Tempestuous Tuesday's Timid Travails Tend To Tire!

Last Update: Nov 29, 2022

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

Even though we are somehow at the temperature of 54 degrees, the tempestuous winds are knifing through making it feel much cooler than that. Fortunately, I am still inside having finished with my initial foray into the Wealthy Affiliate Community--the normal morning habit for me--and was now starting my daily blog post here, while also having already written another 3-500 words in my Kindle Vella Episode #8.

(The latter is an earlier than usual start to my Wealthy Affiliate research part of the day.) I am also writing another quick blog post announcing the extension of this year's exceptional Black Friday deal to put into my book promotion website. In fact, I might just update the other Black Friday post instead--yes, that would be the most efficient way to go! I finally completed that task!

Throughout all of this frenzied work this morning, Kitty has been in here with me for most of the morning. She can be a staunch ally at times.

I finally ventured outside to capture a couple of images of this new day, to include the title image.

By this time the temps were rapidly plummeting into the 30s, if you can believe that!

That was how I thought it would be after looking at the weather forecasts. The lack of the sun today has sure not helped either.

The last image (of course, it almost always seems to be the last image) was photo-bombed by our dear Humphrey!

With the holidays, it seems like it was a long time since he has made another appearance to herald the upcoming new HUMP day! This time, he was also wearing his WA gold medallion too! (He has worn this once or twice in the past, as well.)

The sun even peeked out for a brief moment from behind the cloud veil, but its appearance was short-lived, sadly.

I have not heard from Monica at all today, so far, so I doubt I will be at her therapy session today. She will likely have her "friend" attend with her instead. Oh, well, I can only be supportive of her if I know when to be there.

She had called me at 12:30am this morning, but she still did not know when her therapy session was today--I find that a bit hard to believe. No matter what, I will be there with her in spirit though, and she will remain in my prayers.

It was then time for me to feed the Blog Dogs their primary meal of the day.

They were all too happy to oblige with scarfing it down in short order. While they were gorging down their food, I made myself a grill turkey, ham, and cheese sandwich this time around for lunch.

I have to admit, that I gorged it down too. Leftover sandwiches are so delicious!

I have enough leftovers remaining for one more good sandwich.

At this time it was 15 minutes to 2 pm, and I had not heard from Monica still, so I will assume everything is going well. I will now continue on with my goals for the day.

I do plan to run a couple of errands--one ot the bank, and another one thereafter.

I'm not looking forward to it, but I'd rather get them done before the weather takes a more drastic turn.

Of course, I was tied up with US v. Iran in the World Cup so, I finally decided that they can wait until tomorrow. Whew that was close! YAY!

I built up a fire again since the temps are below freezing now.

The Blog Dogs were enjoying the warmth of it from their beloved ottoman.

The rest of the evening will be spent writing and possibly talking on the phone some too. Of course, I will also be around in the Wealthy Affiliate Community, as well!

Also, remember that the Black Friday 2022 deal has been extended, so carefully weigh your options on don't miss out on this killer deal!



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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Recent Comments


Hi Jeff, I like the gold medallion on Humphrey that was something awesome. Because he is a part of WA family and community.

The weather in Philly has been on a roller coaster too. We have been tossing it back and forth here. But the weather here is at in the forties.

I am sorry that you haven't heard from Monica today but the day is still young you may hear from her later on. She is in my prayers as well.


Thanks, Mary! He is an honorary member since he has been coming around for about a year and a half or longer.🐫

I hate when the weather is up and down all of the time. I feel like that is the best time to catch a cold.

Monica did call later in the evening, and we shatted for about an hour and a half, so all was nce with that!


Hi Jeff, That is awesome that Humphrey is an honorary member that is so cool.

Yes the weather has been the same here and on Friday it is going to be close to 60 degree and then it is going to bottom out late on during the day.

Then it is going to be bitter cold over the weekend. Yes and people are going to get people sick.

I am glad that you had talked with Monica that is wonderful.
Things are going to get better it is just going to take time my friend.


We have bitter cold this week already, Mary! Of course a lot of people in the US are having to deal with this!


Hi Jeff, Yes we are just getting rid of our freezing temperatures, This week is going to be in the forties and by Friday we will be up to 50 degrees and the temperature will possibly climb to about 60 degrees. We just have to wait and see what happens.


The same is starting to happen for us too, Mary!

Hopefully, those days will be quite productive!


I'm surprised that gold medallion doesn't fall off of Humphrey's neck, Jeff - while he's traveling at the speed of light! ⚡

I see you still have a few remnants of Thanksgiving leftovers remaining - if you're adding turkey to your grilled cheese sandwiches.

Hope you and the crew have a great Hump Day! 😎🐶😺🐶🐫

Isaiah 😊

I am too, Isaiah! I guess he is adept at wearing jewelry too! 🐫

Very few remnants of Thanksgiving remain now, my friend. I think they will be gone by today though!

Happy HUMP Day! 🐫🐶😹🐶


Hey, Jeff

Another busy day for you.

You make some great grilled sandwiches. I’m sure they taste as good as they look! 😎

We froze lots of our Thanksgiving leftovers, but I know they’ll be making an encore appearance sometime in the next 3 to 6 months.

I’m not a fan of wasting food, especially since there are people in this world that don’t have any, which is a ridiculous and sad reality.

Frank 🎸

Hi Frank,
here we celebrate the baptismal glory, baptismal name, saint, it is a Serbian national and church custom and after Easter and Christmas, it is the third most important family holiday, always connected with the day of a certain Christian saint.
As a good housewife and cook on the table for the day of celebration of everything and anything to eat.
However, I agree with you that sometimes there is food waste, it bothers me for the same reasons as you.

I abhor food waste too, Slavka! I will repurpose some of it into the Blog Dog's food, and I will also give some away to other people who need it, as well!


Hey, Frank!

The sandwich was excellent! I have enough leftovers to make one more--probably today.

I only had what Ron and Julie graciously packed for me to take home, so I'll have to make do! I'm sure those leftovers will make an encore for you, my friend!🤪

People starving in the land of plenty is a travesty when so many restaurants throw out perfectly good food! As a nation, we reap what we sow!


Hi, Slavka

That sounds like a great holiday tradition! 😊


Yes, Jeff, and we should be spending more money on trying to help feed people in starving nations. 😎

Frank 🎸

Yes, instead of funding foreign wars, Frank!


I agree Frank on food, there no humanistic, logical, reason any human being should be without food, home and an education. So sad to see children eating dirt since their bodies crave more than food that's not available to them. No justifiable reason anyone especially children should go hungry. We were pretty poor as a kid, so I am grateful for cheap white bread mayonnaise sandwiches for lunch that I had. Eating dirt and bugs is unconscionable. Lest we forget lack of clean water.

Hi, David

For all the money we waste and debt we’re in, the US is still fabulously wealthy compared to starving countries with no medical care.

More than 10% of my private medical practice was non-paying, over twice the national average for my specialty.

Everyone needs to do their part! 😊

Frank 🎸

Touche, Frank. Sad most folks take Everything for granted until they lose it, before they act. The world should adhere and listen to the words of "Imagine" by John Lennon

I totally agree too, David! It is a total travesty!


I totally agree, Frank!


Agreed, David!

Absolutely, David!

A fabulous song in every respect. 😎

Frank 🎸


Nice post, Jeff, and it's chilly too here in Mohave County, Arizona. Brrrr! Especially cooling down as night has fallen, so I know what you mean.
There's a dog trainer on Yt with 5 or 6 german shepherds. Have you seen his dogs? Very interesting, Jeff! Just like Ceasar,Dog Whisperer,
he has to train the humans to be the Alpha. Then the dog relaxes because it does not have to try to be Alpha. I have my own Alpha and Omega, and you have the same as me! Alpha dogs are dangerous for other pets and children, because of their unpredictability.
I still feel for the younger children. what do they have to inspire their lives?
Prayers for the children, Suzay

Thanks, Suzay, and I am sorry that it is cold over there for you, my friend.

No, I haven't seen those YT dogs. Yes, you and I both have the same Alpha and Omega.

As for the younger children, I definitely feel sorry for them. They didn't ask for this.

Thanks for your kind words, my friend! Stay safe and well!


<3<3<3 Bro!

Much appreciated, Suzay! 😌🙏

U too, Jeff!

Thanks, Suzay! I hope you have an excellent Wednesday HUMP day, my friend!


Hi Jeffrey. I am happy to hear you're still keeping it on an even keel. 57 degrees to below 30 degrees in such a short time would be an unwelcome shock, although we woke to 18 degrees. So, you know, it is what it is. I visited the DMV for an enhanced license and that did not end well. They wanted documentation for name changes that took place over 50 years ago. Now I know why people lie. Have a pleasant evening, my friend, we have humps to get over and mountains to climb.

Those temperature drops seem to happen all the time here in Kansas, Donna! Your 18 degrees is a bit chillier. With Winter trying to settle in, yes, it is what it is, my friend!

I hope you get everything sorted out, Donna! We both seem to have those Humps (Hump Day tomorrow) and mountains to climb! Enjoy your evening too!


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