playing tricks on me, but in some pictures, Shadow looks much bigger than his sister, even though they're from the same litter.

Hope you're having a good Frisatsu Eve! 😎🐢🐱🐢

Isaiah 😊

Me too, Isaiah! Heck, I hope I do too! Last night had headaches and a backache. Rough night.

Shadow is almost twice Star's size, she has her father's dacshund build. Same Litter though.

It's been a busy Frisatsu's eve so far! 🐢😹🐢🀠


That was a very nice read! Looks like the dogs enjoyed their dripping and the cat couldn`t be bothered either way, lol. I do hope Monica feels better soonπŸ™ Reminded me of my mum lying there when she sleeps, catching flies :) Things are a bit cooler here in the UK as well, thank god. Well you all take care, catch up soon!

Thanks, Brian! Just a typical day. I think Monica is getting better slwoly but surely! I'm glad to hear temps in the UK are starting to go down too. Take care, my friend!


Sounds like a minor hump day, Jeff. Nothing too strenuous and a plan for tomorrow. All good. I do like the look of those burgers you make. I rarely eat a burger here, as good ones are hard to find, unless I do it myself, which I rarely do.


It was very minor, Alex! I'm moving slow this morning though because I had a slpitting headache and backache last night. That finally went away when I bombed myself with aspirin! Moving kind of slow now. I practically live on my burgers.πŸ”


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