Tenebrific Thursday Travails Tend To Thrill!

Last Update: Sep 22, 2022

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

I stayed up a bit later than I wanted to feverishly working on my latest manuscript that will be part of phase two of my Holiday book promotions!

Of course, my first order of the day, aside from caring for the furry assistants, was to climb right on into the Wealthy Affiliate Community!

For a welcome change, Kitty showed up too! It is always motivational when she decides to show up for work!

It rained off and on for most of the night last night, and that is part of the "cold front" that we are experiencing for the next few days.

In fact, we are still getting slight dustings of rain even now. At my first break of the day, I captured the title image and the ones below too!

Overcast and rainy seems to be the theme for this new day!

I will, unless I catch a locksmith job today, of course, be working on my newest book manuscript as part of my Holiday promotion, but also will continue with posting another post on my book promotion website.

All of these ongoing endeavors are a critical part of my daily Wealthy Affiliate research. This is another habit that I have developed.

I did not hear from Monica after that initial early call yesterday, and I haven't heard from her today, either (yet, anyway, but I am not counting on it). She must be in one of her moods again, but I wish her well on her last day off before another 4-day, 40 hour work week coming up tomorrow.

The Blog Dogs seemed to be having some fun on the ottoman when I walked out to see what they were doing. I will be feeding them their main meal of today shortly.

I made a hamburger using a small hoagie bun.

After a short dry period outside, they came in and scarfed their food down, which had some drippings from the burger on it.

They enjoyed it, as always!

Monica finally called me not long after that, and talked to me about the surgery she is contemplating. She even texted me a picture of her x-rays. She will go through with it, and I told her that I wholeheartedly supported her decision, and that I would help wherever I could.

I started working on the book some more, and it wasn't long before Monica called again, and told me to come outside!

She had just pulled up. Apparently she had to pick up her aunt's prescription, and since her aunt lives three blocks away, she stopped to see me too!

What a nice surprise! We talked for about 15 minutes and she showed me the book that she had gotten from the doctor's office yesterday. Then we parted ways again.

The rest of my day suddenly seemed like Grand Central Station, since, no sooner than I had settled back down at the computer, Tommy Williams was knocking at the door.

He showed me a bill for $4,000 from the city for cleanup at one of Frank's old properties that he bought across town. Apparently, the work had been performed on September 9th.

I hurriedly got dressed, and went with him over to Frank's house first, to discuss it with Frank.

Then Tommy and I went to talk to the City Inspector. Suffice it to say that, for right now, it is owed, but it is complicated, and we will be working to get that resolved too. Sylvester figures into this situation as well.

We then went and looked at the progress at the warehouse property, and it seems to be moving along quite well, but it needs to hurry up a little. I then assisted Tommy with moving a couple of things around inside his shop for about 2 hours.

Since he had everything opened up and I was ready to leave, I called Monica to come and get me since I knew that she would be leaving to go pick up Samantha from school, and I knew it was right on her way.

She did, and I convinced her to let Samantha walk the Blog Dogs with me, since she has wanted to do this for some time, and the temperature was in the low 60s.

They have also needed a walk for quite some time, anyway.

I walked Shadow. Sorry, the images still skew to the left. It is very annoying and I hope this gets corrected soon. I like a clean post, and the scattered images make it look tacky.

Anyway, I at least managed to get to see Monica and an added bonus of Samantha one more time, even though it was only for a half hour at best. They left to go home and prepare dinner, and I'll remain here at the eBay house with the Blog Dogs and Kitty. Sometimes I feel like we're stranded on the Island of Misfit Toys!

The rest of my evening will be spent on the phone and the computer working on my newest book and a blog post for my book promotion site!



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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Recent Comments


That's nice!! The dogs Did they howl for an hour?
Will Monica recover well....how long will she need to recover? Take care.......the property that needs to clean up, can you go a whole day with Tommy and Sylvester and clear it completely? Nice of you......this way all will be neat.....take care.....

Yes, they did, Antonietta! They miss Samantha!

Monica will take 4-6 weeks for recovery. I'm not goig to do very much over at the property, Tommy is in charge of that.

It is slowly improving. Happy Frisatsu, and take care, my friend!


That’s quite a day you had, Jeff…never a dull moment in your world. Hopefully that bill gets resolved for you. That’s never an easy situation dealing with those folk. Guess you got the cold spell too…was 45 when I awoke…brrr. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Susan 🐶🐶😹

Close, Susan! We were in the 50s! OMW is on his way before long! 😫🥶

Maybe it will be a milder one this year!

It was a GREAT rest of the day, and I was very productive in the writing department!

Happy Frisatsu!


Ugh…OMW is an awful thought but you’re right. Let’s pray for a milder one. Keep succeeding Jeff! 👍🏻

I am hoping for that too, Susan! Let's hope we have not jinxed ourselves!


I especially hope that you don't have to deal with amount of snow you had last year, Susan! That would not be fun at all!


Me too, Jeff! If I never saw snow again, that would be a.ok. 🙏🥶

Karen? Lol 😂😂😂

Sorry, Susan, I was going too fast. It's all fixed now, please forgive me! I have been known to do this a time or ten!


I totally agree with you, Susan, except, perhaps on Christmas Day! I am, after all, still a bit nostalgic!


Maybe for that I could agree lol. 🎄🎅

No worries there, Jeff! Just giving you a hard time. It’s all good. 👍🏻 😂

I'm glad we agree at least on that one, though for many that seldom happens, Susan!🎅🎄

I'm still very glad that you pointed it out, Susan! I do my best to try to be a perfectionist!


I know what you mean, Jeff. You’re so busy here, I know it sometimes happens. No problemo. 😊

You bet! And you are right. 🎄🎅

Well, when I get blowing and agoing, mistakes sometime happen!🙄

Thank you, my friend! 🎅🎄



I hope that situation with the City Inspector works out, Jeff. I don't like surprises like that showing up in my mailbox. Especially when money is involved!

Glad you got to see Monica and Samantha. Not to make light of your situation, but the Island of Misfit Toys doesn't seem too bad a place to get away from things right now. 🧸

Hope you guys have a great Frisatsu! 😎🐶🐱🐶

Isaiah 😊

Fortunately that did not affect me, Isaiah, just Frank and Tommy, but because I have been through that crap before, I knew exactly what to tell them! After all, I had a lot of experience with them before.

I was happy to see the both of them, and especially happy that the Blog dogs got a short, though badly needed, walk!😎🐶😹🐶

Perhaps, but then Santa Claus will collect us for people who want us more and will take us for just how we are!🎅

Frsatsu has been productive indoors on the books because it is rainy and cold outside!

I hope you have an excellent Frisatsu!


Sounds like a well needed tenebrific day Jeff to get those temperatures down!!

A 4k cleaning bill sounds a little steep to me... but I am sure that you are on the case!!

Great that you got to see Monica and the BD's got a rare walk in with Samantha!!

I hope you enjoy a fabulous Friday portion my friend!!


We are having more of the lower temps and rain too, Nick! I'm not complaining.

Yes, and to be an even number is too tidy for my liking. They got there "what for" from me when Tommy and I visited yesterday.

I was quite happy about that walk. The BDs needed it.

So far so good, but I've only beein the community and worte another two pages in my latest book, so we shall see how it progresses!

I hope you have a Great Friday portion of Frisatsu, as well!


Sounds good Jeff, maybe we can put summer in the rearview mirror for the year!!

I knew you would be on the case!!

I hope it progresses well my friend... I have just finished up for the week and later we will have a rare trip out to a new restaurant around the corner.. let's see how that goes!!


This is apparently the first Friday of Fall, I heard on the news, no sure about that, but we can certainly put Summer in the rearview!

I'm hoping everything I'm working on will come to some sort of fruition too, but there is still a long way to go, my friend!


I believe it is indeed my friend as AUTUMN (or fall as some say)!!🤣🤣 officially began on the 21st!!

There maybe a long way to go Jeff, but keep putting the work in, and step by step, day by day, you are inching closer to your goals, dreams and success buddy!

The new restaurant wasn't too bad either, despite predominantly selling French food (well I am in France after all)!!

I had some herby garlic snails as a starter, followed by a very reasonably sized portion of frogs legs as a main!!

Obviously washed down with a glass of red grape juice or two!!!


Wow, how did I miss that??

Oh well, as for the long way to go, we'll see how that pans out. Something has to give soon though.

Haha, where we come from that is callled BAIT, Nick! I hope you didn't pay too much for it!🤣

Sounds like a pleasurable experience! I hope the electric bill in France this winter is not too bad!


Something has to give sooner or later Jeff!!

The snails were about 6.50 for 6, and the frog's legs were 18 euros... so not too bad really!!

The killer is the price of wine in a restaurant my friend!!


Alcoholic beverages in restaurants are generally more expensive. I have proposed many times that they have a "BYOB" policy. 🙄


That would be great my friend!!

But I fear it would put a lot of restaurants out of business!!

Remember I used to own a restaurant at one point my friend!!


Why, Nick? They'd still be getting paid for their food. Why should they gouge us for our favorite beverages if we were bringing them along at no extra cost to them, although, everyone know the restaurants make a KILLING on their beverages, but then what does that say about their cuisine??


I know where you are coming from my friend... but most restaurants only survive because of the killing they make selling beverages!!

The mark up and profit margins on food is not a lot believe me (well at least it wasn't for us in Spain)!!

That's why we decided to count our losses after just over a year before we went bankrupt!!


Then maybe they should go into another business if their food and service cannot support them, Nick.

As a former restaurateur,you would know though, my friend!



From my experience it can be a seriously cut throat business my friend (probablymuch like locksmithing) 😉 ... or maybe we were in the wrong place at the wrong time... who knows!!



Perhaps, and now that our economy is getting WRACKED with nonsensical socialist policies, customers are drying up for my business!



That’s one hefty cleaning bill Jeff and don’t worry about Monica, she does her thing, you crack on with yours and when you do meet - bingo!
Youtube stuff going well, but I still haven’t started the second channel, too much material for the LearnElectrics channel at the moment. Plus I’m up to my neck in getting all my Revenue and Customs stuff together for the accountant. Its got to be done so late nights are back on the menu.
Anyway, glad you are keeping busy too. And a little rain is good for the flora and fauna.
Take care of youself me old fruit and have faith in Miss M. That spark will come back.
Toodle pip. Bux

You are so right aobut that, Bux! When I went to intercede for Tommy on his behalf, they knew they had bitten off more than they could chew!

Monica and I hook up when we can. She'll be fine.

Uh oh, is it the Tax man that cometh again? Very soon, I will have no funds for them to take as our country continues down the poth to socialism, my investments are being wiped out at every turn by the greedy elite banks, but that's another story!

I hope your YT channel is being quite productive for you!

The rain has cooled things off, the flora and fauna are on their last gasps right now, my friend! Fall and Winter are settling in.

I know you are right, Bux, and keep succeeding, my friend!


Onward ...

Ever forward, Bux!

Happy Frisatsu!

There you go again, with that word "tenebrific." You will force us to learn new words, won't you?

Meanwhile, had to defrost the freezer today. My friend came over to help, so took her to lunch.

Next project...still trying to get Pretty Links mastered, as will be using them in all my video descriptions. Seems there is always something more to learn on here!

Of course I will, Fran, that is what keeps u alive, my friend. After all, we all learn something new every day.

Sounds like you had a nice afternoon.

Good luck with prettylinks. They can sometimes be a two-edged sword depending on your application of them.

Keep succeeding.


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