Temperate Tuesday Tentatively Triumphs!

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

After I signed off yesterday, my cousin called so we talked for almost 2 hours, so that was some good conversation.

I never heard from Monica, so maybe tomorrow (now today), that might happen.

My mom sent me a message that she wished she could talk to me after I had already gone to be. I obliged, but it was all about my sister's demands on her up there. I finally let her go.

Then I dove into some deep sleep off and on for the rest of the evening and early morning.

When I woke up, I captured some earlier images of the new day!

I know that the sun might come out eventually, but that still remains to be seen.

After that, it was time to hit the morning news feeds and then the Wealthy Affiliate Community, as well!

This always gets the day moving in the right direction. I had a quick conversation with an ex. She jumped me out of a quick cat-nap. Just some quick conversation. and then we parted ways.

It seems that we might be expecting some rain later in the day, so that still remains to be seen too. Many days, there never seems to be a dull moment.

There are many things that I plan to do today. It just depends upon what else transpires today, and what gets accomplished, as well. There is still a lot of day to go moving forward. Anything can happen--good or bad.

Our temps have gone up into the 80s right now, but it still seemed to be overcast, so that helps a little.

Now in the afternoon, I will need to make a couple of rounds around town, one to the locksmith shop house.

First, heading across town.

After crossing that point, it was then on to the shop house first. I had not been over there for a few days.

I decided to go right over and check on things over there first.

It was a little worse for wear, but that will be addressed in the next couple of days hopefully.

Then there was another errand close by over there, so I got that taken care of too, since it was close by. Then the trek back home, as well.

Once back to the house, I could truly get back down to more business for the day. There are still a lot of projects that I am working on.

I was glad to get back before the promised rain that was forecast starts dumping in our area!

Since then, I have still been putting finishing touches on this current blog post, like I always do.

I must admit that the the day has seemed to be winding down rapidly. I am actually quite happy about that development.

I will be watching a Presidential rally very soon, but after that, I will be putting the final touches on this post too. It might be another shorter one than usual, but we shall see.

Then, I did reach out to Monica again, so I will see if she responds or not. I would like to know, and I know that there are a few of you which might also want the same information too.

Still, an hour later, there has been no response. Who knows? She might not feel like talking to me right now. I hope that is the only reason.

I ended up running one more quick errand, so that was Great. I got 4 bags of pork rinds and a couple of 3 liter bottles of diet soda too. I captured some additional images, but you all get the idea.

This post will drop soon, and I'll still be here for a while! Tomorrow is another HUMP Day!



Jeff, the Blog Dogs, and Kitty!

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Recent Comments


The middle of Hump Day here Jeff.
Our weather is changeable and unpredictable too.
The longest day for the Northern hemisphere on Thursday and it still doesn't feel like summer.
Hope all is ok with your love life Jeff. Maybe its just a flat battery on her phone.
Take care my friend.

I hope you have a GREAT Hump Day, Bux!

In the wee hours of HUMP Day, she called and we chatted for about 30 minutes. She has just been a bit tired after the surgery on Monday.

At least I know that she is okay now!

Take care!


That's nice that she called.

I sure felt a lot better afterwards, Bux!


Hey Jeff

We hit 95 degrees here today, day one of a 5 or 6-day heat wave, so we stayed inside where it is nice and cool.

Tomorrow we’ll probably hang out at the beach to change things up a bit.

Have a great Hump Day! 🐫
Frank 🤘🎸

Sounds good, Frank! Yes your mini heat wave might last a few days!

Hang in there on a Hot Hump Day!

Jeff 🐫🤘🎸

Stay cool, Jeff, & Happy Hump Day! 🐫

Frank 🤘🎸

Raining some today, Frank, so I am not complaining!

Happy HUMP Day!🐫


We’ve missed the rain this week, Jeff, but it’s been pretty hot and humid.

Frank 🤘🎸

We had more rain overnight, Frank!

This afternoon, I plan to install some new locks for a client. We'll see how that works out.

Jeff 🤘🎸

Never a dull moment, Jeff! Hopefully you get some news soon to find out how things went. Have yourself a great evening!

Susan 🐶😹🐶

She finally called this morning. She has spent the past couple of days sleeping.

I have a very nice evening.

Jeff 🐶😹🐶

Happy Humps Day Eve, Jeff!

Myra ♥️

Thank you very much, Myra! Same to you!


Ahh, the appearance of Humphrey is always a good sign... Sorry to hear about the lack of news from Monica...hopefully soon. I am glad you got home before the rain dumped.....I hate driving in the rain.
I am home in Pa for a quick visit as I took tomorrow off and it is a chilly 81 degrees....lol.
Enjoy the rest of your night Sir.

Hopefully I will have some news soon. I am sure she is fine. She just might not want to respond to me, Chuck!

Enjoy your evening tonight too, Sir!


Happy Hump Day Eve, Jeff! 😎🐶😹🐶🐪

Isaiah 😁

Thanks, Isaiah! The same to you!

Happy HUMP Day! 🐶😹🐶🐫

Jeff 🌞

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