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Last Update: Nov 26, 2022

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

Since the eBay house was a bit chilly, and I had no intention of having a fire in the fireplace last night, I put the Blog Dogs downstairs in their blanket-filled kennel! They were very cooperative with this.

I slept very well with Kitty keeping me warm in bed, and I was still in bed past 8 am when Monica called me. I chatted with her for almost an hour, and then she had to let me go for a while. All the while that I had been chatting with her after I finally got out of bed, I had also been starting to do my morning ritual of going through the overnight Wealthy Affiliate Community blog posts!

This has been a habit of mine for quite some time, and it is an excellent way to start the new day!

Kitty had actually come into the room to assist me too. (Or, she must have been hungry)

It was about 15 minutes later that Ron called me. He said that he and his wife Julie were coming into town to go to the commissary on Ft. Riley, and that he was bringing the truck I was getting in trade for my 1951 Willys.

I told him to meet me at the 15th house (that's the locksmith house now). He remembered it from when we were stationed in the Army together, because that is the first house that I bought to live off post when I was 20 years old. I am 55 years old now.

I wanted him to drop it off to me there, so that I could drive my failing car over there and drop it off and shift some of my locksmith tools into the truck. That way, the truck would have ample room for it in the eBay house's driveway.

As I hurriedly got ready to leave, I snapped one image of the new day (this is the larger version of the title image)

We all knew that rain was expected later on.

The drive over there was still pleasant since the sun was still out, but the weather was taking a turn for the worse.

They were there within 30 minutes. We chatted for a bit, filled out some paperwork, and then they were gone.

You can see the car that I needed to leave parked at the front of the house after I transferred equipment over to the truck.

I called Monica to see if she was still at home. Her older brother and other family members from out of town are still over there until tomorrow. She said she was, but not for long, so I told her I'd be there in a minute.

The truck was ready to go, complete with handicap placard by this time, and the bonus was that I'd get to see her in person for the first time in a week!

I was there within three minutes. The locksmith shop house is not far from the house I bought her that we used to live in together.

I parked in the driveway that I always used to park in with her. Her car is still on loan to a "friend".

All in all, I visited with her in person for about 15-20 minutes. Above is her on the deck that I built. I miss that deck, but I miss her more, but I am beginning to doubt if we will reunite. I just want what is best for her, no matter how that turns out.

I was inside briefly and took a picture of their Christmas tree, along with stepson Jacob absorbed with his X-Box, as usual.

I also took another image of my deck! It needs some maintenance for sure.

I bid goodbye to her, and then it was time for a couple of errands in town on the way back to the eBay house.

The day had really gotten dreary by this time.

Back at the eBay house, I let the Blog Dogs out quickly, unloaded some things out of the truck while they were outside, and then fed them their main meal of the day.

They were ready for it. I was hungry too by that time, so I put together another sandwich--this time grilled ham and cheese.

It was very satisfying.

It wasn't long before Kevin called on his way to work. He did so while I was rapidly getting caught up in the Wealthy Affiliate Community.

I am putting the finishing touches on this post now, and I hope to get some more writing done in an abbreviated Wealthy Affiliate research section of the day.

Kansas State (my team) plays Kansas tonight, and I will have to watch that! We will see if I can accomplish my other goals, but it had been quite a pleasant surprise getting the truck today. He will come with a trailer for the jeep at another time--likely soon though.



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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Recent Comments


Hi Jeff, I am so sorry to hear about you and Monica but what I can say is that I will keep you in prayers and hope that you two will get back together. I am glad that you had a Super Saturday.

For me I slept most of the weekend and doing training for CAP and trying to get some WA things done. I feel guilty because I haven't been paying enough of attention to WA. And I have written any content or anything but I guess that I will get to it hopefully this weekend I hope.

Oh well you don't want to hear my problems I have bored you enough. It is my turn to help you now. And I will keep you and Monica in prayer.


I really appreciate all the prayers, Mary! We can never have too many of those!
Sometimes, life can get in the way, my friend! Take care of what is most important first! WA is work at your own pace.
You never bore me! Just do what you must do first!

God Bless you!


Hi Jeff, You are most welcome for the prayers. You are so very right you just can't get enough of prayers.

Yes life always finds a way to disrupts the flow. You can get ahead five steps and then backward 10 steps. It always seems that way.. My one prayer is to get ahead and stay there because I am so tired of being behind all the time.

Yes I understand WA is work at your own pace but it just seems that I just never get to finishing up my training it just feels like I am in a rut with that.

Everytime I think about doing my training something always comes up and then I never get to it. I guess I will get to in time.

I didn't mean to bore you.

Mary :))

None of us can get enough prayers, Mary! They are very powerful, indeed!

At least we are resilient enough to snap back though. We must always do this.

I never completed mine, because I finally focused on my book writing and promotion, which was the main reason I came here for in the first place.

The good thing is that we can always start the training and work on it anytime that we want to at our own pace.


Hi Jeff, That is so true none of us can get enough of prayer that is why Christ said pray unceasing. Yes prayers are very powerful, I know from first hand experience.

I know you are right but there are just times we hope and wish that things need to be addressed. All we can do is pray everyday morning, noon, night. I understand people don't do that but they are going to find out after it is too late and that is a shame.

Yes i understand that but I like to get all the training done because I don't like having unfinished business.. And I was working on my CAP training which I have to finished too. But I have a limited on it.

Somehow someway I will get it done so that I can move on and work on my writing.


Oh, believe me, Mary, I know form experience too! They are why I have survived for so long.

Never underestimate the power of God! In fact, we should pray without ceasing!

I fit training in whenever and wherever I can! Life is a continual learning experience, therefore, training is actually NEVER done!


Hi Jeff, You are absolutely right but I am two years older then you so I just two more years of experience (hahaha). I thought I make you laugh.

No that is one thing I don't do is underestimate God because he has brought me through quite a bit from a rape, two divorces, gastric bypass surgery, a mini stroke, to living in a hotel, he has always provided for us. He even brought John into my life so I know he is the almighty God.

And yes we are always learning in so many ways. Through each other, through our communities, through our brick and mortar jobs, See schools can't teach the hard knocks of life.

That is where the underestimation comes in at. Sometimes we all have friends in high places and sometimes we all have friends in low places depending on what the need is at the time.

I have had both book learning but most importantly I have had people learning too. And then sometimes they cancel each other out. We never have enough of learning about life. We as humans have to know how little things work.. That is just how we are.

On a different note I hope everything is okay with Monica and I hope that her therapy is going well and she will regain her range of motion. Let know how things are going

Mary :))

We can never underestimate God, Mary! He always knows what is best for us!

We learn something new everyday in our life's journey! There is never a dull moment.

People learning is always more important in my book!

Monica seems to be progressing slowly but surely! We just have to wait and see!


HI Jeff, We can't never underestimate God. And yes he does know what is best for us even if we don't think so.

And yes we do learn something everyday but then it is up to us to learn that lesson and if we don't learn from that lesson we make serious mistakes that can be costly to us in so many ways.

Yes I am trying to get my books republished and I just don't have the funds right now. And I had an argument with the literary agent. She wanted money and I told her there was a problem with John's checks and of course we have to wait those 45 days to get another check sent out and she turn around and asked if we could put something down on it.

I asked her a simple question what part of English don't you understand? And she quietly hung up the phone. I was just not in the mood to deal with that kind of inept behavior yesterday.

I have been dealing with inept people all week and including Saturday at our senior meetings. But that is another story for another day.


No, we must never underestimate the power of God, Mary!

I'd publish those books on Amazon KDP first, Mary, but that is just me!

Hope you get it all sorted!


Jeff, I'm so glad you and Monica are having good communication sessions. Then, why do you feel you won't get back together? She seems to be coming around...of course, I'm not there and can't possibly know all that's gone between you. I sure hope, though, that you can work things out.

Thank you, Fran. We are communicating, but Monica seems to have this guy "friend" that she spends a lot of time with, and that she also lets use her one and only car all the time since she can't drive right now, and he is not on her insurance.

I have warned her about that, but I am just glad we talk right now. We shall see how it all turns out in the end.

I hope that you and Mocha are doing well.


Sounds like a surprisingly super Saturday indeed my friend!

The new vehicle looks great! So you finally have a fully functional one in your fleet??

As for Monica lending her's out again.... I will say no more...

I hope that the end of your Frisatsu goes well Jeffrey!!


It was, indeed, Nick!

Yes, fully fuctional and it will be very useful!

Yes, I fear her loaning that car out will backfire in so many ways.

I feel like it is ending with a whimper, but that is okay! I hope yours ends well too!


Extremely useful I would say Jeff!!

Everything comes to an end eventually buddy... It's how we move on in the future that counts!!


I'm glad to hear that, and you speak very true words, indeed, Nick!


Hi Jeff, you got a bit to do next year, what with the decking eh! I couldn`t believe it when I saw that Christmas tree, reminded me of someone who puts her tree up at the start of November lol, yes, she enjoys Christmas that much, bless. Let's hope your team wins. That truck looks awesome! we don`t have those in the UK, unless you import. Anyway, have a great day.

If she doesn't get the paint, the kids can't maintain it. Since I know longer live there, I draw the line on certain maintenance there since I have three other porperties I cannot maintain, Brian.

A lot of people around here put them up early. It at least keeps them in a festive mood in this dreadful economy.

Thankfully, my team won. The truck has high mails, but has been well maintained, so it will definitely be a big help to me.

I hope you are having an excellent Sunday!


Hey, Jeff

That’s a nice looking truck!

Wow, a Christmas tree already? Nice! 👍

I expect we’ll be putting our tree up next week. She’s got about a zillion ornaments for it so it’ll take most of the day!

Frank 🎸

Thanks, Frank!

Yes, they tend to get theirs up quickly.

Include a pic of yours when it is finished in a poast, my friend!

Enjoy a relaxing Sunday!


Hey, Jeff

It was a great Sunday & I hope yours was, too! 😎

Frank 🎸

I'm glad to hear that, Frank! Mine seems to have been okay!

I got some good rest!


Rest is a good thing, Jeff! 😎

Frank 🎸

I am definitely inclined (or reclined) to agree with you, my friend!


Haha ! 🤣

Have a GREAT day, Frank!


You too, Jeff! 😎

Frank 🎸

I am, so far, Frank! You can read all about it when I finally get today's blog post done. It might be a little past the normal time since I am going to try to go and attend Monica's knee theraby session. Her "friend" might be there too, but I promise that I won't harm him!


Leave all the guns at home, Jeff! 😎

Frank 🎸

I was looking for the 9mm derringer, but couldn't find it. No worries, Frank!


Haha 🤣

I know you're a good guy, Jeff. 😎

Frank 🎸

Thanks, Frank! Much appreciated! Monica will do what she wants to do, and God is in control!




Congratulations on your beautiful truck! I love that color. I think that suits well with you!
Great that you saw Monica today! Hope she felt much better each day, especially the cold winter is tough on the healing bones.
How many houses do you have? Are you not renting some of them?

Our day in New York City has been FUN. My husband was really surprised of the birthday celebration. We had a warmer weather (50's) surprisingly!

Stay warm and be well!


Thanks, Maria! I'm pretty pleased.
Monica was still in pain when I saw her, and she wasn't very cordial, so I didn't stay too long, but it was nice to see her though.
None of my properties that I have left were intended to rent. The locksmith shop house is just that. It was my very first house.

I'm glad that your birthday surprise for your husband was a resounding success!

You stay warm too, my friend.


Good morning Jeff!

It has now again greeted us with a chilly morning, although we are still in the warmer side considering! But nothing perfect than yesterday's weather that gave the entire birthday celebration a success. And made strolling in New York City such a pleasurable experience!!!

Pain is something that changes a person's personality make up temporarily. Monica must be experiencing a good ordeal of pain as she is recovering from two major surgeries! I wouldn't want to see anybody when I was recovering from my foot surgery last August!!


Good Morning, Maria!

I'm glad the weather cooperated for your festive occasion.

Yes, Monica has earned the right to be moody. When I had just over half of my right foot amputated 7 years ago, I didn't want to be around people either. Of course, that was also when I got busy writing my book series too!


You must be so pleased to get that truck! That's going to be a huge help, I'm sure. But too bad you must let the Willys go. Those old vehicles are grandmother used to drive one way back in the 50s! And believe me, she was the only woman in town driving one of those back in the day lol.

Glad to hear you went to see Monica today, although it sounds bittersweet. You hang in there, Jeff. Everything will be alright. You know it will. Enjoy your football and stay warm with Kitty!

Susan 🐶😹🐶🙏

I am very pleased, Susan. It will help me a lot. I'll miss the Willy's but it will get some work needed and will be well taken care of where it is going. It is really cool.

It was bittersweet, but I am still glad I got to see her for a few minutes.

One way or another, it will be alright. My team won last night, but I drank a little too much🙄




Once you go truck you never go back, to cars that is. I have a little Subaru SW now, truck is $250 a week to operate minus tires, insurance, and the like. That truck is perfect for what you need to accomplish.

I am up in San Francisco now working the ice rink so I have not been here for a bit getting settled in and such, did drive my Rue up here and she is now parked in the parking garage at Union Square in the Bat Cave! I mostly walk everywhere I need to go here, China town has everything!!

Kitties are good little bed warmers I must admit, now I could figure out how to get one to be a good leg pillow! Lol.

Super David Scott, the Zam Man.

I was happy to get it, SDS! I've good trucks in the past, but only a few beaters between then and now.

Sounds like you have a nice set-up in CT.

I never put my clean laundry away, just keep taking it out of the basket to wear.🙄

Keep having fun!


Glad you finally got hold of the car and could see Monica.
That's quite a productive day.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Thanks, Muslimah! Me too!

It was productive above my wildest expectations!

You enjoy the rest of your Frisatsu too!


Nice truck Jeff, I’ve looked at a similar one myself in the past but just not big enough for what I have to carry so still driving a large van but as I wind down over the next few years I may look again.
Hope your weekend continues well.

Thanks, Andrew! I've been needing a truck for a while, so I am quite satisified! I do have a 91 Dakota too, but it needs a little work and mechanics and finances are both a bit short, my friend!


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