Wonderful Wednesday Work & Wonderful Wanderings!

Last Update: Sep 28, 2022

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

After the excitement of publishing my latest book yesterday, I am working hard to think of something else to write. I crave that, and I need it right now. I have some ideas rolling around in my mind, and I should decide soon.

Anyhow, I woke up fairly early again, and, after taking care of the furry assistants, I jumped right into another morning foray into the Wealthy Affiliate Community!

Kitty came around too, but she likely wanted more food, but I always love to see her! Well, at least you can see the edge of her, so you get the idea! She didn't stay long anyway.

I had to resubmit my latest paperback, and I still have no clue why, but it is being processed again, so we shall see! I also have another manuscript started too.

I always get a word document started with a title, and as things come to me during the day, I write in it. It eventually turns into another book. I took a break to capture the title image and a couple of others of the new, beautiful and relaxing day.

The temperature was only in the high 50s at that point.

I will see where the day takes me, but I do know I have a couple of lock related touch-ups to take care of, but they won't generate much money, unfortunately. About that time, Monica called too, and we talked for maybe 20 minutes or so.

Then I went inside and started my 71st blog post on my book promotion website.

This was an integral part to my Wealthy Affiliate research portion of this HUMP day! If all goes well, and I finish that post, I will likely start another.

I then jumped on the motorcycle and rode five blocks to install a different lock cylinder in the back door at a job site, which won't need the rest of my services until January!

Well, no matter, I'll still need the money in January too! After a quick trip to the VA representative in town, I now have a VA appointment tomorrow at 4:30 pm. Then I rode down and dropped off the keys to the owners. They were quite pleased, and so was I--another phase of the job was now completed.

I soon will complete the 71st blog post on the book promotion website, and I already started another manuscript. I've got to keep my motivation going by keeping busy!

Then I finished working on a lock for a long-term customer that I met at the locksmith shop house last night. It is only a $15 job, but every bit helps right now.

Tommy Williams showed up and gave me bad news about the warehouse project! More crap with Sylvester!

It is what it is, but we had a good three-hour conversation! So all ended up being good!

The rest of the evening will be spent working on the computer now!




Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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Recent Comments


Good to hear you are keeping up the productivity on the book side of things Jeff!

It may have been a little job, but maybe now the floodgates will open!!

Sorry to hear about more crap at the warehouse, but it is what it is..

Enjoy a fabulous Frisatsu eve my friend!


I'm trying to, Nick! The book progress has been a bit unproductive today, but at least I got some answers on why the paperback kept going back into draft, so I'm diligently working on that today.

I still have all of the other nonsense to deal with too, but at least WE ARE ALIVE!


Well... at least you know what to do in order to solve that problem Jeff!

As for the other nonsense... best of luck with that my friend!


I do, indeed, Nick!

Yes, I need luck on the other things!




Hey, Jeff

Youโ€™re certainly keeping busy and I am doing the same.

Weโ€™re moving into our FriSatSu Eve, but technically, hump day could be classified as the day before FriSatSu Eve.

We could continue extrapolating that concept until every day has a finite relationship to the weekend. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Frank ๐ŸŽธ

I am, indeed, Frank! I just need to make a little more money, my friend!

It could, my friend! Frisatsu's eve eve! ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜น


Sounds good, Jeff!

We can redefine all the days of the week by making Monday through Friday two hours shorter and using those ten hours to make Saturday and Sunday each five hours longer.

Thatโ€™s an extra ten hours of SatSu, which gives us an extra forty hours a month, which is the equivalent of an average work week.

You see where Iโ€™m going with this??
Ok, maybe Iโ€™m a little tired! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Frank ๐ŸŽธ

I do, indeed, Frank! Keep going, and eventually the work week will be about 10 hours long!

I applaud your creative thinking!


Thanks, Jeff

Talking about going โ€œdown the rabbit hole!โ€

I tend to get a little silly in the wee hours of the morning. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

I do too, Frank! Especially if I have had a few beers!


Love that you share your life and write blogs. I hope itโ€™s become profits for you.

Thank you, Karen! It seems to be working okay,so far!

God Bless you!


Wednesday wanderings, you have not traveled so far this time, but you still managed to pack a good day in there. I hope whatever you have left to do in January will not take long, as it will be cold then.....

Still cloudy and some rain here, we are getting the last of Noru, which hit Vietnam recently.


You are right, Alex! I never travel very far!

The day developed as it was supposed to!

I'm definitely not lookinf forward to OMW! ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿฅถ

It sounds like your weather is cooperating! That is a very good thing, in my book!


Another busy day for you! So glad you got your book published. What's the title? Where can we get a copy?

It's been busy here, too, as I had to publish today. At least, got the post written yesterday and the first page typed. That made things go faster. Now I have to think of a topic for the next one. It never ends, does it?

Took Mocha out for a little while. He is so funny! We go through this horrible struggle to get his harness on him...took three tries today. I almost gave up. He bites and struggles...sometimes if I just say, "Do you want to go out or not?" he will straighten out. Then, we finally got outside, toured the whole yard, and he decided he wanted to come back in. Go figure!

My son, David, is coming over for supper. He is here for most of a week, working on his place. I don't see him much, but we already had one dinner together, so this will be nice...Undoubtedly, we'll fit in another cribbage game, too.

The title is:

Monica.........A Love Story.

You can find it on Amazon, Fran.

No, it NEVER ends, Fran.

Mocha does what cats do, so no surprise there. ๐Ÿ˜น

Nice that your son is around for you to visit too.

Take care.


Morning Jeff,
Just gone midnight here in UK but love catching up on your daily blogs.
Iโ€™m also a little envious that you can nip off on the motorcycle ๐Ÿ to do various errands and jobs. I would love to be able to jump on one of my motorcycles and head off to a job except materials for me are heavy carpets, underlays and tools or a very large and heavy carpet cleaning machine, so long wheelbase high top van a necessity.
I do get out on one of the Kawasakis as much as I can but we are now heading into cold and wet months. I will still ride as long as no ice and snow but on the older bike as the โ€œnewerโ€ bike is used for two up with Judy my partner so keep that as clean and rust free as possible.
We are booked for the TT at the Isle of Man again next year so something to look forward to there.
Apologies for such a long reply to your post, getting a bit carried away.
Have a Super Day. Andy.

Nice Bike, Andy! I get carried away too, so no worries! Yes, I just have lock cylinders and such to carry on my bike, so no worries there!

At least you have time to ride afterwards! I have two other bikes too, but I couldn't keep them tregistered or insured this year due to lack of funds!

Maybe next year!

Keep Succeeding!


Hi Jeff
The ride on the bike sounds like enough for a good day to me. Looks like you had another great day. Your dogs are lucky to have you. Hopefully the VA appointment turns out well. Happy hump day!

Thanks, David! It is always good for me too! It was an okay day until I found out some unsavory news about the warehouse, but I'm not going to let that spoil it for me!

I hope the VA appt. works well too!

Have a nice night!


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