Supremely Superb & Satisfying Sunny Saturday Sojourns & Siesta!

Last Update: Jul 30, 2022

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

Wow! What a difference from the sky of the past few days! Very motivational, indeed--as long as it does not get too hot! We are apparently still in the 70s, so not too bad at all!

Of course, the first thing that I did this Saturday morning is visit the Wealthy Affiliate Community to see what was going on! I am never disappointed when I enter this vibrant community of like-minded individuals! My mom called relatively early too, and we enjoyed about an hour of conversation before she let me go. She said we will talk again.

Almost immediately after that, Monica called and talked to me on her first break from work today. We also talked for about 1.5 hours last night before I turned in, too, so that was not a bad development either.

At some point while I was in the office, Kitty even chose to visit this morning! She did not stay very long though, but that's okay! At least she showed up. When she left, I finally decided to take a quick break to go outside and capture another image or two.

The new day was full of absolute splendor!

This last one was taken from my beloved picnic table! This has long-since taken the place of my beloved "thinking deck" that I built where Monica and I used to live together before the separation.

It was 12' X 25' and it was a great place for solitude to contemplate my books and my blog posts. That is it above! I sure do miss it!

Anyway, what I have right now will simply have to suffice. I will currently play the cards that I have been dealt, as we all must do! I do hope to make it back there eventually, but that has certainly been a mental "roller-coaster" ride!

Back inside at the eBay house, I began working on adding images to one of my posts on my upcoming book promotion website. This is part of my ongoing Wealthy Affiliate research. I did manage to finish one of three posts in draft yesterday, so I am excited about that.

I will likely also start another post on there as I am rapidly approaching 60 posts on the site. I am truly excited about that.

I decided to take a break from that too. I have a lot of tasks to accomplish each day, so it keeps my mind fresh to move on to other tasks throughout each new day. Then I can return to other tasks to stay fresh and motivated with whatever I have going on with each new day.

I am now on the computer writing this blog post to have it ready for publication at the appropriate time.

In the early afternoon, I heard the neighbors pull in next door! They inherited the house from the woman who passed away last August at the age of 100 years old. I have talked to them before! They are right at my age.

Mike, one of the new neighbors, began spraying some weed kill along the south side of the eBay house, so I was glad of that. We also were conversing a lot too. He and I are of a like mind on a lot of issues! They were going to mow the yard there, and when Monica called me on her lunch break, we parted ways for s moment.

Her and I talked for her half-hour break, and then it was back outside when Kevin called me on his way to work. I talked to him until he had to clock in, and then was back talking to Mike since they were getting ready to leave for the day.

Then I sat and had a beer at the picnic table, along with a hamburger which I used the drippings from to feed the Blog Dogs their main meal of the day just a half hour earlier!

I reheated the burger before going outside to enjoy it and the beer in the late afternoon shade!

The above image was taken from there, right before I went back inside to put the finishing touches on today's blog post.

Monica and I have tentative plans to go have a Sonic Blast together when she gets off work. I am not counting on it, but it would certainly be GREAT!

I'm getting tired now, so will likely take a short nap before I put this post out!

I might even help Monica with some yard work over there, but then again, I might not. It all depends upon how things go/

One thing is for certain, I will be back on the computer later this evening, or in the wee hours of the morning!


Recent Comments


Need to catch up, but surprised that you made no response to the pictures of the moose and baby. I think I sent it Friday. Did you see it? It was with the answer to your post.

Glad you are getting some quality time with Monica. Perhaps all will end well.

Almost done for the day.

I actually thought I replied--at least to the PM, Fran.

Nothing on Saturday, but tonight we enjoyed the evening togther for a couple of hours ending up with Sonic.


Hi Jeff,

It is now Sunday and I am finally done with that huge review post I started on Friday. It was the first time I did some of this stuff and I had some problems with it but it turned out ok I think. It also turned out really long, about 3500 words, which is like a book for me!
Later tonight I will create a Pin to promote the review article. I hope I can get back on track with putting out posts now.

Did you end up getting together with Monica? Maybe I will read about it as I catch up with my email for the past 2 days!

Have a great evening!


Wow, Barbara! A job well done, indeed!

That's Great!

I didn't hook up with her on Saturday night, but Sunday night we did. It was wonderful!

Get some rest, my friend! A new week starts tomorrow!


Thanks, Jeff! That review was quite a project. A completely new way of doing it so I learned a lot also. I"m glad that you and Monica got to get together tonight, that's really great!

You have an excellent week too!


I'll bet it was, but you seemed to have learned a lot which will continue to propel you ever forward, my friend!

Spending that time with Monica got me into the proper mindset for a new week and month!


That is great news! I hope you achieve some great success this week and every week!

Have a great day!

Thank you, Barbara! I definitely hope so too, my friend!

I am so far, and I hope you are having one too!


I finished another draft of a post. I still may add a few more paragraphs to it although it is already quite long at 2500 words. I also need to add the internal links and images. I hope I can get it published tonight. that would be great!

I hope you are continuing to do really great and are highly motivated also!

Have a great day,


Wow, Barbara! You are a "Post writing" machine right now! Very well done!

I'm doing Great and my motivation is growing! I hope that you are having an excellent new week!


Thanks, Jeff! It sounds like we are both having some great days! I hope to remain a post-writing machine! Yesterday's article seem to come so quickly compared to others I have written and it was pretty long for a non-review post too!

Continue to have a great day and remainder of the week!


We are, indeed, Barbara! Keep doing what you are doing! You are on the right track!

Enjoy your first productive week in August!


You keep doing what you are doing too, Jeff. Let's keep up the momentum!


I totally agree, Barbara! Yes, let's!


It's a deal, then!


Sounds good to me, Barbara!


Wow, it looks like a great day for you, Jeff. Sixty posts, that is quite an accomplishment. I confess I have not done any posting sice I had the accident and it is really starting to bug me

Other than a bit of stiffness in my shoulder, I really have no excuse.

I love those blue skies in your photos, but prefer cloudy days here as it quicy gets too hot.....


It was not too bad at all, Alex! My posts are likely a lot shorter than yours since I am not only promoting my own books, but also offering encouragement and writing tips too! In fact the bulk of the posts concern the latter.

I hope you have recovered satisfactorily from the accident, my friend! I can certainly understand the stiffness though.

I do prefer the cloudy days too, because it can get quite hot here too, my friend!


Sounded like a pleasant day Jeff, with plenty of good conversations, weather and some down time. I hope you got to have the Sonic blast and time with Monica.
You are making good progress with your book site and I hope you can be reunited with your thinking deck one day.

Hope you have a great Sunday too.


It was, for the most part, Tracy!

Monica and I did not go to Sonic last night, but she called later and we talked for over an hour into the wee hours of the morning. She also called from work this morning and we have tentative plans to do that today. We shall see.

Below is one of many posts from 2020 where I mentioned the thinking deck. I hope that you are having an excellent Sunday too, my friend!


Ah that is good to hear Jeff. I enjoyed your previous post about your thinking deck too.


Thank you, Tracy! Thanks for taking a look at that one too!

I spent time on it last night with Monica too before we ended up at Sonic!


Ah lovely, glad you got to go there again.

Thanks, Tracy, I was very Happy about it!


Good day sir!

With help from my neighbor Mark, found problem with my mower - solenoid no good. Got replacement but hands too shaky to reinstall. Kept dropping bolts and nuts.

So I finished weed eating, trimmed some trees, cleaned up debris and then took a nap, after which, I had a peach and cinnamon toast with peanut butter and water. Took another nap, then it was supper time. Wife made quiche and vegetables with BlackBerry Cheese cake ice cream for dessert.

Tough day. lol

You'll get that solenoid on another day, Warren! sometimes, I am all thumbs too, and then I step away from it for a while. It sounds like you had an awful lot of good food to eat though!

Sure was a "tough" day, my friend! 😹


Have an excellent Sunday too, Warren!

I am. I will. Thanks. You too.

You're very welcome, Warren, and thankfully, I am too, my friend!


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