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Last Update: Sep 21, 2022

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

My morning started earlier than usual! It was spent in the Wealthy Affiliate Community as usual! That is a definite habit, and the new day does not start well without it.

Monica has another doctor's appointment concerning her knee which was operated on almost two years ago. It has been giving her more trouble lately. Up until now, I have always accompanied her on these appointments, because I paid attention to them and was always that she could need complete knee replacement surgery eventually.

When Samantha helped me carry in groceries after the surprise visit by her and Monica which resulted in them taking me to Walmart to pick up some essentials. Samantha got to see HER dogs, and she misses them greatly! When she left, the Blog Dogs were howling incessantly for about an hour afterwards!

I texted her about that, and Samantha replied, "Oh No!" She wants her dogs back, but her mother will not allow it!

I don't blame her. They had a much better life there than they do here at the eBay house. I just want what is best for them!

It was finally time to take a break from the blogs and from working in this blog post, to take some images of the day. The title image, I captured in the late afternoon when we finally got some meaningful sun today.

The day was starting quite well, albeit cooler since we are supposed to be having some cooler weather blowing in today.

Finally, before I was heading back inside the eBay house, I managed to capture an image of Rocky again!

He and his buddies were running all over the yard this morning, and it was such a soothing sight to behold!

Then it was time to go in and work some more on my latest manuscript, which is 3/4 of the way complete! This will be the second manuscript that I will publish as part of my Holiday promotions on my book promotion website.

This, along with writing another post for my book site, comprises most of my ongoing Wealthy Affiliate research for the day!

Monica had a doctor's appointment to check the knee that she had operated on almost 2 years ago. She has been experiencing more issue with it at work lately.

I had been dressed and ready to go, since I have been to all of those appointments with her knee, and all the carpal tunnel surgeries too. Sadly, that did not come to pass, but she did call to tell me about it though. She said they were thinking of a partial knee replacement, and what all that it would entail.

I had to be satisfied with that, but at the same time, she never asked the necessary questions in past appointments, which was why I wanted to go with her. I had all the time in the world to do so.

My buddy Kevin called on his way to work, as usual. While I was talking to him, a woman from Iowa called, and she was here to take care of her father's estate. He was a 92-year old retired Sergeant Major in the Army.

I went and re keyed the house for her, and only charged her $90. It was a win for both of us, and she felt some relief knowing the house would be secure when she returned to Iowa. So, I DID catch another locksmith job.

The weather has clouded up after the brief sunshine that we had earlier.

Unless something else comes up, I'll be home for the evening working on the computer in the Wealthy Affiliate Community, my book promotion site, and editing and writing additional words in the manuscript for my second Holiday promotion book!

Rocky's tail when I was outside again. Can't wait until the images will all upload properly!



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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Recent Comments


Sorry to hear about Monica's knee.

Sometimes things just drag on healthy-wise.

I had the same happen to me.

I got rheumatoid arthritis, and it gives me trouble.

I am glad you could still give some of your time to WA and finish some work.

The morning is always the bests time to do serious work.


Thanks, Elke!

I am too. I have repeatedly told her to leave the household chores for the kids, but after a hard day's work she is still constantly cleaning there morning and evening. She needs to save her strength for the money work! Her kids just goof off all day, and they make 80% of the mess!

I know how you feel about arthritis, and it can strike us at any age. I used to do term papers on that in college.

I do some of my best work in WA in the wee hours of the morning, and sometimes late in the evening too!


Sounds like a generally relaxing HUMP day all in all Jeffrey!

Great news on catching the quick job and I hope that Monica makes the right decision on what is best for her troublesome knee!!

Frisatsu eve is here again so have a great one my friend!!


It was, Nick, but also productive monetarily and in the book writing department too!

I hope you Hump day was excellent in the end!🐫

I trust that Monica will make the right decision. I truthfully have no real say in that matter, it seems.

Have an excellent Frisatsu's eve, my friend!


That is was Jeff!

I managed to sleep a little better, so that is always a bonus!

Sadly, it seems you don't... let's see what the outcome is!

I need to take the PP to the vet shortly... the outcome will go a long way in deciding how good a day I have my friend!


I'm very glad to hear that, Nick!

More sleep is a bonus, but I didn't get much of that last night. The outcome will likely be a nap!

I hope the PP's vet visit is postive!


Naps are a always a bonus as well Jeff... if one has time to fit one in that is!!

The vet visit went ok... I will need to take her back in about 6 months to see if things have improved though..

But we are in the wrong businesses buddy... 75 bucks for a ten minute consultation!!


Yes, Nick, that is very true, and I usually find the time to fit one or two in! 😎👍

What was wrong with her?

Yes, indeed, but remember, I can sometimes make more than that in 30 minutes, when the job are coming in that is. 🙄


That's good for you Jeff... I on occasion get to fit a quick one in at the weekend if I'm lucky!!

She has a slight problem with her liver, and no matter what I try the blood tests always come back the same...

The vet says she is perfectly healthy and not to worry about it, but.... I do!!

Well, I hope that the jobs start coming in thick and fast again for you my friend... I am lucky to make that in a couple of hours!!


We fit them in when we must, Nick!

I understand! The Vet is not feasible for me during this massive economic downturn which just took another hit. Socialism is slowly wiping us out here in The USSA! I don't even have health insurance anymore, which is why I am seeking assistance form the VA!

I hope the PP pulls thoguh, my friend!

I hope they do too, but with the recent interest rake hike, my last portal for money making in the Locksmith business going into winter has likely had its death knell!

This is why I am doubling down in other arenas! This too, shall pass!


I hear you Jeff... at least I have health insurance for the PP, about 35 bucks a month, but... it has saved us a lot of scratch in the last couple of years!!

And luckily I am covered on the health insurance too due the wife's office job.. I hope you get the help you need from the VA..

Keep on doubling down with your book promo website until the storm passes my friend!!


Well, that's a good thing! I wish I had health insurance period, my friend.

I hope that I do too, but the VA is innundated with veterans like myself who are struggling to get anything because the country is being invaded by unprecedented numbers of illegla immigrants, and so citizens like has have very little resources.

I will be working feverishly on that nad some of ther books planned too! One day at a time!

Happy Frisatsu!


Myself and the PP are most grateful for what we currently have my friend... although I don't think I have been to a doctor for the last four years since I sliced the top of my little finger off which required emergency surgery!!

But I will make the most of the insurance count when I visit Doc on Monday...

It does sound like a sad state of affairs over there buddy... I take it Trump's wall didn't do the trick then??

Keep on persevering my friend, and all we do is take it one day at a time!!


You should hold onto it for as long as you can, Nick!

The dems never let Trump's wall get completed! We now have the highest illegal immigration ever, my friend! Some State, like Texas, are doing it on their own in defiance of our "paper" government!

This is serious business worldwide. A very cold winter in projected for Euraope and with soaring heating prices and scarcity, that might be a tough one, my friend! I hope you are not affected.

Very true words--one day at a time, my friend!


Will do buddy!

What happens over there has serious consequences on the world as we know it....

I'm sure we will be affected by the price hike if OMW decides to throw the gauntlet down, but fortunately it shouldn't affect us too much here... the French are always prepared for the cold for some reason... the heat.. that's a different story!!!

One day at a time my friend... one day.....


I'm glad to hear that, Nick! I heard they were already leaving their monuments unlit at night to conserve!

Let's hope OMW decides to take a vacation this year!


Maybe they are Jeff!!

I don't my friend... after the summer we have all had OMW is quite welcome here!!


I must agree with your assessment, though I do hope that OMW takes it easy on us this year, especially with everything else that has been going on!


I'm with you there Jeffrey...

OMW is welcome to visit as long as he keeps things reasonable this year!!


I concur!


Hi Jeff, I do hope Monica has some success with her knee and all ends well. I am sure Samantha is missing the dogs but with animals comes responsibility, and as far as I can see, you are doing a great job with the blog dogs and the rest of the gang. Keep working hard, all the best, take care.

Thanks, Brian! I certainly hope so too, my friend.

She certainly is, and she would do a lot more for them if they were back home with her too. Of course, with her older sister's German Shepherd at the house, Monica had banished the Blog Dogs here. Her older sister is seldonm home ot take care of that dog, instead residing with her boyfriend most times.

We will see how all of that continues to pan out over time!

Have an excellent Thursday, my friend!


Thank you, Jeff, you too.

You're very welcome, Brian, and I did!

I hope you had a GREAT one too!


All this time Jeff, I assumed you were Shadow's and Star's master.

Glad that you were able to land another lock smith. Hope they keep coming in more consistently for you.

Have a great rest of your week! 😎🐶🐱🐶🐫🐿

Isaiah 😊

Overall, I am their master, but it was the kids who selected them as puppies from one of my dogs' litter, and they were the ones who loved and care for them most of the time when I lived at the home with them, Isaiah!

They miss them. 🐫🐶😹🐶😎

I hope you had an excellent HUMP day!🐫


Hey there Jeff! I always love seeing old glory flying in the summer breeze; and I think there's only one more day I can say that. Then its hello autumn!

Knees and Hips are the order of the day. Just had a party this past weekend for family who turned 60 this year and the conversation was all about hip replacement surgery and getting new knees. Getting older is not for the faint of heart.

Anyway, thought I'd swing by and say hi, love the blog dogs and kitty. Keep up the good work my friend!

All the best to you,

Thanks, Kevin! I will see it a few more times as it flutters in the breeze across the street.

Wow, as we age, those really come into the forefront don't they, my friend?

I'm glad you stopped by, and the Bog Dogs and Kitty say "Hello"!

Keep succeeding, my friend!


Love the squirrel.

Thank you, Gail! I will let Rocky know that you said that!


I hope Monica gets some knee relief. That can be so painful. Glad you scored another job and got lots of writing done. Nice to be busy. Happy hump day, Jeff!

Susan 🐫🐶😹🐶

Thanks, Susan! I do too!

I know that she is in a lot of pain! I pray for her endelessly!

I was quite happy to get that badly needed job too!

I hope that you had a Happy HUMP day too! 🐫

Enjoy a pleasant evening too!


Knee surgery is not fun, but if necessary, can produce miracles. Hope for the best.

Puppies need people who can and will spend time with them. Kids excel at that.

Us grownups have too many things to take our time.

Thanks, Warren! I have no doubt about that, my friend! I'm only missing a good chunk of my right foot, but, thankfully, my knees still function.

I know what you mean about kids, and the Blog Dogs need that!

Us adults seem to be "snowed under" most of the time!


Get your shovel ready or find someone with a snowplow who will help!

Haha! I certainly will, Warren!


You have such interesting days.

Thank you, Christie, but don't ask me why!


A full day for you, for sure, Jeff. Just going to bed here at 5:35 am. :-)
Things have greatly improved here and I hope that trend continues. You're over the hump now.


It was, indeed, Mel! Sleep well, my friend! You'll need it with the ups and downs that you have been experiencing. Please remember that life is that way, it seems! We must still savor every new day that we are given, come what may!


Wow, Jeff. Just rented and watched Top Gun: Maverick. Outstanding movie! Check it out when you can.


My mom told me about it too! I'll catch it when it is free, and it will still be new to me, my friend!

I hope all is well again in "Mel-World"!


Use some of that cash I sent and treat yourself to a belated bday, Jeff :-)


Haha, bills ate that up some tme ago, my friend! Remember, the USA is now rapidly becoming the USSA! 🙄


ooops, the money wasn't for bills, Jeff. :-O


Gotta have a TV and house to watch it on and in, Mel!


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